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Title: [Letter] 1823 June 4, Henderson County, K[entuck]y [to] Finis Ewing, Boonville, Missouri / W[illia]m Barnett : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Barnett, Wm.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: June 4, 1823
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter from William Barnett to Finis Ewing, dated June 4, 1823. Barnett writes about the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and its various members. He is concerned about the legitimacy of some of the preachers. He writes about some pamphlets that the old style Presbyterians have been circulating that are slanderous to the new style, Cumberland Presbyterians. Barnett plans to propose a formal split between the Cumberlands and other Presbyterians at the next synod, and asks for Ewing's support. He mentions a possible move to Forked Deer. Barnett also writes that he and others want Ewing to write a history about the origins of the Cumberland Presbyterians. Many people have been expressing curiosity, but cannot find information them because Buck's Theological Dictionary is out of print.
Collection:Finis Ewing Papers

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Henderson County Ky [Kentucky] June 4th 1823
My very dear Brother Ewing.

It has been a long, long time since I either saw you, or received or wrote a scrape to you; I can forbear no longer.

I returned a few days ago, from the Forked deer , and eager [added: ly] went to the Post office in hopes to have received a letter from you, But alass [alas] ! there was none; I called at your Bro [Brother] young they were all well, and Thompson s Family were also ___

I saw Bro Cassett he has corrected a part of your peac [piece] , & said he [would would] finish it as soon as posable [possible] ; and send it on to Russelleville .

I saw young Guthre he says that a great many of the Preachers feels much disappointed; (and I suppose displeased) that your Book was [added: not] examined before Synod; (I supposed some of them wished it graced with their tallents [talents] )

From what I can learn the old P,s [Preachers] in the lower part of this state are now of opinion that long as their [unclear: cannon was loading ] that it has fired too soon for their good; I have not learned much of the popular opinion about it; and I am not clear whether it would not be best for it to answer its self.

I do not believe I ever read a Pamphlet where there was as much spirit in it that was as intirely [entirely] free of the spirit of candor, and truth.

If it were answered, I would wish to enquire at the [unclear: Mad,, ] of the Synod; (as they are great sticklers for decipline [discipline] ) How often [an an] offending Brother; or Presbytery, ought to be sighted, before a Synod, Presb [Presbyterian] or Session; could adjudicate on their case And how often Mcadow , King , and yourself had been regularly summoned to appear, and before What P,, [Preacher] They say that you, & King never had any authority; if so, how did they know it? Is there any other way for a Synod, to know whether a P,, has done right, or rong [wrong] only by their Minuts [Minutes] ? If so, does the minuts of the old Cumberland P state that you and K [King] were not regularly set apart by the [unclear: imposeteon [added: of hard] ]

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That Pamphlet stats [states] that things were thus & so; &c &c [and etcetera and etcetera] but I did not know that either in America , or the Presbyterian church (where laws rule, and not men) That it was ever known, or could be known whether a criminal was eithe [either] justified, or condemned, until they were tried; But in this case there can be evidence of a descision [decision] , and that published to the big world, without any trial,

Por [Poor] old Bro Mcadow was tried several months, after he was in an other Church; ( [unclear: I think ] , this will do for hope) But Illegetemate [Illegitimate] as you swore, if you would take draught [drought] of the confession; or a swig of Predestination, as did Nelson &c it would legetitimatized [legitimatized] , or sanctified you and [unclear: made ] you good Presbyterians;

They tell us the close in their decipline "in extrordinary [extraordinary] cases" aludes [alludes] altogether to the length of time they study divinity, and nothing else; They harp much on the case of poor old Haw ; There is an exact parrellel [parallel] case in the west Ten,, [Tennessee] P so the man who was received to [added: ld] me himself, a Mr,, Lanear of Nashville ; who was a Methodist, without learning, he joined that P,, and he told me they near proposed to him the confession of Faith at all, he had for something been turned out of his old Church, he produced his papers showing his trial and his previous licensure, and ordination; and perhapse [perhaps] he had withdrawn after his trial; they deliberated on his case for sometime and finally invited him to take a seat; and never asked him a question on doctrins [doctrines] ; this is what none of our P,, would have done I know; and I know of nothing that can make that act right, only that DD Blackburn was at the head of it so Lanear told me!!!

I apprehend the Nashville Pres,, [Presbytery] will oppose a division which I will propose at next Synod; I wish you to lend me some aid, in your P,, and write to Calhoon &c &c My Plan is for young Guthrie; Beard , Tom Porter , and myself to constitute the new P,, with some Boys; then there will be K,, Guthrie Foster Cloyd &c left in the old N. P, and the rest of us will make the new P,, as Tom Porter says he will move to the Forked deer , and so will I if god [unclear: we ]

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We had a very solemn, and harmonious Presbytery this spring; Times in the general seam [seem] dull in this country; O! that god would grant us repentance and remision [remission] of sins; our Pride and wickedness I have no doubt is one of the reasons why the old P,, are suffered to pour their venom upon us; I asked Lanear; if in faithfulness the Synod wrote that Pamphlet? why they did not do it long ago? he says that they beleaved [believed] we would die a natural death, But now their fears are excited: This is a truth that the more sensible, and less honest of them would not have told.

Upon the whole it is reather [rather] my opinion that there had better be something written, whether in the form of an answer to the Pamphlet, or a correct history of our church, the latter appears reather most to my mind;

It appears more necessary because there are so many enquiring, at our Preachers and People about our origin if we refer them to Buck 's D [Dictionary], they reply Buck has ceased to publish it: and from this late scorching poor Buck has got; &c &c Also I am clearly of opinion that it would be right for you to write, as you were better acquainted with facts &c than any other man living or that ever will live; the last looks strong but I do believe it is unequivically [unequivocally] the truth.

We are all well thank God for his mercies to our Family; Do my dear old Brother please to write me a long and closely written good religious letter.

Give my love to all the brethren, R Morrow & Robert steel s wife; let my connection know we are all well; Stoneman s Family particularly.

Give Aunt Peggy and little Barnet a hug for me. My Wife and Libby joins in love to you and family.

Wm Barnett
Finis Ewing

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Henderson KyJune 20th 1823
Rev [Reverend] Fines Ewing Boonville Missouri State
[added: Rev Wm [Reverend William] Barnett

June 4 1823 ] [added: PS,, [Post Script] I have conversed with several of my Breathren [Brethren] since I wrote the above all of whom are decidedly of opinion that an [a] history ought to be written & we are anxious you should write it and they think in it you could write what would be all sufficient, or better answer the P as though you answered it note Bro,, Ingram is looking for you to comply with the promise you made [unclear: him ] , of writing to him, -
WB [William Barnett]]

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