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Title:[Letter] 1816 Jan. 19, Cabarrus County, North Carolina [to] Thomas Campbell / Cha[rle]s Harris : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Harris, Charles

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: January 19, 1816
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written by Charles Harris to Thomas Campbell on January 19, 1816. In the letter, Harris claims that a George Calhoun wishes to have a dispute over land that Charles' brother Samuel Harris sold him in Williamson County, Tennessee. Samuel Harris sold Calhoun 350 acres of land that was a parcel of land that was made up of 1000 acres. Calhoun disputes the amount of land that was actually sold to him, and has not paid any of the expenses or taxes that have accrued to the land.
Collection:Coffee Perkins Papers

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Cabarrus County North Carolina
Deer [Dear] Sir

Mr George Calhoon [Calhoun] has been to see me for the purpose of knowing what can be done relative to his claim of 350 acres of land for which he has a bond executed by my Brother Samuel to John Wilson to be laid out of a thousand acre tract which land is now found to be in Williamsoon [Williamson] County Tennessee

Now Sir I have every reason to believe that bond was given with a just intention for the performance as practicable it appears that older claims do cover a consider [added: able] portion of it Mr Calhoon [Calhoun] has manifested a disposition to be satisfyed [satisfied] with his proportionate share of the safe lan land and has provided accordingly — How far those men may be considered as just and impartial who were concerned and appointed by order of Court to lay off and divide the land in their own neighbourhood [neighborhood] I know not but common report speaks well of them here as far as I have any

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knowledge of their characters for this reason I would [added: rather] abide by their decison [decision] than be at the trouble of doing the works all over again —

When I admit that my Brother Samuels Bond was given for a just consideration and Mr Calhoon [Calhoun] has shown no dispostion [disposition] to claim any more than his proportionate share of the safe land and if he can remove any do doubt that may [unclear: arise ] whether he came honestly by the bond (for my part I have none) I cannot see where a just cause of Lawsuit will lye [lie] — I hold that Mr Calhoon [Calhoun] ought in Justice to pay his proportionate share of the office expences [expenses] taxes &c [and et cetera] that have accrued while the land was common between him & me —

With respect to that part of the land which has been covered by older titles I am of the opinion that Mr Calhoon [Calhoun] would not oug was bound in justice to loose [lose] his proportionate share — The bond was given to execute a deed of three hundred and fifty acres of land out of a specifyed [specified] tract of one thousand acres of land viz from a tract of 1008 acres of land entered in John Armstrongs office by said Harris No [Number] 1804: I would ask in this case admit that the whole of this 1000 acres had been covered by Older State grants how would Samuel Har

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ris or his kin have made a little for any part of it or how could Mr Calhoon [Calhoun] claiming by virtue of that bond compel the heirs of Samuel Harris to do a thing which in its nature is morally impossible.

But this difficulty has been removed by the conduit of Mr Calhoon [Calhoun] he has set up his claim for no more thanks proportionate share of the safe land — he proposes [unclear: further that ] if any doubt should still exist in your mind of an injurrous [injurious] partiallity [partiality] having been practised by those men who divid [added: ed] the land that you are perfectly welcome to choose any other five free holders to lay it off again and he well abide by the award if you I should think that necessary to be done (which I hope you will not) I hold that Mr Calhoon [Calhoun] ought to be confined to his share of the safe land which he [added: has] [unclear: voluntarily ] done and which I have a right to expect where a piece of business can be setled [settled] amicably what is the rise of going to [unclear: row ]? Any person that pleases can break into law but it is not every one that can buc

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break out of law when he pleases As I had no kind of secrets to communicate I have with a spirit of candeur [candor] and love of peace shown Mr Calhoon [Calhoun] this letter in order that you might both understand my sentiments [unclear: precisely ] in the same point of view.

Chas [Charles] Harris
January 19th 1816
Mr. Thomas Campbell By Mr G [George] Calhoon Tennessee
[added: Ch [Charles] Harris
respecting Calhoon
[unclear: received ]][added: Recd [Received] Jno [John] Roberson of Cabarrus Co. No. C [County North Carolina] will Prove that Geo [George] Calhoun was to pay his proportion of the [unclear: expence ] of, the suit with Smith & Johnston — And also James Bradshaw of Bedford County —]

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