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Title:[Letter] 1838 Jul. 6, Nashville, Tennessee [to] Wm. McClain, Sparta, Tennessee / N[ewton] Cannon : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author: Cannon, N[ewton]

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: July 6th, 1838
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter to Wm. McClain from Governor Newton Cannon, dated July 6, 1836. Cannon is writing to discuss the Bank of Tennessee and it's branches. McClain has just had a convention in Sparta on this topic. Cannon writes about the disagreement over the branches within the Legislature.
Collection:Governor Newton Cannon Papers
Document: sl639

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[added: Executive Dept [Department]]

July 6th 1838
To Wm McClain Esqr [Esquire] President and the members of the convention at Sparta [added: also] the citizens of the state by them represented or interested gentlemen

Your memorial of the 15th ult [ultimo] has Just been recievd [received] accompanyd [accompanyed] by the central gazette containing a copy of the proceeding of you [your] convention at Sparta of the same date. with an address to the people of our state, on the subject of the Location of the Branches of the Bank of Tennessee , On which I entertain no doubt, you have just cause of complaint provided it is admitted that this Bank is to confer Benefits equally and generally to the citizens of our state, _ Whatever may be the inconsistent and conflicting provisions of its charter, or the variety of motives, which actuated those who were instrumental in bringing it into existence, and however difficult too carry the same into effect it would now be useless to paint [unclear]out or enquire into them, as it is now the Law of our land, the setled [settled] policy of our state

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and becomes the duty of all concernd [concerned] in its administration, to make the best they can of it_

That the accommodation of all parts of the State, in the location of the branches of this Bank was deemed impracticable by a majority of the Legislature, Seems most obvious, from their having refusd [refused] to locate the Branches themselves as was urgd [urged]. and believd [believed] by some to be their duty.

Whether the Laudable objects held forth by the advocates of this amalgamated Scheme of state policy, are to be realized, generally by our citizens, or not, time alone with its practical operations and Lasting effects, must determine but In as much as the injustice of which you complain, and Justly too, I doubt not, (relates only to borrowing your portion of [added: to many] of this Bank, at an inconvenient point to the citizens of that district of country and not having equal facilities in that respect, with other portions of the state) is a right or priviledge [privilege], not deemd [deemed] of the highest or most vital import,

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thereforeI trust I do not presume too much, on the forbearance, and patriotism of this portion of my fellow citizens, by delaying the immediateexercise of this important power, now placd [placed] in my hands do hands to be desird [desired]untill [until] we can see more clearly, the practical operation of this system throughout the state, also whether or not, it is competent to extend the relief desird, without imposeing [imposing] on the state, the expence [expense], or on our representatives of the Legislature, the unpleasant duty, of assembling again, for the purpose of either, correcting, their own errors or that of those on whom, they have imposd this difficult and unpleasant duty___

Should a calld [called] session be deemd [deemed] necessary it is surely important, that sufficient information and experience should be had, in relation to the object as to enable the Legislature to know, with greater certainty, than before, what ought to be done, and to enable them to avoid similar errors of equal or greater importance __ In the mean time

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you may rest assurd [assured] that the interest of every portion of the state will be zealously observd [observed] with readiness for the exercise of any power. with which I am constitutionally or Legally invested, at the[added: such]time [added: as]it may become indispensible [indispensable], to the safety & prosperity of the people of the state, or to rescue them from evils of sufficient magnitude growing out of [added: our]Legislative proceedings either directly or indirectly

With the highest respect
I have the honor to be
your obt servt [obedient servant]
N,, [Newton] Cannon
Wm MClain Esqr Prest [President] &The members of the conventionat sparta & others

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