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Title:[Letter] 1834 May 19, Wilson C[oun]ty, Tenn[essee] [to] Mrs. Martha J. Reams / A. H. Reams : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Reams, A. H.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: May 19, 1834
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written by A. H. Reams to Martha J. Reams on May 19, 1834. In the letter, A. H. Reams describes to Martha how productive his business in Wilson County, Tennessee is, and instructs her to collect money from people who are indebted to him.
Collection:Reams Collection Correspondence

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Commerse [Commerce] Wilson Cty Tenn. [County Tennessee] May 19th 1834 Mrs Martha J. Reams
Dear Companion,

these lines will inform You that I am well, and am getting over my fatigue. I need not say any thing about my arrival as the [unclear: siperre ] returned. But I will mention some little things. Hannible Hersey Paid me May 15th $2.00 or in full please tell Father to receipt it in full. to my great astonishment when I went to make arrangements with my Landlord for corn & fodder he only asked me $1 and 50 cts [cents] per Barrel, and $1.00 per hundred for better Fodder than I left. Mr Newly Esq. [Esquire] has pure prestine [pristine] Water, and another spring mixed with the lime. I had a call the 17th — Br [Brother] Seay , Wife, & Daughter passed my shop door a few minutes agoe [ago], and they all solicited, as did sister cook on yesterday that I should come and bring you to see them Martha. so far as my prospects are conserned [concerned], I can not say but little [I I] Just Say this

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much I'm [I am] not discouraged. If you come in the way Father and me was talking about which I am in hopes you will be able to dwo [do] there will be no chance to bring any Chairs I dont [do not] racon [reckon] upon the event it should be conveneint [convenient] to slip one ore two in the carriage duo so as I wood [would] feel more independant [independent] in the shop if I had some though that is a small matter and I can get them here, and dwo [do] no want you come in and them coresponds [corresponds]. Tell the Friend who may bring you that the best Rout after he leaves Alexandria will be to come or go around by w Water's Mill and thense [thence] down said creek (Round lick) to Saulsbury the best Rout which is not more than 2, or 3 miles farther than through the hills and five times as good a rout. You must kiss Herschel my son for me as I was so pressed the morning I left that I forgot it for which I feel very sorry. If I dwo [do] not get my shoos from Henry Youngbloods Alexandria before you come on please bring them.

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I forgot to leave you any money the morning I left tell Father, that I want him to let you have what you want, and also tell him that I am depending on him to change my Journal to Commerce Wilson Cty. Tenn. [County Tennessee] and out of monies collected to pay John T. S. Fall — College Street — Ben Franklin office, and as he has my bill from Evin $35.08 with a recipt [receipt] $32. he is well prepared to tell the gentleman how the matter stands, and settle that also if convenient and if not it dont [do not] matter for Evin received 40 or 50 dollars from me and I expect would not be looser if he waited several years for the money — if William Gilly George Grizzle nor any of the Ballance [Balance] will pay in send me word how the matter is driving. For I must pay Fall before long. If you see Ezekial Watson as you come through Alexandria [unclear: dun ] him for $12.50 and if he pais [pays] you give him a clear Receipt.

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Give my Love to Father, & Mother, and all the Children. tell the Servants that I still remember them. tell Matilda that I have not forgoten [forgotten] his but still expect some day to present his with some thing for waiting on you, I want to hear from [unclear: Is Tubb ] as a Physician — and Br [Brother] C T Jones Wife as Patient for whom Ive [I have] suffered some onesiness [uneasiness] not being able to assertain how his case has or will terminat [terminate], remember me especially to Br Wm [Brother William] Foster , Grandadies Mother & all enquiring Friends

I must close with the warmest feelings of my heart to you and our little Boy Burger

A. H. Reams

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