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Title:[Letter] 1835 Jun. 19, New Tazewell [to] David Hunt, Franklin County / John Hunt: a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Hunt, John

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Date: June 19, 1835
Extent: 2 p
Summary:The following document is a letter written by John Hunt in New Tazewell to his brother David in Franklin County and dated June 19, 1835. In the letter, John explains that he plans to retire from his 18 years as sheriff and move to the rich lands of the Missouri River.
Collection:John Hunt

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Near tazewell June 19th 1835
Dear Sir

having an opertunity [opportunity] at this time to drop you a line by Mr Martin I can inform you that the family are all well at presant [present] only Rhody the pain in hir [her] breast gets wors [worse] constantly I am looking constantly for hir [her] to take hir [her] [unclear: bead ] She Still keeps a bout [about] the greater part of hir [her] time I am Very much trobeled [troubled] with pains in my Joints I have no means thats is worth communicating to you, I have had 2 letters from my children that has gon [gone] to the mosoriee [missouri] the rite [right] the have got in a contry [country] of Rich land and is very productive fine range gain in great quality Honey plenty I intend going out there in April next to See the contry [country] I cannot go any Sooner on the account of my business as Shff [Sheriff] I will try to wind up this fall and winter I have served as Sheriff 18 years come march next and I think it is time for me to quit as I am geting [getting] old and tired of the business F.S. Hunt is Running for the legislator and will be Elected very Easy James Overton is his a ponant [opponent] who you know has no tallents [talents] for nothing in the world he tells the people he is a farmer and he goes for the farmers intrusts [interests], [unclear: ourt ] crops of small grain is very much infered [inferred] by the wet it has rained in this county Every day for 3 or 4 weeks more or less I believe Fidilo was at taledego [Talladega] a fiew [few] days Since at his unkle [uncle] georges the was all well he likes that contry [country] very well please rite [write] to me as I would be glad to hear from you give my Respects to John & Henry Lurkins all the friends it is likely I will pass throug [through] your contry [country] one time mor [more] if I Ever Should get any thing of Mayfield and if not I do not Expect Ever to See you again So I am most respectfully your brother till death

John Hunt
David Hunt

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David Hunt Esqr [Esquire] Franklin county near [unclear: Solemn bears ] creek

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