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Title:[Contract] 1802 [between] Philip Denhams and the State of Tennessee for "Articles of Schoolkeeping" : a machine-readable transcription of an image

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Date: 1802
Extent: 2p
Summary:This document is a contract between the State of Tennessee and Philip Denham to teach school in Washington and Carter Counties in 1802. It is one of the earliest Tennessee school contracts in existence. The contract covers Denham's duties as "School Master", his rate of pay, and the back of the document has a list of students and their time spent at the school.
Collection:Moses White
Folder: MS-41

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Articles of School-keeping,

Between Philip Denham, School Master, of the Counties of Washington & Carter; and the State of Tennessee; of the One Part: and the Under Written Subscribers [added: of the Counties & State aforesaid] of the other part Witnesseth: That the sd [said] Denham, is to Teach School for the Term of one Year, i. e. Spelling, Reading, Writing &Chypherring, [ciphering] and the sd [said] Denham, is to keep good Deciplin [Discipline] in his School; and is to Teach Five Days in each Week, and is to take in but 30 Schollars, [Scholars]

And we the sd [said] Said Subscribers, do bind our selves, each of us; and our Heirs; to Furnish the sd [said] Denham, with a sufficient Fix'd [Fixed] House for the purpose of School Teaching [added: with Twenty Five Schollars [Scholars ] at the commence of the school; ] and to pay the sd [said] Denham, Six Dollars [unclear: per? ] Schollar [Scholar] [unclear: per ] Annum. One third in cash; One[unclear: Moiety ] of the Money to, be paid at the Commencement of the School; and the other part at the Expiration of the Second Quarter. — and the other part to be paid (Quarterly) in Country Produce: such as [added: good dry grain] Corn at 331/3 Cents [unclear: per ] Bushel, Rye, at 50 Cents [unclear: per ] Bus. [Bushel] Oats at 25 Cents [unclear: per ] Bus. [Bushel] Wheat, at 58 1/3 Cents [unclear: per ] Bus [Bushel] Six or Seven Hundred Linen at 50 Cent [unclear: per ] Yard [added: good] Cotton, at 42 cents [unclear: per ] Good Cotton Cloth at the Market price when paid, Good Corn Fed Pork, at three Dollars & 50 Cents [unclear: per Cut? ] Bacon, at 81/3 Cents [unclear: per cwt ] . good proof Brandy, at 81/3 Cents [unclear: per ] Gallon, and the like Whiskey, at 50 cents [unclear: per ] Gallon & good Heckled Flax at 25 Cents [unclear: per ] pound all of which is to be deliver'd [delivered] at any place that the sd [said] Denham, shall appoint; with in the bounds of the Subcribers and if the said Denham looses any Time, is to Deduct out of the wages: or Make it up. and the School is to Commence on the Twenty Second of April, Anno Domani [Domini]1802. As witness my hand and seal, and the sd [said] Subscribers, instead of seals have assigned their Names & Schollars. [Scholars] The Scool [School] is to be [unclear: kept ] at Joseph Denton Lane


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N.B Interlined before assigned and sealed


Subscriber Name Schollars Subscriber Name Schollars
Year Months Years Months
Philip Deeds 1
David Job 1 6 [unclear: Mrs. Maj? ] Job 6
Jonathan Tipton 1 Jany [January]7th 1803 Wm [William] Watson 6
[unclear: yonss Bonner? ] 1 Feb. [February]25 John Moore 2
Nancy Watson 1 Benji Price 11/2
John Tipton Senr [Senior] 1
William Renau 1
Peter Starns 2
William Nelson Sr [Senior] 0 9
Robt [Robert] Young 2
[unclear: Joseph Morrison ] 1
Joseph Young 1
Sarah Rogers 1
[unclear] [unclear]
Abraham Henery 2
Amos Ball 2
Joseph Whitson 0 [unclear: 2? ]
Margot[unclear: Adle? ] 6
Abraham Boring 3
Abraham Baylor 6
John Boring 6
May 27th [unclear: Dosson? Rockhold ] 1
William Pugh 1
Joseph Denton 1
David Job 1

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