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Title:[Letter] 1847 Mar. 22 [to] Daniel Montgomery, Sumner County, Hendersonville, Tennessee / John T. Minter : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Minter, John T.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: March 22, 1847
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter dated March 22, 1847 from John T. Minter to Daniel Montgomery in Hendersonville, Tennessee. The purpose of the letter is to inform Montgomery of the death of Hugh McBride, and the circumstances that led to his demise. Minter also gives Montgomery some good news concerning the marriage of his daughter. Additionally, he includes a list of profitable items sold along with their prices. And finally, he offers news of his good financial prospects for the upcoming year.
Collection:Daniel Montgomery Papers

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At home March 22nd 1847 Dr [Dear] Sir

I have been think that I would write to you for twelve month past I will state what give the desire in January 1846 I heard that Mr [Mister] Hugh McBride was dead the report was verbal as soon as I could make it convenient my step Daughter and myself started to go and see if the report was true we had a very cold ride of it ex except the first day going and the last day comeing [coming] which was the 3 day of March 1846 we made the trip in nine days the ground was covered with snow three inches deep when we left home the second day aferwards [afterwards] it snowed and blowed colder and deeper till the snow was seven inches deep well when we got there we learn that he died the last cold day in November 1845. in the spring of 1845 he went to live with his son Jefferson at a place called Atlas on the bank of the Mississippi there he drank too much whisky in the fall he came back to washington county where hedied [he died] in misery and poverty I was not informed by letter concerning them in any way his Daughter betsy married an old old worthless man Hannah married a german Dutchman about her own age I think they will do well my step son hugh came home with us he was 14 years old last september and he is a very good plough boy and is not lazy can yoke up the oxen and hall wood without help my step Daughter was married the 24th of january past I am pleased with her choice and think they will do well

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I have been troubled with a lawsuit about the dower part of my land I live on in two cases last may and october but I cast them in boath [both] but it cost me thirty five dollars and much trouble and some loss time I have paid for a second farm one and a half miles above me laying on the same creek and in sight of the ohio all lying well with 33 acres cleared and will rent for two barrels per acre the green timber is very convenient for steam boats it cost me $214 a lucky purchase I am clear of debt with $24:55 cent cash in possession and aplenty [plenty] of the common necessaries for the present year last year I sold what I had to spare from my farm including part of the surplus of 1845 (to wit) bacon and potatoes in 1846 I sold bacon and lard to amount $155.00 sold beef veal lambs and mutton to amt [amount] 60.70 to 1175 of pork for $35.00 potatoes for 34 in all 69.00 sold many other things to the amount of 63.00 my wifes [wives] part butterfowls eggs janes knitting sewing & soap 117.20 [added: $464:90] one of the beeves and some of the muttons 20-00 I brought from tennessee I suppose to amt [amount] 444.90 an income of $444.90 by industry and good management but you will be astonised [astonished] to learn that I have paid nearly all of it out for hire and improvements merchandize [merchandise] &c [and et cetera] I think my prospects are a little better for bacon this year but not so good for beef butter lambs mutton or potatoes now my reason I have no beef cow or steer and lost three [added: fat] cows by the bloody murrin [murrain] [added: last year] the dogs has killed 11 of my sheep and I lost by much rain my sweet potatoes from the 15 of last June till the 5 of December the ground was

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never wet more than three inches deep at no one time since then we have been very wet [added: the sweet potatoes drownded [drowned]] and the rivers full the ohio had been falling several days previous to the 8 [added: inst [instant]] that night it rained an unusual quantity of rain and the river in addition to the rain on the night of the 10 [added: inst [instant]] it began to [added: rain and] snow and continued to snow till the evening of the 19 inst [instant] it was a heavy snow and 10 inches deep on the 19th the snow finished melting and on last night it rained and snowed very much and has caused the river to rise form 3 yesterday to 8 this morning I mean 8 inches in the last 24 hours the river is much out of her banks and I fear the damage will be very great. The above was written before dinner late this evening I was much pleased to learn the water had only risen 2 inches to day in some places much stock has been drowned. there has been much sickness through this section winter fever and bad colds some deaths my health is very [added: good] and the general health of my has been good the general cause of sicknes [sickness] is two [too] much carelessness corn is worth forty cents per bushel flour $6.50. Irish potatoes fifty cents I will try and go to smithlang to morrow [tomorrow] if the wind are not two high smithland 23rd the waters are rather on the fall we learn from boats above that the waters are falling fast (good news) to day I got letters from all my children and was pleased to learn that they were all well also that son Franklin has married an heiress in the neighbourhood [neighborhood] of Bolivar also near to his oldest Brother Please write to me and oblige

yours Respectfully
John T. Minter

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Col [Colonel]. D. Montgomery Hendersonville Sumner county Tennessee

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