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Title:[Letter] 1806 Nov. 25, Glass['s] house, Louckout Montin [i.e. Lookout Mountain] to [Colonel] Return J. Meigs / Glass...[et. al.] : a machine readable transcription of an image

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Date: November 25, 1806
Extent: 2p
Summary:This document, dated November 25, 1806, is a letter to the U.S. Agent to the Cherokees, Colonel Return J. Meigs, from Cherokee headmen The Glass, Dick Justice, (Lurkill?) at home, John Lowrey, John Bogs, Porch Flower, Cumberland, and Tuskeheke gathered at Glass' house on Lookout Mountain in the Cherokee Nation. They request that ferry transport conducted by John Riley and Robert King be stopped because the Cherokees of the upper towns are determined to prevent the construction of a proposed road from Georgia to Cumberland by way of Lookout Mountain.
Collection:Penelope Johnson Allen Collection

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November 25, 1806

Loukout montin [Lookout Mountain] Glass house
freind [friend] and Brother

you Remember at our Consell [Council] at Sautey we Spoke to you Respecting John Riley ferey [ferry] that him and Robart [Robert] king for to agree you Recamend [Recommend] to us to git [get] pay for fereys [ferries] what is the reson [reason] that Robber king will Cross travelers [travellers] by forse [force] you will Consedder [Consider] the Bennefit [Consider] of the Cherokees and Stop Robart [Robert] kings flat Landing if there is aney [any] Bennefit [benefit] to be got we out [ought] to have it of our one Land

I am with Respect frends [friends] and Brothers
[unclear: N B Sr ]you Rememer that the uniteed State [United States] applyd [applied] for arode [a road] from gorgi [Georgia] to the Cuberland [Cumberland] by the way of the Loukout montain [Lookout Mountain] our peopel [people] of the upper town is now in Consel [Council] at [unclear: ustenarey ] is deturmed [determined] to Stop the Rode [Road] if it is trew [true] what we have heard [unclear: after ] ther [their] Consel [Council] is over you will hear it from them [unclear] if it is trew [true] that they talk of Dowing [Doing] it we Dont [Don't] belive [believe] they Can do it after being give up in publick [public] Consell [Council]
Glass his x mark
Dict Jestis [Justice] his x mark
lurkill at home his x mark

John Lowrey his x mark
John Bogs his x name
porch flower his x mark
Cumberland his x mark

Tuskeheke his x mark

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[unclear: 18 ]

Curl [Colonel] [Return]Returne [Col] J meigs
[unclear: awan S W pint ]

From a Council of Chiefs met at Glass 's 25 Nov. [November] 1806

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