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Title:[Legislative Bill] 1826 Nov. 22, to ascertain at what age a man becomes a bachelor / Tennessee General Assembly : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Tennessee General Assembly

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Date: November 22, 1826
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a Bill proposed by the Tennessee General Assembly on November 22, 1826 to determine what age a man should be considered a bachelor. The proposed age was thirty years old and at that time if the "bachelor" was unmarried he would have to pay a twenty-five percent tax on his total worth. This tax was to be divided annually between all unmarried woman over twenty-five. The Bill passed the House of Representatives but was set aside by the Senate for thirty years.
Collection:Tennessee General Assembly
Document: sc117

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A Bill to ascertain the age, at which a man becomes a bachelor, and to increase the revenue laws of the state_

Whereas it is but just and reasonable that all men, who enjoy the blessings of liberty, and civilized life, should conform themselves to the requirements of the laws and customs, by which those blessings are secured and enjoyed_ And where as also, unreasonable as it may seem, there are amongst us a great number of [added: un] married men over the age of thirty years, feasting upon the fat of the land; regardless of the claims, which many amiable, worthy and meritorious females have upon our sex for husbands; treating with utter contemt [contempt] the rites and ceremonies of honourable marriage, thereby, most aggravated by offending against the peace, prosperity, honour, and dignity of the state. For remedy whereof_

Sec [Section] -1- Be it enacted by the general assembly of the State of Tennessee. That all men in this state who have lived, or shall hereafter live to the age of thirty years without being married, shall be taken, held and deemed to be a bachelor

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Sec -2- Be it enacted, that [added: it] shall be the duty of each and every sheriff in this state, at the first county court, which shall be held in this county after the first day of January in each and every year to make report to the same of the number of bachelors and their names that may reside in his county, together with the value of their property both real and personal, of which they may be the owners_

Sec -3- Be it enacted, that when said report shall be so made as foresaid, it shall be the duty of the said court to levy a tax of twenty five pr [per] cent on the whole amount of said property, and that it shall be the duty of the said sheriff to collect the same, under the same rules, regulations and restrictions, that other taxes are collected under, and to pay over the same to the trustee of the county, which shall constitute [added: & be] a fund in his hands, to be annually divided out amongst the unmarried ladies of the county, who shall be over the age of twenty five years_

Sec -4- Be it enacted, that whereas declarations made by ladies are always entitled to credit, that when ever any one of them shall appear before the said trustee, and state to him that she is of the age of twenty five years of age or upwards and

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that she is unmarried, it shall be taken as conclusive evidence of the fact; and it shall thereupon, be the duty of the said trustee to enroll her name in a book, to be by him kept for that purpose, and to pay to her a proportional share of the funds in his hands_

Sec -5- Be it enacted, that if any man shall be returned by the sheriff a third time for taxation under the provisions of this act, he shall be taken, held, and deemed, [added: to be] an incorrigible bachelor, and shall forever after, until he marries, pay a tax of fifty pr cent on all the estate that he may have, to be collected and paid over, to the same purposes and persons, as is herein before directed_

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A Bill to ascertain at what
age a man becomes a ba=
=chelor, and to increase the
revenue of the state ― [added: H of Reps [House of Representatives]. Nov [November]. 22 1826
Read 1 [unclear: time & passed ]
Tho [Thomas] J Campbell
In Senate Nov. 22nd 1826
Read and ordered to
be laid on the table
for 30 years
[unclear: N Donci ]clk [clerk]
― Reneau ][added: Bachelors
1826][added: Bachelors]

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