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Benton, A.: [Letter] 1832 May 25, Boonville [to] Rev[erend] Finis Ewing, Lexington, KY / A. Benton

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Boonville , May 25, 1832
Rev. [Reverend] Finis Ewing
Dear Sir,

I have recently received a letter from the [unclear: A.S.S.U. [?] ] [unclear: for ] which the following is an extract

"We authorize you, with the advice of Mr. Shackford , V. [Vice] Pres A.S.S.U. Rev. Mr. Potts , Rev. Mr. Green , (our Missionary,) and the Rev. Mr. Ewing, or a majority of them, to select any number of missionaries [added: or agents] not excluding six, of various denominations, (in addtion to those now employed,) and immediately assign them their fields of labor:-- the terms of labor not longer than 6 months, and at salaries of $26 per month."

When I left St Louis I expected to have been at your house before this, to seek your advice and aid on this subject-- but I have been providentially prevented. And am now under the necessity of relinquishing the [unclear: idea ] of seeing you now. But I have prevailed upon Bro. [Brother] McKorkle to visit the upper counties for me, and he will be the bearer of this. He will consult you on the subject of obtaining agents or missionaries for Layfayette [Lafayette] , Jackson , Clay & Ray Counties,- it is necessary that agents or missionaries should be laboring in these counties immediately. Now is the season to have the schools organised [organized]-- and now is the time to

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have the Resolution of the Am. S.S. Union completed. If you can afford us any assistance, or rather if you can do any thing to help forward this work of the Lord-- We will pray that the [unclear: province ] may be fulfilled to you-- "He that [unclear: watcheth ]," &c [et cetera]

Revivals of religion are prevailing in some parts of our state-- some [unclear: Sab. sch. ] are wonderfully blessed. The cloud is big with drops of mercy--- it is coming this way-- [unclear: O ] that it may overspread the whole of our wester Zion. I hope I shall have the pleasure of seeing you in June or July, as I expect to return to these parts in a few weeks. [unclear: Heavens chorus & ] blessing descend upon you & yours-- so prays your abundant servant in the Lord.

A. Benton
Agent A.S.S.U.

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Rev. Finis Ewing Lexington
Rev. A Benton1832Sunday School Union

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