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Title:Thrilling narrative: How the judgement of Heaven fell on the Indians who wounded Rev'd Joseph Brown in 1794, / Rev[erend] Joseph Brown: a machine-readable transcription of an image
Author:Brown, Joseph

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.

Date: March 30, 1858
Extent: 16p
Summary:This document, entitled "Thrilling Narrative. How The Judgement of Heaven fell on the Indians who wounded Rev'd Joseph Brown in 1794," was written to Colonel A. W. Putman on March 30, 1858 by Reverend Joseph Brown. In this narrative Brown details the events surrounding his return trip from Knoxville to Nashville. It appears that he was informed by a Cherokee trader that there was a large body of Indians waiting to do harm on the direct route, so he was advised to return through Kentucky. Accepting this advice, Brown and travel partners, William Hayes, a Negro woman, Ross, Friley, and others set out only to be ambushed along the way by Indians. During the attack Brown was wounded in the shoulder although they escaped. He stayed with a Dutch man for two nights and then with a brother-in-law, who was a doctor, of Ross's for six weeks, until he healed well enough to travel home. Later, Brown was informed by another trader that the same party of Indians had rode into East Tennessee to take prisoners of women and children and if Brown and others wanted to free the prisoners he would show them where they were. Brown set out with a group of white men to seek revenge on the Indians. When they located them they noticed that the Indians were wearing white men's clothing and, satisfied that these were the guilty Indians, they decided to lay in wait to ambush them in the morning fearing that the prisoners would be killed if they acted too quickly. The Indians were all killed the next day and the white men found a little girl who had hid for three days. Brown submitted this account with the intent that it would be published or returned. It was, in fact, published in the "Banner of Peace" August 5, 1858.
Collection: Tennessee Historical Society

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Pulaskie Giles County March 30th / 58 Col [Colonel] A. W. Putman
Dear [added: Sir]

yours of the 2nd Inst [Instant] Came to hand last night from pleasant [Pleasant] Grove Pleasant Grove never was my Post office tho [though] I lived handey [handy] to [added: it] for maney [many] years but Pulaskie Giles County is now my post office and Relative to your Enquiry [Inquiry] General A [Andrew]. Jackson was not on the Nickajack Campain [Campaign] but if My Memory Serves me he at that time had somthing [something] to do in the Contractor busines [business] for his Brother in law [Brother-in-law] Mr Samuel Donnelson Came to our camp a day or two before we started and Wm. [William] Reed [added: of sumner [Sumner] County ]was there and neather [neither] of them had Ever been beat at a foot race and Donnelson Observed that he [added: was] in bad fix to Run for he had been gathern[added: g] [gathering] Beevers [Beavers] the day before but still he [added: was] willing to Run to gratify The Company and did Run and was beat five or six feet, but Sandey [Sandy] Donnelson Did gow and Was Wou[added: n]ded at Nickajack a younger Brother so I know that Jackson and the Donnelsons done all the[added: y] could for The protection of the C[added: o]untrey [Country], Altho [Although] I presum [presume] Doct [Doctor] Ramsay had been [added: W]Rongley [Wrongly] informed on that Subject[added: .] and as to Rele [added: i]cts of the war I now have none[added: .] I had an El[added: e]gant Sword but I g[added: a]ve it to one of my Grand sons [Grandsons] and [added: it] is gone to Texas or [added: the] society should have it

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if I live to the 2nd day of August next I shall be Eighty six [Eighty-six] years old, so I hope you l [you'll] Excuse my Enterlining [Interlining] & c [et cetera] but Mrs Fogg has attem[added: p]ted [added: to] give a history of the mercey [mercy] of God, to so unprofit[added: able] a mortal as I have Ever been to society there is one neaver been penned[added: ,] is one as strong as that has been penned[added: .]

I went to East Tennessee on Buisnes [Business] in the winter of 1793 and on My Return got in company with Col [Colonel] Robert Hay [added: s]e a Brother in law [Brother-in-law] of General Jackson and When we got to Knoxville [added: ,] the night before [added: a Trader] and William Blunt [Blount] [added: ,] then Governor[added: ,] or Governor[added: ,] Sevear [Sevier] [added: Sevier] [added: ,] I do not [added: [added: k]now] which was Governor of the Ter[added: r]etory [Territory] at that time[added: ;] this Cherrokee [Cherokee] Trador [Trader] informed them that a large Bodey [Body] of Indians was a boute [about] [unclear: start (paper is torn at end of word) ] to way lay [waylay] the tras[added: c]e Comeing to Nashvill [Nashville] and we had better turn and Come by K [added: e]ntuckey [Kentucky] [added: .] we done [added: so] and the 2nd night we got in three miles of the last house, and I had a Negro Woman a long [along] and [added: we] Concluded not [added: to] Eat BreaKfast to we Would go there and then not stop to night[added: ;] but when we Went to start[added: ,] the horse the Negro Rode was badly [added: []foundered[added: ,] a gentlman [gentleman] a long [along] said[added: ,] if I would bleed him at the Edge of the hair round [around] his feet he [added: would be] well in a mile or two I requested him to do it for me, he attempted to do [added: so] but [added: the horse was] was verry wild and Jirked [Jerked] up his foot and the Knif[added: e] went into the arter[added: y] in the front of his foot and I made [added: the woman] ride my hors[added: e] and I walked and Drove the foundered one to the last house[added: .] he Bled all the way and while the Company was Eating I got some cobwebs and held on it[added: ,] and stoped [stopped] the blood we then started up Clinch Mounten [Mountain] [added: road] but before we got halfway up

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the mounten [mountain] it broke to B[added: l]eeding as fast as Ever and [added: I] Knew I should lose my horse if I went on[added: .]] I observed to Col [Colonel] Ha[added: y]se that I woul [would] be glad he would take charge [added: of] the Negro woman as I hade [had] to stop with my horse and She had provison [provision] a nough [enough] to do her to Nashvel [Nashville] but [added: he would] have to buy some corn for the horse in Ka[added: i]ntuckey [Kentucky] [added: .] he said he wou [added: l]d do so Chearfuly [Cheerfully] for my Broth[added: er] William had saved his life two years before[added: ,] at Emreys River provably [probably] 12 miles from Kingston[added: ,] East Tennessee[added: ,] a large Bodey [Body] of Indians fired on them a boute day brak [about daybreak][added: ,] as the [they] were a waking [awaking] out of sleep[added: .] they Indians Rushed on them[added: ,] it was a 3/4 of a mile to Emreys River the[added: y] Ran to the River[added: .] my Brother was shot in the back of his Righ[added: t] hand and the Ball Came out at his [added: W]Rist but [added: he] got his clothing of[added: f] and tied them with his hand kerchief [handkerchief] to a chunk, but not being tied good and the Riffeling [riffling] of the [unclear: water ] the hankerchief [handkerchief] came lo [added: o]se and at that instant Col [Colonel]. Hayse was a sinking gust [just] before him he caught his shirt in his teeth and he being a good swim[added: m]er [swimmer] gave his Chunk to Hayse and by that means both lives were saved[added: ,] tho [although] my Brother had lost three fine horse[added: s] and all his money and clothing but his shirt[added: .] but it was only 12 or 15 miles to the settelment [settlement][added: .]

after Hayse give the a bove [above] information the Company started and I stayed with my horse and [added: held] the wound to[added: till [until]] it began to swell[added: .] then I led him Back to the fort and stayed there one wea[added: e]k [week] to my [added: horse] got well and the Post Rider Thomas Ross and Col [Colonel] Friley came a long [along] and as they lived in Kaintucky [Kentucky] I conclude

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if they could gow [go] safe I could, accordinly [accordingly] we started the next Morning and went on all day veary [added: well] but [added: the] 2nd day a bout [about] two a Clock [o'clock] on the East side of littel [Little] Sorrel River we ware ere [were] fired on by a partey of Indians We Dashed forward & a bout [about] 150 yards [added: to the [added: River]] it did not [unclear: swim (inkblot) ] us at the ford[added: .] the Ro[added: a]de led up the River tho [though] a littel [little] distance from the River and in a bout [about] the [added: a] 1/4 of mile it came near the Road a gain [again], and at that plase [place] a littel Harricn Hurricane [little Hurricane] had cros [added: s]ed [crossed] the Ro[added: a]de the sum[added: m]er before but the g[added: u]ard that went threw [through] to protect the Traveller had the cut the limbs of [added: the] fallen trees so that [added: the] pack horses could git a long [along], Rosses [Ross's] [added: horse] creature could out Run [outrun] my hors[added: e] I think he was a rod a head [ahead] of me[added: .] gust [just] as we Enterd [Entered] the fallen timber an Indian from behind a tree fired at him and [added: I] suppose shot his [added: horse]creture thro [creature through] the Ear for she was shot threw [through] the Ear she Wheealed [wheeled] back and at the[added: y] fired on Ross & me[added: ,] Friley said ther [there] was twenty or thirty guns fired at us two[added: ,] for Friley was forty yards behind but our hor[added: se] [horses] scaring at [added: the] screaming of the Indians and guns and dodging the[added: y] mis[added: e]d [they missed] us boath [both][added: .] we Dashed back and met Frily [Friley] and we all Came in a breast [abreast] to [added: a] large fallen tree and I was on the[added: le]ft [the left] and Ross in the middel [middle][added: and as] Rosses [Ross's] mare as charged the log her four feet went in to [into] ground so she fel [fell] on her Brast [Breast][added: ,] and then on her side and he went over [added: her] head and his gun fell out of his hand he sprand[added: g] to his gun and looked at his mare and I suppose he thought she was killed for I Expected mine to fall Evry minuite [Every minute] the kept missing me so much and [added: [unclear: that was ]] the last I seen of him I then Reiend [Reined] [added: my horse] to pas [pass] the Bend of the Rive [River] & Friley hollerred [hollered] at me not to gow [go] there for [added: he] said when the[added: y] fired on Ross and me in the Hurrican[added: e] he seen the trees all lined with Indians betwean [between] me and the River I then made for the River and when I came to it

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it was a high caving bank I turned down the River but it got no better four or five feet to the watter[added: .] Friley Hollorred [Hollered] to me that he was wounded[added: ,] and for me to charg[added: e] my horse down the bank or they would have us I answerd [answered] him that I was wounded also and turned my horse toward the River[added: .] he sailed of [off] as tho [though] it was level ground the first plung[added: e] took me Round the middel [middle] in swimming watter[added: .] he then took Down the River with me and [added: unc] I could do I could not turn him[added: .] at length I hit him with my left hand on the side of his head and that turned him as my Right arm fel [fell] dead when the Ball Struck me and [added: I] would have left him in River but I was fearful that I could not swim out with one hand having my over Coat [overcoat] on and I thought the horse was shot and dying but I thougt [thought] I would trey [try] to mak [make] him Carrey [Carry] me to the shore and when he got to the bank it was slate bank he got a boute [about] half way up the the bank[added: .] He got a boute [about] half way [half-way] up the the bank and fel [fell] and I thot [thought] he [unclear: was dead ] and sprung of[added: f] him and shoved my over Coat [overcoat] of[added: f] the point of my shoalder [shoulder] to Run and at that moment I seen aw Rosses [Ross's] mare Nearing the bank. I caught my coat again and pulled it up and made for Rosses [Ross's] mare, and as she pased [passed] me I got hold of the Bridalle. it was a mong [among] her feet tho [though] not tangled I put it over her head and sprung on her and Came of[added: f] on her

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and [added: as] I Raised the Bank I seen aw Friley a gowing [going] over [added: the hill] more than a hundred yards a head [ahead] Altho [although] he went after me [added: into the river] and it [added: Did not] Swim him, and he had a low bank to rise. if my horse would have gone straight a Cross [across] he [added: would] have the same low Bank but as I mounted Roses [Ross's] [added: mare] I started the Course I seen aw Frily [Friley] a gowing [going] after going fiftey [fifty] or sixtey [sixty] [added: yards] I look Round to see if [added: I] could see aney [any] of theIdians [Indians] that first fired on me on that side of the Rive [River] and dscovered [discovered] my own horse Right at heals my heaeels[added: .] I checked my mare a moment to he pased [passed] me and I heard the [unclear: scream ] after him and turned him the way I seen Friley gow and directly struck his trail it [added: was] post oak land and the Indians had Bur[added: n]t the laves of [leaves off] the ground & his [added: mare] had thrown up the White clay as he Run so I could [added: see] his trail for thirtey [thrity] yards a head [ahead] I could see the Blood on Bushes where [added: he pased] and in [added: a] bout [about] the 1/4 of a mile I over took [overtook] him [unclear: [added: he] ] had stoped [stopped] in [added: a] littel [little] Sunk plas[added: c]e, he said he was [added: so] sick he would be obliged to git [get] down. I oberved [observed] to him if you git [get] down you neaver [never] will git [get] up again for the Indian will be hear [here] in les [less] than five minutes and besides that your ho[added: r]se is shot in his they[added: ighs] he may not Carrey [Carry] you twenty minutes, shove him as long as you Can[added: .] he then observed[added: ,] go a head [ahead][added: ,] and [added: I] will [added: try] to keep up I went of [off] East probably a mile and turned north and struck the River a gain [again] at som [some] Buffelow [Buffalo] licks which I was informed after I got [added: in] the settelment [settlement] was five miles from the ford where I had cosed [crossed], the River there [added: was] a small stream

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not belley [belly] Deep on our horses and after I had crosed [crossed] I seen my horse had stoped [stopped] to eat some kain cane that was on the bank I then turned back and caught my own horse he had lost the rains reins of my Bridel le. I then pulled the Bridel le of[added: f] Rosses [Ross's] mare and put it on my own horse and Drove the mare threw [through] the River and Requested friley [Friley] to Drive [added: her] after me he said he was so sick he could not but she would follow us, she had the mail on and his Blanket sircingeled [surcingled] on Just as he left her I went on a westerly course and [added: in] les [less] than a mile we struck the Rode [Road] Friley was so deranged he wanted to take the Rong [Wrong] end of the Rode [Road] I informed him that [added: I] would not keep the Rode [Road] any further I Enquired [Inquired] of him the Cours [Course] to the settelment [settlement] of Kaintuckey [Kentucky] as I had neaver [never] been there he said it was a but [about] a sun set [sunset] course if I know which [unclear: way (hole in page) ] that was a beutiful [beautiful] Clear day and at that plase [place] the Rode [Road] was a gowing [going] right north I went right a cros [across] the Rode [Road] took up a long hill and gust [just] [added: as] I got to the top of the hill I struck a path leading westerly which I thought was [added: a] Buffelow [Buffalo] path leading to a lick and from there I could git [get] a path leading almost aney [any] course for miles but after I had followed it[added: ,] povibelly [probably] half a mile it began to give out and supposed the main path [added: was] to the Right and took down a point [added: of] the Ridge and had not gone more than [added: 1/2 of a mil [mile]] before I seen a fresh parsel of logs puled [pulled] up by the side of a big log I conclude som [some] Indian had [added: died] and the [they] had coverd [covered] him up there and I would gow [go] and see but when I got there I got down and seen it was [added: a] White man. I then looked

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over on the North side of the hill and seen where the Idians [Indians] had e[added: m]ptied the Fether [Feather] Beds of a Company they had defeated at that veary plase [very place] the Monday weak [week] before, and there was a man in that Company a Running of [off] with a nother [another] mans wife and the woman had her littel dauter [little daughter] a bout [about] seaven [seven] years Oald [old] a Riding behind her and when the Indians fired on them the horse threw the woman and littel [little] girl and the man sprang of [off] his horse gathered the woman and threw her on his own horse and Jumped on behind her and left the littel [little] girl a laying there and the Indians took her, the Mans [Man's] Nam [Name] was Drake and the woman the wife of Webb Nance

Friley said to me we had better take the road as [added: we] were so near it for there was a duch [Dutch] man three or four miles from [unclear: there ] that had a good Block house and a good horse pen near the Doors and a number of guns & dogs we then made for the Rode [Road] and went as fast as our horses Could Carrey [Carry] us I kep [kept] [unclear: hart ] hole to I got in [added: a] mile of the house and was verey [very] sick the Duch [Dutch] man was kind took my horse and put him in his pen and dresed [dressed] my wound found a peas [piece] of the socket Bone of my shoalder [shoulder] in my shirt and put some s[added: h]ugar [sugar] and whiskey to my wound and give me a Deer skin to lay down on

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which I Occopyed [Occupied] for two nights and a day with a high feaver [fever], and seaverl [several] times in the day the [they] informed me the [they] Believed my hors [horse] would die as we had fed our horses with the Corn the [they] had been Carreying [Carrying] on their backs Just before the Indians fired on us and my horse was Just giting [getting] over a founder, and straing [straining] him for ten or twelve miles founderd [foundered] him over again but he was the only one man or beast in the Company but was killed wound or taken as Friley lost one of his that he had a pack on and his mare that was shot in [added: the] they [thigh] proved to be a slight wound and his wound was a bove [above] and below his Elbo [Elbow] only in the flesh but he Bled so much that he was veary [very] sick to we got near the Rode whare [Road where] Drak [Drake] was Defeated

the second night a boute [about] midnight a Company of three men and two wemen [women] Came threw [through] after us and had stoped [stopped] at littel [Little] Sorrel River to Camp as it was gitting [getting] Dark and found poor Ross striped [stripped] naked and his head cut off and that alarmed them the [they] mounted thier [their] horses and Cam [came] 12 miles to where I was the next morning my feaver [fever] had subsided and my horse had got up I pled with thos theavs [those thieves] as I learned afterward that was their Carrcter [Character] in Georgia and ware [were] then a Rung a way [Running away] , to pack my horse as he was so stiff and let me Ride[added: one] of their pack horses but the [they] [unclear: Refused (inkblot) ]and said I could

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not gow [go] I Replyed [Replied] there [added: was] no could not with me I mus gow whare [must go where] I could git [get] medical aid and noureshment [nourishment] [added: and] directed the Dutch man to put my saddel [saddle] on my own horse that the Road was a [as] free for me as aney [any] other person but I did not gow ove [go over] a quarter of a mile before I d[added: i]scoverd [discovered] Rosses [Ross's] mare a gain [again] but she had lost her mail and sadel [saddle] I Rode Round her and one of those men did help me to catch her and put on my saddel [saddle] on her and I got on her she was a delightfule [delightful] Riding Animal and it was Caled [Called] forty miles to the Crab Orcherd [Orchard] the first settelment [settlement] and we goot thare [got there] before dark but I was veary [very] much Exausted [Exhausted] and thare [there] was a Doctor a Brother in law [brother-in-law] of Rosses [Ross's] that live[added: d] in sixty or Eighty yard of the fort I of course went to the Docters [Doctors] and the [they] treated me with grate [great] deal of kindness and tenderness for six weaks [weeks] before I felt abel [able] to start home and the Docter [Doctor] would [added: not] suffer me to [added: Eat] meet [meat] but kep [kept] me on swetned vinnagar [sweetened vinegar] and watter [water] and bread as it was in March and the Cows genraley [generally] had their Calves with them in the Cain [Cane] but Col Wm [Colonel William] Whitley lived in three miles and in about three weaks [weeks] I got so I could Ride and I went to Whiteys [Whitley's] Every other [added: day] to git [get] me [added: a] cup of Buttermilk they ware veary [were very] kind to me and the next summer Come a year Col [Colonel] Whitley Came to Nashvile [Nashville] with a large Company of men to gow [go] with Major Orr of East Tennessee and the Volenters [Volunteers] around to gow [go] from Nashvile [Nashville] [to to] take the Town of Necajack [Nickajack]

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whare [where] I had been a prisner [prisoner] by the Cherrokes [Cherokees] six years before of Course I went a long [along] all tho [although] the wound was still a Runing [Running] in boath [both] sides and peases [pieces] of bone kep comeing [kept coming] out for two years and at that time there was a hole Clean threw [through] my shoalder [shoulder] and on that Campain [Campaign] a Nefew [Nephew] of Col [Colonel] Whitley give me information of [added: [unclear: the (inkblot) ]] Judgment of Heaven on the veary [very] Indians that wounded me a Trader had Just come in from [added: the] Norther [Northern] Indians I who said thare ware [there were] sixty from one Town that Cam [came] out to way lay [waylay] the Rode [road] from Kaintuck [Kentucky] to East Tennessee the winter and spring befor [before] and after the [they] had [added: defeated] Differnt famely [Different family] on the Rode the toke [Road they took] a fort on slate [Slate] River and took prisners [prisoners] and was followed by a Companey [Company] for some distance and som stoney [some stony] ground the Indians had scatterd [scattered] so that thear [their] trail could not be followed the Company Returned and Simon Kenton [added: who had been a prisner [prisoner] by the Indians] then Commande [Commanded] a Company Observed he thought that he knew what Indians the ware [they were] from the Course they ware [were] a gowing [going] and if his men would gow [go] with him he would follow them his men ware [were] willing to gow [go] and they started and got to whare [where] the others turned back but he went the Course he supposed the Indians did gow [go] and gust [just] before night he struck a large trail and followed to he found he was near them he then stoped [stopped] his men and went on himself to he come to their camp and found they had more camps then he had men he then

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informed his men of their dainger [danger] and thought the [they] had better git [get] as fare [far] back as possibel [possible] that night for the Indians [added: would] see their trail in the morning and follow them then [added: the [they]] turned for home and gust [just] before day he Came in sight of a fire he stoped [stopped] his men and went and Exmined [Examined] the Camp and [added: seen] whare thare [where there] was parsel [parcel] of peopel [people] that was covered with white peoples clothing he then went back and informed his men that the ware [they were] the verey [very] Indians the ware [they were] a hunting but it would not do to fire on them if the [they] did the Indians would Tomhawk [Tomahawk] the prisners [prisoners] but the [they] must git [get] as nigh as the [they] could a[added: nd] lay still to [added: it] was light a nough [enough] to see to shoot a man ten steps and then Run upon them with their Tom hak [Tomahawk] and then as the [they] run shoot them and by that means they [added: would] save the prisnors [prisoners][added: ,] and the [they] done so and they thought the [they] had killed all of them and thare [there] they got the mail that I left on Roses [Ross's] mare and the prisners [prisoners] that was taken when [unclear: Mr. McFarlin ] was defeated the next Tuesday after I was Defeated [and and] the prisners [prisoners] that was taken when they took the Fort so that we knew it was the same Indians that had done all the mischief the Trader said thare [there] was one onley [only] got back out of sixtey [sixty] that had started from That Town I will now give a relation of McFarlen [McFarlin] s Defeat the next Tuesday after I was defeated they ware [were] North Carolinians nine men and several wemen [women] [and and] children and as McFarlen [McFarlin] was a East Tenneseyan [Tennesseean] the [they] requested him to command them while in Wilder[added: nes] [wilderness] he agreed to do so and had pased whare [passed where] I was Defeated and near whare [where] drake [Drake] was defeated and he seen a small Rock by the side of saplin [sapling] on a Bank

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and [added: he] said he thought that had not grew thare [there] glanced his [added: Eyes] Closely on it [added: and] Discoverd [discovered] the musel [muzzle] of the Indian gun on the top of the Rock he cried Indians unc and sprung of [off] his horse and Drew his sight to split the fellows head as soon as he Raised it but he supposed the fello [fellow] seen him between the Rock and the saplin [sapling] and sprang of [off] to Come unc Round him he Ran Even with the fellow forty or fiftey [fifty] yards and a bout [about] forty yards [added: a part [apart]] and he seen the fellow was a bout stoping [about stopping] and [added: he] thought he could out shoot [outshoot] any Indian but the Indian gun fired first and shot threw [through] McFarlin [added: Clothing] on one side but he kiled [killed] the Indian he gumped [jumped] behind a tree and loaded again gust [just] at [added: that] time a nother [another] Indian came Runing [Running] Round and he Run with him and Run forty or fifty steps and he the fellow was a but stoping [about stopping] and he still thought he Could out shote aney [outshoot any] Indian but [added: that] fellows gun fired Rather first and shot threw McFarlin clothing on the other side [but but] [added: he] Droped [Dropped] him he then got behind a nother [another] tree and loaded again and a third fellow Came Round and he looked like a whit [white] man or a veary [very] fair half breed and Mc [McFarlin] and him had [added: a] semilar [similar] Race and as the fellow stoped [stopped] the Boath [they both] fired and [added: the] Fellow shot of [off] Mc [McFarlin] Charger and threw [through] his shot pouch strap but Mc [McFarlin] Droped [Dropped] him Mc [McFarlin] loaded and no others Came he then Ran back and he Could see but [added: one] of his men and [added: he was] a quarter of mile of [off] and [added: a] Crowd of Indians had taken the wemen [women] he said he then thought it was not worth whale [worthwhile] to throw away his life he then left four of his men Dead on the ground and the fifth one dead by my side of his wound a company went to Berrey [Bury] the dad [dead] with McFarlin and before the [they] got to [added: the] plase [place] they seen a pack horse standing some distance from the Rode [road] the [they] Dashed out

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and thare [there] was a littel [little] [added: girl] laying near him a sleep [asleep] some of them said thare [there] was one littel [little] girl dead but then Comeing [coming] [unclear: wakened (inkblot) ] her she look up and smiled to see the white men and thare [there] [added: was] hardley [hardly] a man but shed tears the pack horse Run of [off] with her in the of the fight and had thare [there] got his Bridel fastend [bridle fastened] to again and had been near three days Mc [McFarlin] went on to the Battel ground [battleground] and showed whare [where] he stood and whare [where] the Indians stood stood and thare [there] was the Blood whare [where] the fellows lay but the Indians had taken them [added: away] and a bout [about] two hundred yards off in a tree top the last man man he shot was coverd [covered] and he was a white man and by finding the pack and littel [little] girl the [they] went back a long [along] the [added: Rode [road]] and found the track of Nance s littel [little] daughter that was taken when Drake was Defeated and the [they] followed it by whare [where] I was Defeated and it [added: was] called twelve miles from thare [there] to big [Big] Sorrel River and it was a Deep boald [bold] stream provibely [probably] forty [yards yards] wide the [they] followed her thare [there] and seen she had went down to the watter [water] and Came up again and the [they] went up and down the River in search of her at le[added: n]gth the [they] found her a bout [about] three fourth [three-fourths] of a mile from the ford down the River she was a perty littel [pretty little] girl with red hair and [added: she] said the Indins [Indians] went Every day [everyday] to watch the Road, and thare [there] was three white men with them and one day the [they] had been a shoting [shooting] at the Road and Came back a grate [great] while before night and only too [two] of the white men came back and one of the Indi[added: a]ns had a veary [very] sore leg, and the [they] Cried that Eavning [Evening] veary [very] much and the next morning the [they] Cried a gain [again]

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and then started and Came back the same way the [they] went to the Cam [camp] near the plase [place] she was taken and in a few days the [they] began to shoot at the [them] again and the Indians that was at the Camp with her hopped and was mighty glad and all Run of [off] to the Rode [Road] and left her by herself and she said [added: she thought] she would gow [go] to [added: unc] hazel patch for she kew [knew] she had only pased [passed] the hazel patch a littel [little] when she was taken by the Indians but she took the Rong [Wrong] end of the Rode [Road] and said she gather leaves Every night to the side of a log and lay in them and she had been near three days that she had Eat nothing when she was found and all the other children that was brought in was Frost bitten [Frostbitten] but her [here] I am Now done with the Narative [Narrative] and as Mrs [added: Fog [Fogg]] found [added: me] with [added: one] of her Books and will have the foreging publised [foregoing published] in the history Jo [Joseph] Brown as a second adition [eidition] I wil [will] take a Dozen or tw [two] of them if [added: I] am alive the facts Contained in the history are Correct Exsept [Except] Buckhana [Buchanan's] Fort the history says 14 miles from Nashvile [Nashville] when it is only a bout [about] 4 miles if [unclear: the (damaged document) ] the above cannot be publised [published] in a 2nd Edition of the history of Jo [Joseph] Brown by Mrs Fogg or the Editor of the Banner of Peace or on the Methodists Editor you will pleas [please] Return it by mail to me Pulaskie Giles [added: Cty [County]]

and oblige yours
Jos [Joseph] Brown

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The contents of this manuscript was published in the "Banner of Peace," Augt 5th 1858 , occupying four columns of that paper.
See Serah Bork of Historical Society
Thrilling Narrative. How The Judgement of Heaven fell on the Indians who wounded Rev'd [Reverend] Joseph Brown in 1794 The original manuscript

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