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Title:[Letter] 1818 Nov. 19, Cherokee Agency, [to] Daniel Graham / Jos[eph] McMinn: a machine-readable transcription of an image
Author:McMinn, Joseph

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.

Date: November 19, 1818
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document was written by Governor Joseph McMinn (1815-1821) to Secretary of State Daniel Graham on November 19, 1818. Governor McMinn writes that he will soon have taken the land east of the Mississippi River from the Cherokee and that if they want compensation, they must relinquish their possessions and claims to the United States within a certain number of years. He adds that the Cherokee look up to him for guidance, and he has been witness to vast amounts of monies and supplies trading hands for the trip west.
Collection:Governor McMinn Letters

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cherokee [Cherokee] agency 19 Nov 1818
Dear Secretary

I have arisen this morning at 4 oclock [o'clock] to avail my self [myself] of the pleasure of advising you that, we are still engaged here in the business of exchanging Countries, with brightened [added: prospects] every day, and its [it's] now confidently believed by my friends that I will effect a total extinguishment of Cherokee tittle [title] to all thier [their] land, east of the Mississippi For my self [myself] when I reflect upon the importance of such an event, and that I have to continue Single handed with an opposition as formidable as the one in question, I can Scarcely be as Sanguine as my friends, but if I Should succeed which God grant I may, I Shall always live and Die under the pleasing belief that his hand led to the victory

I occupied their attention for nearly three hours on yesterday in reading and explaining, and to day [today] I have promised to Send them a long written Talk, in which I Shall come

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[added: to a point] where I will halt, they will learn this day, that, if the Boon is to be theirs, they must Surrender their Possessission Possession & claim to the United States within [gap] years, this course will lead to a conclusion in a few days, and inable [enable] me to return to the more retired walks of life, which I assure you will be no less pleasing to my mind, than beneficial to my health, which I have not yet recovered, nor is it possible I can while I remain here, amidst the hurry, bustle & noise of a disorderly multitude, who can only be kept in bound, by the military force, and at [added: add] to that the immense weight of business in purchasing, Boats, Stores andequiping [equipping] vast numbers to Sail for the west — not less than $30,000 will [added: have] Passed thro [through] my hand Since I came here, and before I can depart for all which duplicate receipts

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must be taken, the greater part of those are in my own hand writing [handwriting], In fact there is next to nothing done here unless I am present, night and day, hot & Cold weather forms no excuse, nor evan [even] sickness — so perfictly [perfectly] are they Satisfied with my possessing all requisite power, that they are opposed to its being exerised [exercised] by any other person—

This letter will be handed you by a mr. Gamble Mescht of Richmond V.A. [Virginia] who I presume you will conceive to be very worthy of your attention — He has only been [added: tarried] here 2 days and I have been so much engaged that I fear he will think I have neglected him — Remember Me as usual and believe me to be your friend

Jos. [Joseph] McMinn
Honb [Honorable]
Daniel Graham

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Honorable Daniel Graham Secretary of State Murfreesborough [Murfreesboro]
[added: politeness
Colonel Gamble }][added: Gov [Governor] McMinn
19 N [November] 1818]

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