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Title:A draught of the Cherokee Country, / taken by Henry Timberlake: a machine-readable transcription

This work is the property of the McClung Museum, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.

Date: 1974
Extent: 3p
Summary :This is a (1974 ?) facsimile of a map, originally drawn in 1762 by British army officer Henry Timberlake, depicting the Overhill Cherokee villages in the lower Little Tennessee River Valley. This map shows the villages of Toskegee [Tuskeegee], Tomotley [Tomotley], and Settaco [Citico], which were among the 60 Cherokee settlements in the Southeastern states during the 18th century. Lieutenant Timberlake went to the village of Chota, considered to be the capital of the Cherokee settlements, in 1761 to explain the provisions of a peace treaty with the colonists after the siege of Fort Loudoun. Timberlake lived among the Cherokees for a year and visited many of the Overhill villages.
Collection :Frank H. McClung Museum Photographic Collection
Document :mm012

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Timberlake Map. Time: 1762, shows Overhill Cherokee villages in the Lower Little Tennessee River Valley. Timberlake was a British army officer who lived among the Cherokee 1760-61, following the Cherokee war of 1759-1760 (siege of Fort Loudoun). This map is published in Henry Timberlake, 1765, Lt. Henry Timberlake's Memoirs 1756-1765, edited by Samuel C. Williams, various versions 1927, 1948. This information was provided by the Frank H. McClung Museum.

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