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Title:[Legal document] 1843 Nov. 24, Minutes of the trial of Mary Hooker : a machine readable transcription of an image

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Date: November 24, 1843
Extent: 2p
Summary:This document dated November 24, 1843 contains the official minutes of the trial of Mary Hooker, accused of stealing a silk dress from a store. She was found found guilty and appealed to the quarterly meeting held the following month.
Collection:Fink & Dulaney Papers
Document: sc125

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[added: Minits [minutes] of the Trial of Mary Hooker at Bethesda Nov [November]. 24th 1843,__ by the Society]

Charge. Taking a fine silk Dress shall [shawl] out of James H Jones ' Store without leave.

After reading the charges the Chair inquired if the accused were ready for trial. She ansered [answered] in the affirmative.

ques. [question]. By the chair. What have you to say to the charge Are you guilty or not guilty? Ans [Answer]. I took the shall [shawl], but it was through a mistake, and [added: I] returned it.

Ques [Question]. by same. How long before you returned it?

Ans [Answer]. About a week I couldent [couldn't] get a horse any sooner to go to town.

Ques [Question]. by Henry Ruble. Did you tell [an] person you had taken it through a mistake?

Ans. No. I did'nt [didn't] know any person knew it at the time it was returned

On further investigation it appeared from statements by sundry, members of the society

First, that she had kept the shall [shawl] at least three weeks. And, secondly, that she did not return it, untill [until] the circumstance of her taking the shall [shawl] was generally known, and talked of through the neighbourhood [neighborhood]

The question was then given by the chair; All you who believe she, (Mary Hooker) took the shall [shawl] knowingly & designedly with an intention to keep it raise your hands A majority voted her guilty. She was then called in, and informed by the Chair, how her case was decided. From that decision she appeals to the Quarterly meeting to

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be held in Jonesboro [Jonesborough] Circuit Dec [December]. 20. 1843

WB Winston Chair
[added: Minits [minutes] of the Trial of Mary Hooker]

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