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[Letter] [to] Blackston McDannel / Andrew Johnson

Title:[Letter] 1844 Dec. 14, Pension Office, [to] Andrew Johnson / J.L. Edwards : a machine-readable transcription of an image
Author:Edwards, J.L.
Author:Johnson, Andrew

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Date: December 14, 1844
Extent: 3p
Summary:This document consists of two letters, one from J.L. Edwards to Andrew Johnson, and one from Andrew Johnson to Mr. Blackston McDannel. The first letter, dated December 14, 1844, asks Andrew Johnson to inquire about the pension earned for the military service of a Mr. Curtis for his widow. The pension would entitle her to $20.00 per year. The second letter from Andrew Johnson tells Mr. McDannel that he is working on his cases, has received all of his letters, and will keep him informed about his cases. Johnson informs Mr. McDannel that he will send the information of his cases to the Secretary of War for his review as well.
Collection: J.L. Edwards
Box:MS-728, b1

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Pension Office, December 14. 1844.

I herewith return Mr. [Mister] Mc.Dannel's letter, and have the honor to state that the widow of a soldier of the revolution who servid [served] six months, would be entitled , in establishing her claim, to a pension at the rate of & 20 per annum, to commence on the 4th. of March 1836, unless the husband died since that date, in which case the pension would be payable from the day of his death. The case would be embraced by the law of July 7. 1838.

I have the honor to be,
Very respectfully,
Your Obt. Servt. [Obedient Servant]
J L. Edwards
[added: Hon. [Honorable] A. [Andrew] Johnson,
House of Representatives.]

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McDannel do not be impatient I am doing the best I can with your cases — it appears to me that Edwards has Set his [unclear: face ] against your cases — I Shall take some of them before the Secretary of War —

I have not been able to find Mr [Mister] Nicholas Carroll in the City. I addressed a letter to him since [added: I] came but he has not replied to me — and have concluded that he is not in the City — Shall I forward the papers to New York — I [unclear: received ] your lettr [letter] relative to political [unclear: moves ] and think you take the wr right view of the matter. of this more [unclear: anon ] — I will write you in [added: a] Short time about all of your cases & C [et cetera]

Your [unclear: ?ind ]
A. [Andrew] Johnson
[added: P.S. [Post Script] Edwards has may [many] cases before him now which may make you think I am neglecting your bisiness [business] not that you have insinuated any thing [anything] of the kind. But not being here to See how things are don [done], it is natural to conclude that things of this kind mght [might] be disposed of with much Greater [unclear: ??ility ]than they are — I Shall manage them to the best advantage
A. [Andrew] Johnson[added: Mr [Mister]Blackston McDannel]]

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J.L. Edwards
letter relative to an
enquiry [inquiry] as to the amt. [amount]
Due Old Mrs. Curtis
dated Dec. [December] 14. 1844

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