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Title:[Letter] 1808 March 6, Federal Bottoms, [to] Return J. Meigs, Highwassee / William P. Anderson : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Anderson, William P.

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Date: March 6, 1808
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter to Return J. Meigs, agent of the War department from William P. Anderson. Anderson asks that Meigs help a Mr. Barclay with a business enterprise in Cherokee territory.
Collection:Penelope Johnson Allen Collection

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Federal Bottoms
My much respected friend,

As this will be handed to you by an old & intimate acquaintance of mine, who visits yr. [your] country for the purpose of making an establishment in it & that too through yr. knowledge & better understanding of [unclear: their cliuny ] I hope y'll [you will] pardon the libty [liberty] I have taken, and will recdm [recommend] Mr. Barclay (the gentleman alluded to & who hands you this) all the [unclear: praue ] you may consistently & without trouble to yrself [yourself] find convenient.

He is I can assure you a plain honest gentleman & on whom the greatest confidence & trust may be placed_

He wishes to rent the ferry at the Nickajack & to make an establishment there in the line of

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a ferryman & farmer that shall do credit to the Nation_ He is a man of sufficient property to do so and as I know not whether yrself has the renting of it as how it is, I have recommended him to first see you & know how to act on the occasion_

This h'll [he will] do.

I have also goto [got to] haul my little son Rufus to Mrs. Gambold , who lives near Vans [Vann's] to be learn'd [learned] by her the English & German language, provided she will receive him_

I am altogether disposed to teach my children from [unclear: leome ] & having the highest opinion of Mrs Gambold have put him there by way of experiment_ Be pleased Sir to signify whether this meets yr. approbation & whether you think it will have the tendency of exciting their jealousies ( I mean the indians)__ Should you think well of it & they nor none of them [unclear: ever ]

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[unclear: sneer ] about it, I shall rest contented that my little son will have yr. protection & good wishes so long as he shall remain in their land.

Your kind letters to Capt. [Captain] Strother & myself with the manuscript copies of the treaties, have been recd. [received] & for which we most humbly thank you__ The elucidation realy [really] gave us great relief. I hope you will not hesitate to command either of us at all times__We would with pleasure [unclear: free ] you in anyway that may be within the Cumpass [Compass] or our power.

In haste I am yr. friend
W. [William] P. Anderson
6th March 1808

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Colo. [Colonel] Return J. Meigs Highwassee Mr Barclay
[added: Wm. [William] P. Andersons Letter in favor of Mr. Barclay no date receivd [received] 24 March 1808]

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