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Title:[Letter] 1799 Mar. 14, Knoxville [to] Moses Fisk, Hanover, New Hampshire / Willie Blount : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Blount, Willie

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: March 14, 1799
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written to Moses Fisk from Willie Blount on March 14, 1799. In the letter, Blount discusses political aspects of Tennessee at the time, including impeachments, a Cherokee treaty, political appointments, and land demand being very low in Tennessee. Blount also wishes for Fisk to return to Tennessee, not to marry a northern woman, and expresses dislike for Northerners in general.
Collection:Tennessee Historical Society
Box:Willie Blount, b1

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Knoxville March 14th 1799
My good Sir,

I received your letter of the 6th January yesterday for which I thank you much — my brother thanks you for your kind remembrance of and expressions of friendship towards him — He accepts with pleasure your congratulation on his last election, and wishes for his welfare — the assembly has been called since his election and he was elected Speaker of the Senate — he now enjoys good health which he wanted when you were here —

Since the date of your letter the Senate of the U. S. [United States] have decided on the impeachment, which you have or will have seen before this reaches you — it seems that eleven Senators voted for the impeachability!!! ignorance of the Constitution must be fashionable where they live — I am glad to find that no one of the eleven lives Southward or westward of Maryland — The clamor raised against you for publishing certain paragraphs is founded in folly and must terminate in their disgrace — ignorant nincompoops, they must be greatly hide bound —— I suppose the last treaty made with the cherokees is ratified before this, and of course is or soon will be published — Those people who had been removed off their farms by the military while you were here have since the treaty returned to their homes — I am not sensible of any change in the political sentiment in Tennessee — many people did not remove to this state last year — lands are not in very great demand — In the recess of Congress Mr Jackson received the temporary appointment of Judge in place of H. Tatum resigned, Genl. [General] Smith had the temporary appointment in place of Jackson — at the meeting of the legislature Jackson's appointment was confirmed, Smith's was not, Cocke was elected to succeed Anderson and Anderson to succeed Smith — On the arrival of Genl. [General] Smith at this

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place, he was invited to partake of a dinner given him by the citizens of the town and its vicinity — a handsome address was presented him, and his answer was a good one — The General is a man of worth and talents — I suppose you have heard before this that Judge Campbell who was impeached by the House of Representatives of this State was acquitted by the Senate the votes were six against him, four for him — G. Cox was arrested by the military at Natchez last August and confined a considerable time, without knowing as he says the cause of his arrest, he made his escape, went to Orleans , thence to Nashville by way of Mobile — he arrived at Nashville on Sunday and that night he was arrested by the Deputy Marshall who acted under the authority of a writ or warrant issued by Judge McNairy — He has been bound over to appear at Nashville from time to time under an expectation that charges would be brought forward against him from the Natchez if any there are three months and more have elapsed since he came to Nashville and no charges yet, made known — perhaps he may be released shortly. I think it is hardly worth while to hold a man to Jail when he is not charged with having committed any offence — He has published a pamphlet showing his views and containing [unclear] of his treatment during his imprisonment — it is too large to pay postage on or I would send it you — Bennet and Robert Searcy were both married during my stay at Nashville to Miss Polly and Betsy Windle all of whom you have an acquaintance with — Hugh L. White is married to a daughter of Mr. Carrick our preacher — John Crozier is married to a Miss Barton who lived near Winchester — I suppose time will produce little Bennets, Roberts, Hughs and Johns — I think with you that it is time you and myself had gotten some shemale sleep mates — how do you come on in that

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way? I am not any nearer than when I saw you — friend Moses I pray you not to marry a yankie [yankee] girl — I do very much wonder how you can reconcile it to your feelings to continue in that cold part of this world — it would afford me great pleasure to have you for a neighbour [neighbor] in Tennessee where you can write all the winter [added: without] the ink freezing in your pen — I feel myself much indebted you for your last letter taking the coldness of the weather into view — I had an opportunity of forwarding your letter to Capt. [Captain] Williams the day after I received it, which opportunity I embraced — I think I have seen the best specimens of the yankie [yankee] race and could name some whom I much esteem, but there are some again who I think and know to be mere tackies and I am of the opinion that you ought not to stay longer in the country which those illthriven [ill-thriven] [unclear: chase ] inhabit than to settle your business — I have it not in [gap] power to say any thing about the deed you mentioned, [gap] know I will communicate — No charges having been exhibited from [gap] Natchez against G. Cox he was (as I am just told by one of his securities) on the 25th of last month discharged and his securities released? My Sister's arm is not yet well but very much better, I hope time will [gap] it — her Mamma came from North Carolina with her — John Chisholm arrived here the day before yesterday — [unclear: La? ] requested by my brother and his lady, also by Billy who is reading [unclear] to present to you their most respectful compliments, and good wishes for your wellfare [welfare] — I am as usual

Your friend
Willie Blount
to Moses Fisk Esqr. [Esquire]

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W. [Willie] Blount Esq. [Esquire] March 14 99 [1799] Knoxville 21st March 1799 [added: 25]Moses Fisk Esquire Hanover New Hampshire

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