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Title:[Letter] 1808 Oct. 13, Belleview [to] James Winchester, Cragfont [Tennessee] / William Martin : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Martin, William

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: October 13, 1808
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter from Colonel William Martin to General James Winchester, dated October 13, 1808. Martin writes to express sorrow at having missed seeing Winchester the month before. He mentions the long length of their friendship. Martin describes a recent election. He writes at length on an attempt to survey an area for logging. Martin gives his opinions on the candidates for the upcoming Presidential election. He especially admires James Madison.
Collection:James Winchester Papers

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Belleview 13th Oct [October] 1808
Dear Genl [General]

Your favor of the 19th ult [ultimo] , from [added: at] Dixons Spring come duly to hand which I have not [unclear: answered ] untill [until] now, Knowing you would be absent from home for a season. I was sorry you did not encamp with me that night myself having been at [gap] , on then being informed that you intended to [gap] at Belleview that night, I [unclear: hastened homeward ] [gap] hope of seeing you at my own humble Cott [Cottage] ; [gap] might [unclear] perpetrate that mutual friends [gap] which has invariably Subsisted between us for twenty one years but I am sorry that, that hope was disappointed.

The acct [account] you enclosed, against the estate of Our old friend Decd [deceased] , I delivered, as you requested.

The Elections are Just over, the die is cast, and it remains for monday next to determine, who is elected. Sullivan , Walton , & others has made Great exertions to promote the election of the former descending to means which modesty hides her face from. At Carthage 190 votes were taken, of which Sullivan got 120. at [unclear: Briwards ] on Loon Creek , 222 were taken, of which he got 3. those are the only places I have heard from I have (a few days since) returned from an excursion on Elk . & while there, was at the mouth of Me [gap] when the [unclear: [gap] river ] was taken, [gap] Court) which is intend to establish Rutledges [gap] 1000, arms on that River. And Knowing tha [gap] have an Interest there, I attended to the examination as follows to witt [wit] . that in the latter part of the year 1787 or the beginning of 1788. he was not certain which, he then being deputy Surveyor, for the middle District, was applyed [applied] to by Col [Colonel] Elijah Robertson to Survey a quantity of Land which he Robertson had located on the Middle wake of

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& South forks of Elk River. & Said he would send Turner Williams with him, to Show him the begining [beginning]. accordingly he set out with Williams and a man by the name of Ring . who conducted him to a Berch [Birch] tree Standing 20, or 30 yards below the mouth of Mulberry , (which he was at when examined) marked ER and SB. which appeared very old. and [added: told] him that the [unclear: flow ] Mulberry, was the middle fork of Elk. that while there, they were alarmed by Indians & went home without doing anything. that a few years after that t [gap] went again, in company with two other men whose [gap] could not then recollect. and made a begining, on [gap] elder & Maple, standing near the bank of the me [gap] rk, and about thirty yards from the Berch before mentioned. he designated a spot, & said that it was within twenty feet of that place but on examination there was not the least vestige of such timber to be found. he was Asked the size of the corner trees. on which he pointed to a small [unclear: srub ] ; not as large as chair post, and said about the size of that. within the area, which he designated there are Eight or ten, Sound Sizable trees, any of which would have done well for Corner trees. and the soil, is very rich, black, & mellow, and such as the maple, is seldom or never found to Grow on. The above is Given from memory, & may not be verbatimly, but it is substantially correct. I am yet at a loss for a vice president, having objections to all that has been named for that appointment. yh chor If there was no possible chance for the vice president Se [gap] ding to the presidential functions, I should be easier [gap] but when I consider that that he may eventually [unclear: [gap]of the ? ought ] to be Great [unclear: case ] [gap] making the Selection. I [unclear: ruin ] the character of [gap] nton, as much as any man does, & I think he ought to be placed on the list of the best men in America, but he is too old for that office & those his supporters (mostly,) (I mean for the presidency) are men whose views are at Variance with the Established maxims of this country, and who wish to divert the Current of the Government into a different channel and they think, that by taking the advantage of the [unclear: inlucidity ] of his mind, naturally rather weak than otherwise, & having become

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more so, by the presure [pressure] of Swentyfive years__ they might in Some measure effect their purpose. that his mental [added: powers] are impaired, is verified, by his Great Solicitude for the presidency.

Mr Munrow , is a citizen of the same state with Mr Madison & I think it would not be good policy, to take both of President & vice president, from the some section of the union, for Great Jealousies, & discontents have [gap] dy manifested themselves Eastwards, in consequence [gap] Growing Influence of Virginia in the [unclear: [gap] ] him it would be best, to take the vice preside [gap] East. again he has spent several of his last [gap] at foreign courts in Despotic, & Monarchial Governments. & how far his political creed may have become contaminated thereby is not ascertained, at any rate, he has not been home long enough to prove to his Brethren, that he come home with clean Garments. & furthermore, while at the east court [added: to wit GB. [Great Britain]] in the discussion of some of the most important points of difference, between the two nations, he did not maintain that high, manly, dignified, & Independent tone, which the nature of the subject required of an American Ministr [gap]

As to Mr Adams , he has too laterly immerged from a System of politics, which aims at the vitals of our Government. Should monday next declare me, Elector, Should be glad of your veiws [views] on this subject. for in that event Should [added: also] be glad, to know the public senti [gap] t so far as respects the vice president. But as to a pre[gap] have no [unclear: examples ] , the wise & honest James M [gap] my choice, the man, whose highest ambition [gap] [unclear: happiness ] of the American people, the man who was [unclear: bred ] in the School of Thomas Jefferson _ the man who understands our National [unclear: policy ] to a punctillio [punctilio] , who will follow the footsteps of his Illustrious prediss predecessor___

Our crops of corn here are abundant, for exuding any heretofore [unclear: expeareinced ]__

I am as I ought to be your friend
Wm [William] Martin

[added: Col [Colonel] William Martin
13th Oct
1808] [added: Free PM]

Genl [General] James Winchester Cragfont

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