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Title:[Letter] 1848 Mar. 7, Memphis, Tennessee [to] Ed Porter, Bridgeport, Connecticut / B. N. Sawtell : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Sawtell, B. N.

This work is the property of the University of Memphis Libraries, Special Collections Department, Ned R. McWherter Library, Memphis, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the University of Memphis Libraries, 126 Ned R. McWherter Library, The University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152-6500.

Date: March 7, 1848
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written by Benjamin Sawtell of Memphis Tennessee to his nephew Ed Porter in Bridgeport Connecticut. Benjamin tells his nephew about the latest events at home, including several marriages, and available females.
Collection:Porter-Rice Family Papers, MS-154, 1846-1849

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Memphis March 7th 1848
Dear Ed [Edward]

Knowing where you are I am going to take time to write you a letter. The last one I wrote I sent by Mr Candee which I hope you have received by this time. I know you are raging because I have not written before but it was because I did not know where to find you the reasons you know.

There has been considerable going on lately in the shapes of weddings, parties, &c &c [and et cetera] 1st Miss Margeret Rudisill has launched forth, she has married a young Doctor,, 2nd Miss Matilda Miller (alias) Duck has taken wings and flew away with Mr Gagg . They were married Feb [February] 29th at 7 o'clock in the evening out at her Fathers in the country. I was there, went with Sally Hicks , Bunyan Miller with Frank Grant . Two young gentleman Mr Taggs friends stroke up with Miss Harriet Miller and Miss Frank . We had rare times I tell you Bob I flourished around with Miss Frank extensively, she is as pretty as ever, but she has no charms for me, as my affections lay another quarter, keep dark.. 3rd and last but not least, Miss Sally Hicks to Mr Wallace the Colpeurteur [Colporteur]. They were [added: married] on the night of the 1st of March by Rev [Reverend] G. W. Coons , (who married the others) at our house, it rained like fun, just poured down, nobody here but Mr Coons, Mr & Mrs Garrison and home folks. Nobody knew anything about it until just at sundown, when Aunt Eliza always ready commenced making the wedding cake, and getting supper. Everything went off fine. I could fill this letter by enlarging on the merits of said marriages but time and paper will not allow, but I am in hopes to give you the particulars by the word of mouth soon. The next night I went to a party

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down in South Memphis given to Mrs Gagg. I went down with Bunyan, all the girls going in a Hack, it was very muddy but we get along very well. I enjoyed myself very well indeed. Comming [coming] home Bunyan fell down and the lantern went out and we had to plod along in the dark, mud something less than knee deep, you know how our mud is. I had to study very hard to make up for the lost time which I did.— I am reading Cicero, also 3d [third] book of Xenphone, Studying Algebra and Euclid. I expect I shall be very deficient in my studies but I am in hopes to get better when I get up there.— We have some cool weather also pleasant, to day is a fine, [unclear: barnling ], day, perfectly delightful, a spring day.— We have had quite a revibal [revival] of religion here lately 13 joined our Church last communion. Wm. [William] Cotter and Junuz Means also have professed. Dr Hall preached, an excellent preacher—There has been a revival at Marys School Miss Kate Palmer has professed. Mary is among the anxious Pray for her, that she may be converted — I see you are mistaken about my weight and height. I only weigh 143 lbs and am some less than 6 feet. I am quite healthy but have to keep pouring medicine down me to be so. Memphis has been quite healthy. I am sorry you have been sick but I hope you will get better. We had a letter from Wm. [William] Hinds a day or two ago— When you see Frank just tell him if he pleases to answer my letter that I write some 6 months ago— Pres is going to School, he is well, also his Mother is well, They wished to be remembered by you.— You must write to Bunyan Miller he wishes to be remembered by you also his sisters. He staid [stayed] with me last night.— Tom Phoebes is in Arkansas at work all the other boys are well, and often speak of you, all send their best respects also the Young laides [laidies] send their compliments

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I wish you would send me a catalouge [catalogue] of Yale College if you can conveniently, I should like to have one. I hope you wont [will not] throw and move cups accross [across] the table or tie any more boys to fence. Excuse my liberty, but it is a serious affair, breaking up the crockery and spilling the contents — There is not much news, only a man shot or stabbed now and then to keep up excitement.— Col. [Colonel] Tom Thumb has been in town some days back I saw him, he is 23 years old weighs 25lbs [25 pounds] and is 21in [21 inches] high, monster that, He talks fluently and take him all together he is a smart man and above all a great man— We are going to have plenty of telegraphs here soon — All the Family is well both your Father and Mother, also Jessie who is growing pretty very fast Mrs Wallace is well as can be expected from circumstances. Doney is well, Also Father and Mother. Uncle John and Aunt Silvia also [unclear: Nachez ] fat and hearty, after all, all are well [gap] I hope you will write soon — Excuse my hand writing I am in a hurry. — This is a beautiful day, fine day to walk out with the girls, which I think I will improve I wonder if you have any Beauties up there that can compare with those of the Sunny South or Stars of the West if you have, give them my compliments. "Fannie is well, keep dark" My compliments to Miss Julia. Best respects to Mr & Mrs Jones , also to your schoolmates and roommate. Good Bye Please write soon and tell me a heap of news. How is cousin Marian, Charming as a rose and fair as a Lily I reckon. Except the best wishes for your health and sucess [success] in studies and among the girls —

from your friend and Uncle
Benj [Benjamin] N. Sawtell
Ed [Edward] E. Porter

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Ed [Edward] E. Porter Bridgeport Fairfield Co. [Connecticut]

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