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Title:[Letter] 1840 Oct. 17, Jackson, Tennessee [to] Mary Jane Chester, Columbia, Ten[nessee] / John Chester : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Chester, John

This work is the property of the University of Memphis Libraries, Special Collections Department, Ned R. McWherter Library, Memphis, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the University of Memphis Libraries, 126 Ned R. McWherter Library, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152-6500.

Date: October 17, 1840
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written to Mary Jane Chester on October 17, 1840, and contains two letters. The first letter is from her brother John, and discusses family events, mainly one involving a dinner where Andrew Jackson, Governor Polk, and Judge Grundy were in attendance. The second letter is from her mother, Elizabeth, and expresses feelings of love for her daughter.
Collection:Chester Family Papers MS 25

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John Chester
Paid 18 3/4]
Miss Mary Jane Chester Care of Saml. [Samuel] P. Walker Esq. [Esquire] Columbia Ten [Tennessee]
[added: My Dear Mother
and Sister
17 Octr [October] 1840]

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Jackson Tennessee 17th October 1840
My Dear Sister

Papa Recieved [Received] your kind and affectionat [affectionate] letter on yesterday and it gave us great Pleasure to here [hear] that you have entirely recovered from your sickness and had commenced school. He also recieved [received] a letter from Mr Smith spekeing [speaking] in very [added: flattering] terms of your Progress. Aunt Narsissa has been very sick again but she is better now and She has give out the notion of coming up untill [until] [added: Christmas] Cousin Jane is very sick. Cousin Martha [unclear: Hine ] has a fine boy named William Edward .

We had a great dinner here on the 8.

Uncle Jackson , Govener [Governor] Polk , Judge Grundy , and a great many others distinguished strangers were here.

The Procession was formed in front of the court House dooer [door], and they marched up to uncle Wills When Uncle Jackson was recived [received] and conducted under a large escort to the spring.

He was recieved [received] in the stand by Mr McClanahan and welcomed in [added: a] very handsom [handsome] speech to which Uncle Jackson replied, You will see th [the] Procedings [Proceedings] in

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th [the] union. Papa says that you must ask cousin Sam for the union and Read it yourself.

We had great feastings you may depend; Their [There] was 65 Beeves [Beefs] 70 or 80 Muttons and 160 sho[added: a]tes [shoats] all barbacude [barbecued] very nice and they had an ash poon baked in one of the Barbacue [Barbecue] pits 4 feet Long 9 foot wide it had 2 1/2 Bushels of Meal in it and the name of Jackson Written on it the Poon was Placed at th [the] head of one of the Tables and on it was Placed 1 Turkey 9 Pigs & uncle Jackson, Governer [Governor] Polk, Judge Grundy, dined on it. Their [There] were 6 tables in all 3/4 of a Mile long. Miss Catherin [Catherine] Fuftin was married to Dr. [Doctor] Jones last Thursday night. I remember of no other news that would interest you.

We had a great Deal of Rain by which it is feared that it will injure th [the] crops.

Mama, Papa, and all of the children, Aunt N [Narsissa] Aunt P & uncle Will sends their love to you and all of the servants desin [design] to be Remembered to [too]

I remain your affection Brother
John Chester
Mary Jane Chester

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My Dear Daughter

I Greet you with Love and affection and feel thankful to the giver of all good for your recovery, I shall write you next week

Affectionately your Mother
Elizabeth Chester

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