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Title:[Legal document] 1805 Mar. 10, Washington District Court, Green County, Tennessee, Sparling Bowman vs George Alexander et. al. : a machine readable transcription of an image

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Date: March 10, 1805
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a summary of a legal complaint brought by the attorney of Sparling Bowman against three defendents in the matter of a disputed tract of land and a water obstruction near the Nolochuckey river in Green County .
Collection:Fink & Dulaney Papers

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Washington District Court
March Term 1805

Sparling Bowman by his attorney complains of George Alexander William Alexander [unclear: Run ] and James Pearce late of the County of Green in the District aforesaid, in custody of the Sheriff in a Plea of Trespass on the case; For that whereas the said Plaintiff on the first day of May in year one thousand eight hundred and three and for a long time before and ever since and yet is law fully seized and possessed of a certain tract or parcel of land containing three hundred acres situate lying and being in the said County of Green in the South Side of Nolochuckey river on a creek called Camp creek in said District of Washington and a plantation on said part of Land, and one dwelling house thereon with two Springs of water areas the same within said tract of land from which said Sparling and his family for a long time before and untill [until] the obstruction hereafter mentioned, took water for the use of him and his said [added: Sparling] , family; and one still house on said part of Land with one Still of large capacity, towit, of the Capacity of ninety four Gallons and a large number of vessels in and about said still house which the said Sparling for a long time before and untill the obstruction hereon after mentioned had used and accrued in distilling Spirits, and also a loom house on said tract of land with a loom in the same and other Utensils used by said Sparling in weaving for a long time before and untill said obstruction hereon after mentioned; the water of which Creek called Camp Creek had before the said first day of May in__ the year aforesaid run & ought to run and still continued, untill the obstruction hereinafter mentioned to run in the ancient usu

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al course or channel there through said part of Land, near said two springs, the said Still house and said Loom houses without any obstruction or Impediment whatever or in any manner injuring, drawing or order flowing the said part of land, Said Springs, Still House or loom house or any part of them; Nevertheless the said George Alexander, William Alexander and James Pearce not ignorant of the premises, but designing and malisiously [maliciously] intending any unjustly to aggreive [aggrieve] and injure him, said Sparling, and to molest trust and damnify him in the use posession [possession] and occupation of his said tract or parcel of land Springs. Still house with the said Still vessels &c [and et cetera] in and about the same, and loom house with said loom &c in the same, and to deprive him of the greatest part of the Profits thereof, on the said first Day of May in the year aforesaid, and at divers [diverse] other Days and times between that day and the day of January one thousand eight hundred and five, let down and [unclear: shrubs ] and kept and continued that certain gates or flood gates lately erected upon the said creek called Camp creek, below the said part or parcel of land, and also continued and kept up a certain forge dam or Dam for a bloomery late by erected across said creek in the District aforesaid, below the said tract or parcel of Land, by reason and means of which the water of the said creek at divers times within the time above mentioned was stoped [stopped] run back and overflowed a large part of said tract or parcel of Land, towit, about three acres near to said creek, and adjoining said still house and Loom house and said two Springs of said Sparlings, and covered said spring, filled said still House and Loom House with water and Mud and prevented said Sparling from attending or cultivating one field containing about eleven acres, being part of said tract or parcel of Land of which the said Sparling

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was and yet is seized and possessed by which the said Sparling has been greatly dammaged [damaged] in the possession and occupation of his said that or parcel of lands and during all the time aforesaid hath lost the use, Profit and advantage of said two springs, said Still house and Loom house, said three acres of Land so overflowed and covered with the water of said creek, and said field containing eleven acres, and has been altogether prevented from carrying on the business of Distributing spirits, in said, Still house and from weaving, in his said loom house; to the Damage of said Sparling One Thousand Dollars and thereupon he brings Suit, and there are Pledges to prosecute


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[added: Sparling Bowman
[unclear: us & Nar ]
George Alexander
William Alexander
James Pearce]

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