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Title:[Letter] 1803 Oct. 11, Knoxville, Tennessee [to] John Sevier / Andrew Jackson : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Jackson, Andrew

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: October 11, 1803
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written to John Sevier from Andrew Jackson on October 11, 1803. In the letter, Jackson is still challenging Sevier to a duel and is agreeable to meet him at the Cumberland Gap in Virginia. Jackson suggests that Sevier name the time for when they are to meet. This letter was refused delivery by Governor Sevier, saying that he wanted nothing to do with the letter, duel, or Jackson, and was therefore never read.
Collection:Tennessee Historical Society
Box:Miscellaneous documents J1
Folder:81/2 J

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Knoxville Mr Rawlings October 11th 1803 half after 7 Oclock [O'clock] PM

I am Just informed by a confidential friend that you have been stating this evening, that you have been always and are now ready to meet [added: me] at any point on the Virginia line, this Sir was not your [added: the] language you made use of to my friend Capt [Captain] Andrew White when he hasted upon you last evening in consequence of your note that [unclear: squinted ] at that object, and stated [added: that] you had a friend to attend you and requested me to prepare for the Campaign, it was then answered by you that you could not go then, not before Saturday next, and this too after you had named Mr Robertson in the state of Virginia, to which my friend agreed, and told you I was ready to set out —

Under existing circumstances, the above information of your readiness is the only reason [unclear: opportunity ] with me again to trouble you with another note — And now Sir that the thing may be well understood and a final end put to all such ideas and that you may have it in your power if so disposed to render me that satisfaction that I have been so long in vain trying to obtain — I have to request that you will [unclear: immediately ] with your friend set out with me and mine to Mr. Robertsons near the Cumberland Gap in the state of Virginia then to render me that satisfaction required of you by my note of the second instant I have directed my friend Capt. A. [Captain Andrew] White to require of you to state in writing underneath my signature

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the hour you will meet me at the above place and that you will sign the same —

From my information of your [unclear: capricious ] I have no doubt, (if real) but you will meet me at the be ready to set out on the morning of the 12th and we can reach the wished for point the same [added: Evening] recollect Sir I have come to your terms as to place and the injured has the right to name the time I therefore call upon you to meet me between this [added: and] Thursday evening next. The hour you may name yourself If this is too short I will extend it to your own time named to my friend on last evening that was Saturday next. If that is not convenient your own time will be wasted for — I have just to remark, that it is high time the thing should be put an end to and I do require of you to state a time on this piece of paper, that you will meet me for the purpose before mentioned, the Virginia line has lately been your stand, to prevent further evasion I have come to that proposition— I hope you will come to [unclear: mine ] with respect to time or forever after hold your peace — It has been stated to me that you have averred this evening that the place was your only objections to your meeting me — you named to my friend last evening [added: that] prosecutions were talked of. The [unclear: surest ] method to avoid and prevent that is an early and secrete interview, If you wish to keep a coopy [copy] of this my friend will give you one and attest the same with your answer in writing time is precious with me nothing [added: detains me from my family but wasting [added: on you] for an] but an accomadation [accommodation] with you — of

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this business, and I have instructed my friend to have such an answer as will be final

I am &c &c [et cetera et cetera]
Andrew Jackson
Governor John Sevier
[added: On what my friend reported as [unclear: follows ] I carried this letter this morning and presented it to him and after looking at the back of it — refused to open it saying he would not read it, I insisted that he would he said he would have nothing to do with the Judge or any more of his notes or words to that affect, I then told him the Judge was about to start home and as it had been stated to him yesterday — evening by some of his friends, that you said you were always ready and was now ready to be him — I told him that the contents were that he was about to [added: take his] leave of Knoxville and that he would now or at your own time see you at your favourite [favorite] spot he utterly refused &c &c [et cetera et cetera]]

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His Excellency John Sevier Esqr [Esquire] Present
[added: Coopy [Copy]][added: No. [Number] 6
presented not recd. [received] the contents made known and an a refusal on the part of the Gov [Governor] to have any thing to do with me on the subject —]

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