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Chester, Elizabeth: [Letter] 1840 Dec. 27, Jackson, Tennessee [to] Miss Mary Jane Chester, Columbia, Tennessee / Elizabeth Chester

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Jackson Tennessee Dec. [December] 27 [added: [1840]]
My Dear Daughter

Last week brought me a letter from you I Delayed answering it untill [until] now because I know that your Pa Pa had been to see you and would give you all the news of the Family and town, I am extremely anxious for his return so that I can learn your true situation if you look in good health I hope you told him all your wants and troubles if you have any you wish to know what we are all doing we went to church this morning had a sermon by Dr [Doctor] Campbell and a masonic Parrade [Parade] in Celebration of St. John the Evangelist had quite a full house the three Brides were there Mrs Compton Mrs Scurlock and Mrs Rodgers , nothing but weddings tell Jane that her old Beau Mr Calvin Henderson and Miss Eliza Patterson are to be married what say you to that and your old Beau Mr Tatton to Miss Hunt last though not least Mr Mass and Sarah Ann Meachum Miss Mary Turly arrived at home on yesterday Several of the Young Gentlemen are on Tiptoe expectation for her appearance I think she will be the Bell [Belle]

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this Winter, I am affraid [afraid] my dear Mary Jane that I ought not to write so much nonsense I fear it may distract your mind from you studies, how spent you your Christmas? I hope some one was kind enough to ask your Company on that day and that you were gay and happy, have you seen nothing of Mrs Mary Polk you have not mentioned her in any of your letters, Christmas day we all dined at Sister Butlers our number was small your Pa not returned you not [gap] Mississippi has been there for two months Mr Rawlings not at home Mr Patton and Family in Florida Uncle S[gap] and and Family in Shelby Mrs William Patton Barr & Dr [Doctor] Jameson were there, the Children are all around me making the house ring with laughter and merrime [merriment] oh! how I wish you were here of to make one of these happy number, I shall not know peace untill [until] you return I have a thousand fears and anxieties about you, we must excercise [exercise] patience and trust in providence for the result, your Aunt Narcissa is again well I hope she will not have any more, Chills you must take as much excercise [exercise] as you can I think it conduces to health I [added: think] you had better learn ornimental [ornamental] needle work but you can excercise [exercise] your own wishes on that subject I hope you Played on the Piano for your Father I have nothing more to add but all off our love and Prayers for your happiness safty [safety]

affectionately your Mother
Elizabeth Chester

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