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Title:[Letter] 1849 Jan. 5, Rogersville [to] Neill Brown, Nashville, Tennessee / W.C. Kyle : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author: Kyle, W.C.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: January 5, 1849
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter dated January 5, 1849 from W.C. Kyle in Rogersville, Tennessee to the governor of his state, Neill S. Brown. The subject of the letter is the governor's reelection prospects, and his standing in local newspapers.
Collection:Governor Neill S. Brown Papers
Document: sl687

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5 Jany [January] 1849 Dear Gov [Governor]

I have no doubt you hav [have] seen an article in the Jonesboro Whig stating the terms on which you can get the support of that paper for relection [reelection] if you desire the office of Gov. another term,

I know you are acquainted with the editor of that paper. and know he is governed in every move he make by whim or [unclear: providice ] I know not his cause of dislike to whigs of this county except when he was a candidate of Congress in 45 he ran considerably behind the whig ticket in this County__ and I think he attaches it to a few leading whig in the County. who he is pleased to denominate a click__

as to the charge of corruption or favoritism in the Bank to this county or this side of the river the charge is as false as it is corrupt.

The truth is the real working whig in the county have never had control the Board of directors have now so arranged heretofore as to give the control to a few

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disaffected whigs and the democrats, who by uniting control the whigs in the election of the office and the result here is that we have one of the most rabid [unclear: locos ] in this Branch that is in the state (to wit) Majr [Major] Hord who has been twice a member from this county. and by Keeping him in the Bank he has the opportunity of [unclear: dictionary ] all the time.

I have nothing to say in the selection of the board except appoint good Whigs and we have nothing to fear

I expect some of our whigs have written to the mother Bank on the subject and givn [given] them a list of names__

We will have a death struggle for this county next summer, and we hope to elect a whig to the Legislature

I see from the Knoxville papers they wish to have the canadate [candidate] from E Ten [East Tennessee] next time provided you do not wish a relection, [reelection]

I would be glad to hear from you on that subject, so as to know how to act. and I will here say if you wish to run I have no doubt you can get the nomination, Brownlow to the contrary not withstanding, and from the vote Genl [General] Taylor got in this Congressional district I think with Brownlow against

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him his opposition amounts to [unclear: recommendation ]

I have no news__ I think I will go on to washington and be there on the 4[unclear: th ] of march and see old zack go in__

Let me hear from you on the receipt of this

[added: Respectfully your friend]
W.C. Kyle
[added: PS [Post Script]. I rec [received] your letter a few days before the election and think it did good arousing the whigs to action.
I learn from some of our whig friends Mr [Mister] John Netherland left a list of names when he was at nashville if that is confirmed the thing will go off well but if allowed to be changed so as to suit some whig Drones in our region of country all will be confusion again

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Hon [Honorable] Neill S. BrownNashvilleTennessee

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