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State: AL, KY, TN

Project Reservoir:
Alabama: Kentucky
Central Laboratory Kentucky Adena and Woodland Mounds
Guntersville Lake Kentucky Green River Archaic Sites
Pickwick Lake Late Prehistoric Fort Ancient Sites in Kentucky
Wheeler Lake Late Prehistoric Mississippian Sites in Kentucky
Chickamauga Watts Bar
Douglas Melton Hill
Ft Loudon Norris
Kentucky Lake  

 Archaeological Time Period:
Paleo Indian (10,000-8,000 BC)
Early (8,000-6,000 BC)
Middle (6,000-3,000 BC)
Late (3,000-900 BC)
Early (900 BC - AD 200)
Middle (AD 200–600)
Late (AD 600-900)
Early (AD 900-1300)
Late (AD 1300-1600)
Fort Ancient (AD 1000-1600)
Historic Native American (AD 1600-present)
Anglo American (AD 1600-present)
Other Time Period

Photograph Category: 
Artifacts People Lab and Field Scenes  
Dog Burial Stratigraphy  
General Site and Excavation Structure Patterns  


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McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture WPA/TVA Photograph Archive
The University of Alabama Museums WPA/TVA Photograph Archive
The William S. Webb Museum WPA/TVA Photograph Archive

An on-line searchable database of information describing photographic images taken by Works Progress Administration (WPA) workers of archaeological projects conducted in preparation for Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) dam construction in the 1930s. These photographs are permanently curated for the TVA by the Frank H. McClung Museum at the University of Tennessee, the William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology at the University of Kentucky, and the Alabama Museum of Natural History at the University of Alabama, each state housing the images for projects within its bounds. Because the archaeological sites on which the excavations were made have since been flooded, these images and the associated field notes and artifacts collected are the only record of these sites that we will ever have. They are a unique, complete, and comprehensive collection of information concerning Native American habitation in the Southeast in the pre-historic period.