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Title:[Letter] 1847 April 14 [to] Capt[ain] William R. Caswell / E. C. Caswell : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Caswell, E. C.

This work is the property of the McClung Historical Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Manager of the McClung Historical Collection, 500 West Church Avenue, Knoxville, TN, 37902-2505. (865) 215-8801.

Date: April 14, 1847
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter from E. C. Caswell of Russelville, Tennessee to her husband William Richard Caswell, dated April 14, 1847. Mr. Caswell was part of the "volunteers" of Tennessee who fought in the Mexican-American War. Her letter expresses concern for him because she had just received news about the battle in Vera Cruz and had not heard from him in several weeks.
Collection:William R. Caswell Papers
Box:MS-18, b1

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No 33Russelville
April 14th 1847My Dear Husband,

Why have I not heard from you since the 16 of February. I know from the papers that you left Tampico for Vera Cruz and I know too there has been a battle at the latter place and our Army has again been victorious—we have heard from Vera Cruz in twelve days we have had a list of the oficers [officers] who were killed and wounded and thanks to the Almighty your name was not among the number, this is all I have to make me think you are well., but why I have not had a letter from you I cannot imagine. I try to think you have not been sick for you promised if you were sick or exposed to any great danger you would certainly write to me— Mr Caswell if you knew how I prayed and longed for your return I think you would leave Mexico as soon as possible I could wait till your year was out if you were only out of that sickly country but it seems a long time to wait too, four days less than two months or fifty seven days yet before your time is out. I will write but three more letters to you while [added: you are] in Mexico I will write to you [added: to] any place you may tell me on your rout [route] home

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I hope you may sell your horses so you may come home as rapidly as possible— I had a letter from Sarah McCulloch by the last mail she says your Ma had received a letter from you in [added: which you] promised to come by Murfreesboro please dont stay any where on the road too long for we are very very impatient to see you— Sarah says Sis June has a daughter Sally McCulloch two weeks old, both sister & babe doing well. Philip's wife has been sick a month with fever— Sam's little Natte has been very ill too—the rest of the relations all well Sarah had just returned from a visit to Orleans quite delighted she went with Col [Colonel] E. H. Foster & Lady— John Lythe was to be married in a few days to Miss King Mr McClung & Ann & family are at Ma's I am a great deal with them they talk a great deal about you to me and of course we are excellent friends Mr McClung is trying to drop the Mrs to my name but it is more trouble to him then if he said Mrs C. he says it looks like pushing me off too much—he is attending to Ma's farming till she returns from South Carolina, she will return as soon as Mary Bowen is able to travel we think she will be here by the first or second week in May if you could only be here by that time I would be so happy— I have been all day in the garden & yard I have lost a great many of our roses and other flowers by the severe winter and I am sorry to tell you I have lost my Hydrangeas the flower you prized so much although it was in the cellar & wrapped in straw the moss rose is living & so is the yellow roses— the spring is unusually backward

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I am much obliged to you for thinking of the oranges for me but beg you will not attempt to get any preserved for it is a long and difficult process to preserve them, & you could not keep them in that warm climate if you had them— I am obliged to you and Uncle Frank for getting the shells & if it is convenient I should like to have them brought home but do not trouble yourself for if I only can be fortunate enough to get my husband home I now think I will care but little for anything else—

I forgot if I told you in any of my late letters that I had received a very interesting letter from Miss Emma White it is directed to me but written to you 'That boy' has been jabbering and trying to walk ever since I began this letter and [unclear: Ita ] has been calling every few minutes to me to 'look that' Caswell was standing alone & and had taken three or four steps all alone & honestly too— he has two teeth just though is nine months and two weeks old, weighs 20lbs— I have been making him some little shoes for him and send you the size of the sole of the shoe, his foot is just as long as the inner mark, he is taller than Blanche but not so fat— looks sometimes very like you and sometimes like Emma, is scarcely so pretty as some of our babys, but has a fine open & good humored look— & I think very sweet you must love him— Ita is quite well and is still our good daughter— our servants are well and want to see you very much— My dear husband come home as soon as possible and write a little oftener [more often], if you please I am so glad to get a letter from you— I have not attempted to write without lines for years and if you will excuse the appearance of this letter I will write a better one next week—

Ita & Caswell send a kiss and much love to you goodbye my dear husband

Your sincerely affectionate wife
E. C. Caswell

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[added: Alfred Taylor and Amanda Hamilton are to be day after tomorrow— Eliza has an invitation to the wedding I hear most of our Carter kin are to be there.]May God bless you.
"Belonging to the Army"Russelville TennApril 13th
Capt. [Captain] William R. CaswellTennessee Cavalry United States ArmyVera Cruz MexicoVia New Orleans La [Louisiana]
[added: E.C.C. no 33]

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