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Title:[Letter] 1841 May 23, Jackson, Tenn[essee] [to] Miss Mary Jane Chester, Female Institute, Columbia, Ten[nessee] / Elizabeth Chester : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Chester, Elizabeth

This work is the property of the University of Memphis Libraries, Special Collections Department, Ned R. McWherter Library, Memphis, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the University of Memphis Libraries, 126 Ned R. McWherter Library, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152-6500.

Date: May 23, 1841
Extent: 4p
Summary:The following document is a letter, dated May 23, 1841, from Elizabeth Chester to her daughter Mary Jane at the Female Institute in Columbia, TN. Chester scolds her daughter for speaking of politics and fears that such talk with threaten her father's political career. Also included in this document is a letter written to Mary Jane from her father, Colonel Robert J. Chester.
Collection:Chester Family Papers MS-25 (May/Jun 1841)

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Jackson Tenn [Tennessee] May 23 41
My Dear Dear Daughter

[added: have you had any [gap] made, what will be the uniform at [gap] examination do wish [gap] have one made here and aunt Narcissa take it up with her if you have a good milliner you had better have it made] [added: there she will go prepared to defray all expences [expenses] read this part of my letter to Mrs Smith E [Elizabeth] Chester] I received your long and interesting letter [added: on thursday last] I was truly delighted to hear that you had entirely recovered from your indisposition, it is disagreeable to be sick at any time but at this particularly so now as I fear that it will prevent you from qualifying yourself for the examination, which is happily drawing very near. My dear Child you should have nothing to do with politicks [politics] I cannot have any patience to hear you say any thing on the subject you are very young and can know nothing about it your Father holds appointment under the present President his Family by imprudence in talking might be the cause of his removal that I know will deter you from saying any thing that is disagreeable and on the subject of religion you are in a Episcopal Institution that should teach you prudance [prudence], learn to be moderate in all thing do not my dear Child be hurt at what I write it is my great

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anxiety for you that induces me to be thus plain I am extremely sorry to hear of the [unclear: somber ] indisposition of Mrs Walker their kindness to you on a former sickness deserves and has our sincere thanks and gratitude they must they could not have known how sick you were, or I feel confident that they would have been to see you, you have ere this received my last letter telling you that your sister Martha had entirely recovered indeed I am astonished that you had not received it before you wrote your last as I wrote by return mail I have my dear daughter to give you the painful information of the indisposition of your dear Father he was taken attacked with Bilious [unclear: plucring ] in Memphis had a violent attack he is now thank god at home and well I think my dear child when we are again all united at home I shall not be [gap] induced to let any seperation [separation] occur that I can prevent, what even music that you wish if it is not at the institute send your Father a list and he can have it filled for you as you know not how very anxious we are to have you home with us be patient and prudent a little longer our prayers and love attend you may you have the care and protection of our Lord and saviour Jesus

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Christ all of our relations are well Sam is walking and talking, & now I must conclude by saying that disagreeable word adieu with great love and affection

your Mother
Elizabeth Chester
Miss Mary Jane Chester

Last night brought us to our home, your Dear Ma Mit me on Wednesday last at your unkle [uncle] Sams we remand [remained] there one day and on our return stayed all night at Aunt McLillan's — I am now perfectly well with the Exception of my strength, will be at my regular busness [business] tomorrow — I am sorry to see the tone of dissatisfaction which [gap] your last letter, hope you will have more of the good Sense for which you know always have distinguished that to let any Expression, on [gap] can of Leaving. escape which would leave [gap] implies and after reflection — your Aunt N. [Narcissa] and brother John will be up for you & if I can I will also. but about that the is some [unclear: uncertainty ]

All are now well, my absence for 18 days permits me from an attempt at news, you will here [hear] from some of us next week — with our kind regards to your kind relatives I am My Dr [Dear] Child, with my Constant prayers for your health & happiness.

your affectionate Father
Rob. [Robert] J. Chester

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Paid 18 3/4]
Miss Mary Jane Chester Female Institute Columbia Tn [Tennessee]
[added: My Dear Mother
23 May 1841]

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