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Title:[Letter] 1845 Jun. 12, Sumner County [Tennessee] [to] Robert / [unknown author] : a machine readable transcription of an image

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Date: June 12, 1845
Extent: 2p
Summary:This is a letter dated June 12, 1845. The author is unknown, but is writing to a brother named Robert. The author describes a recent business trip. He writes about the people he has seen. He is pleased with his trip, but did not accomplish much on it. The author also mentions how well his rye and wheat crops are doing.
Collection:Daniel Montgomery Papers

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Sumner County June 12 1845
Brother Robert

I received yours dated the 3rd may after riting [writing] to you before I now have little of intrest [interest] to you On the 21 May being at a [unclear: loss to now [know] how ] to git [get] along well determined to make a hard trial to sell the [unclear: Turell Place ] and Hugh Kirkpatrick Snr [Senior] had bean [been] talking some about buying my first trial was with him and that wold [would] take me 7 or 8 days to me I thot verry [thought very] hard work started and got [added: to] Franklen the first mile and after enquiring I could here [hear ] of but thre [three] persons that I new [knew] and did not se [see] them on the 22 pased [passed] Columbia and sean [seen] some of that butiful [beautiful] country due west and got to William Ralstous that Evening and found him and familey [family] all well the 2 little children now about Twelve years old and look harty [hardy] was going to school he seams [seems] to be doing well on the 23 got Mr Kirkpatricks staid [stayed] with him to next Evening maid [made] not trade went to Hugh Catron s and found his family well onley [only] he has the fever & [unclear: ague ] a little seams to be doing well on sonday [sunday] morning left for Brother Johns a long crooked lonesome Road for one day pasing a watering [added: place] some Improved on Beaver dam creek and forded Duck River and got to Brother Johns a little before dark found all well but his wife and she was verry sick spent the next day with him his mills is fine but the cuntry is mitey Ruff [country is mighty rough] on Tuesday the 27th started for home and got to Ellason on harper and got home on the 28th Found every thing geting [getting] along midling [middling] well I was intirely [entirely] satisfied with Trip altho [although] I had effected [affected] nothing

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I began to cut wheat on the 5th and has bean cuting [been cutting] nearley every day since and it began to rain and stoped [stopped] me from giting done my wheat is verry good and my Ry [Rye] is the best I have ever had and I am determined to sow more than I have ever sowed I think we would dou [do] better to Raise Ry to fead [feed] horses on if it would do as well every year as I think it will this some of my Ry and wheat will make near twenty Bushels to the acre I lefted your note to A G Payn $70,,50 [added: Intr 1.75] and it was hard for me to spare the mone [money] so much neded [needed] to Settle my own debts

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