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Title:[Letter] 1846 Sep. 25, Monterey, Mexico [to] A.P. Greer, Paris, Tenn[essee] / E. Greer : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Greer, E.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: September 25, 1846
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter from E. Greer to his brother A.P. Greer, dated September 25, 1826. Greer's Texas military unit has just taken over the Mexican town of Monterey. E. apologizes for not writing in a while, but explains that it is very difficult to obtain the necessary materials. E. writes about how fortified a town Monterey is, and that it is very beautiful. Greer describes the approach and attack on Monterey and mentions some Generals involved including Taylor and Worth. He also mentions the Mexican General Armpudia and his surrender to Taylor.
Collection:Fitzgerald - Williams - Greer Papers
Box:IV-K-1, B1

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Monterey headquarters. Sept [September] 25th /46 [1846]
Dear Brother

I received your letter by a due corse [course] of mail & circumstances were such that I could not answer it until now I have many apoligies [apologies] to make fore [for] this seeming negligence of mine in not writing [added: to] for [added: you] such before now I s [added: u] ppose you have some idier [idea] of a soldires [soldier's] life. of the great inconveniance [inconvenience] & troble [trouble] we have in getting pen ink & paper and often that is [unclear: ssrecared ] a position to write & so I am now sitting flat on the ground writing on a book with a number of my comrades around gaberring [jabbering] about the battle & our future prospectes [prospects] for another fight. the noise bussel [bustle] & confusion of camp at present is such that I can scarsely [scarcely] collect my scatered [scattered] idiers to pen a few lines to you therfore [therefore] I beg you to excuse all had writing & grammatical errors & you have long since heard of the capture of monterey it is cirtenly [certainly] so our flag now waves in triumph over its almost impregnable fortresses monterey is a very beautiful place in fact a city. streetes [streets] beautifully macadmised [macadamised] with rock one of the stronges [strongest] fortified places almost in the world a city of fortresses every house is a fo [added: u] rt & every street is barracated [barricaded] it has about ten thousand inha [added: bitants]

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I received your letter at the mouth of the Rio Grand we were then tranpoted [transported] up the river to Sarmorgo some hundred & fifty miles we rested oln only one day on the 7th of Sept we tuck [took] up the line of march for monterey during which time we suffered immensely from the long & fatigueing [fatiguing] marches & the scanty supply of subsistance [subsistence] given us on the twentieth day [added: of our march] we [unclear: arrived ] in sight of monterey on 20th of Sept Gen [General] Worth with the second division of the army was sent around to attack the city on the west side on 21st monday morning bright & early we wore drawn [added: up] in battle or [added: v] ay our division was under the command of Gen Butler after taken our position on the field of battle we remained posted for half on how behind a small nole [knoll] the attack was commenced by Gen Haymer with the third & fourth infantry they were repulsed & beaten back they rallied again & made the second attack & meet with the same success our bregade [brigade] was then ordered to [unclear: train ] relief composed of the mississippi Regiment & a Regiment of Tennesseeing. we march up in front of the fort & under a distructive [destructive] crossfirring of three battries [batteries] [unclear: after discharge ] our rifels [rifles] severral [several] times the charge was sounded we made a simultannious [simultanious] rush for the fourt [fort] . Lut [Lieutenant] Cornel McClang was the first that mounted the walls & waved his sword three time & ride come on my brave [unclear: boys ] with nimble stepes [step] we followed we made no

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in the first but pursude [pursued] the flying mexicans to a second fort tuck that after securing the prisnors [prisoners] we commenced a charg on a third fort cros a small river running through the city & advanced within forty or fifty yardes [yards] of the fort when we were ordered back to take shelter we behind some rock houses close by the Mexicans were seen leaving the third fort in large numbers but as soon as they saw us [unclear: knelt ] they returned & [unclear: firered ] with more rapidity than ever the fireing continued from both sides until five o,clock in the evening without the least sessation [cessation] or intermition [intermission] the battle commenced at 5' o,clock in the morning & seased [ceased] at five our victory was brilliant & glorious the fight [unclear: lasted ] for three days the second day our division rested & Gen Worth made his attack & tuck [took] two other forts the third day the fort that we attacked the first day was evacuated & cornel [Colonel]Davis tuck his Regiment & penitrated [penetrated] town thair [there] he commenced a [unclear: drariller ] warfare many were killed the killed & wounded in all were about four or five hundred the mexicans about eight or ten hundred perhaps more the fo [added: u] rth day general armpada [armpudia] sent in a flag of truce & they formed an armastice [armistice] Taylor permeted [permitted] armpuda to leave with all of his small armes [arms] & four peases [pieces] of cannon so I suppos [suppose] we will remain here until we negosiate [negotiate] on the diffeculty [difficulty] settled which I trust may be soon you must write soon

& believe me your Brother
E Greer

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P.S. [Post Script] gave my love to Brother & family you I have no time to correct & revise the exspress [express] will start in a few minutes __ [added: EG [Greer]] [added:

Mr. A. P. Greer{ Paris Tenn [Tennessee]
][added: mail]

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