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Title:[Letter] 1824 Nov. 4, Madson County, Ten[nessee] [to] Rev[erend] Finis Ewing, Cooper County, Missouri / W[illia]m Barnett : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Barnett, William

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: November 4, 1824
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter dated November 4, 1824 to the Reverend Finis Ewing from William Barnett. The letter discusses the Presbyterian religion and the need to spread their beliefs to other towns.
Collection:Finis Ewing Papers

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Madison County Ten. [Tennessee] Nov. [November] 4th 1824 --
Most dearly beloved Brother Ewing-

Your very acceptable letter of the 28th of Sept [September] which was handed me by Bro. [Brother] [unclear: Morrow ], is now before me; It as well as many of your letters, instructs and comforts my poor heat [heart]; yes; I love you, and your lett[added: ers] Though I was pleased to get a letter, from you, yet such was my disappointment in not seeing you it did me but little good at first, But since I have read it over, and over again, and again. I can truly say thank God for Breathren [Brethren], and such as I so dearly love.

I went to the Anderson Presley , at Princeton , in hopes of riding with you from there to Synod, O! what a feast it would have been, and Ah! what a disappointment it was when I heard you were not coming.

We had by far the most harmonious Synod I ever attended; and I can truly say the most solem[added: n] communion I ever witnessed, God was there of a [unclear: truth ]

You suggested I had forgotten you, I assure you honestly you will be one of the last men on earth I will ever forget, for many reasons I feel more in debt to you than all the men on Earth, and in that case as I am with my Maker I have no doubt but I will die in solvent; O! for a filial, humble, dependant head

I was pleased with your young men, who came to synod, particularly with Bro. Wieden , he came home with me, and preached for us, he is a sensible, agreeable Man, and an excelent [excellent] preacher; I wish the world had many more such in it.

You wished to know how I liked my country, & so for I like it very well, there has been but little sickenss, my own family has had good health except Libby's two daughters had the Agree a few weeks, ----

The soil is good, the climate pleasant, and the water is fine, I hope we can live religious here, and it is as near from her to Heaven, when we die as from any Country

Thank you for your care towards me, lest a Bail [Bale] of Cotton get crossways on my heart, if this were the case it could not so well rise to God; I will have four, or five bails, But I hope God will keep them off my heart, do pray for me.

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You wish to know, who were the prevailing Sectary here, I believe the Methodist are the most numerous, But if we had riding preachers of the right twist sufficient I have no doubt but in a short time we could under God get, keep ahead of any here. I got a Presby here, consisting of four [added: Preachers], three of whom never will ride the circuit much. The Nashville , and Anderson Presbyteries, are to send us some young men in the spring O! that [added: God] would come with them and preside over our infant Presytery. Oh! it is easy to follow, or be lead on, in Presby, But to take the lead is too heavy for as light intelects [intelects] as I have, O! that God would help for his names honor. There are two old P. Preachers in this district, and they both would not make one good one

We have had some good times here more than 100 have professed since I came to the country, Two of whom were Joseph Lynn's daughters and the Maj. [Major] himself is become very serious, Charle's wife has professed.

The general asembly [assembly] question was stired [stirred] at Synod, you will see from the resolution of Synod, we could not put it off, but we [unclear: baffed ] it, for the presant [present], But I firmly believe, from the presant size, and the rapid groath [growth] of our body something will have to be done shortly. Either an Asembly, or alter the Constitution, and make a delegated Synod, from theinormous [enormous] weight of Synod even now, there was but one place nominated for next Synod, if all the members were to attend with there [their] Elders next fall I fear we would have to draft a place for the next, I do wish you would write me your views fully on the subject, as I am at a loss to know which would tend to the most good, and least harm, and as each Presby, is to report to next Synod whether we will continue as we are; have an assembly or delegate [added: Synod] the former of which would be my choice [added: but it] seems impractable [impractical] and which of the two latter I would thank you to tell me, and send your reasons why, and wherefore, if you please.

I think the plan that would most effectually mix & unite the Breathren, so as to continue a oneness in Doctrine practice &c &c would be best, my mind has rather leaned to a delegated Synod, as the Bond of Union, But to be honest I do confess I am so Ignorant I do not know which is best, I hear Men on no greater minds (perhapse [perhaps]) than I say and they appear to be clear that this or that, way is for the best, But how they know, is the question, It is to me, a deep, and dark thing

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As it respects your Lecturs [Lectures], they have been shamefully neglected by individuals, much to the mortifycation [mortification] of Synod; a Resolution passed securing to Synod; a right of publish all Books wherein our denomination is particularly concerned, and the profits arising shall belong to the Synod, and subject to her control Such as your Lecturs, Confessions, Hymn Books &c [et cetera] &c &c

John Barnett , A. Chapman , Dr. Lowry , and J. R. Cossett were appointed agents to superintend printing, Binding and circulating, the Lecturs, with all posable [possible] speed. No doubt that all will feel, and use every, exertion, for two reasons, first we want the book to read, and secondly we hope profits will result from its sale,

You wished me to tell you how far it is from here to Jackson Missuri [Missouri] , and when I could meet you there I have not ascertained, the distance, I suppose 200 Miles or upwards, If you will appoint two or three camp [unclear: M ] and give me timous notice; informing me where and when; With the leave of Providence I will meet you, for it would be a feast to my poor soul to meet my dear old Bro. Finis and preach, and pray with him especially if the Lord would be with us.

I must remind you that God has given me amongst the best of Wives, and what brightens it she is so good a step-Mother, Amongst my greatest temporal blessings is the sweet family harmony with which I am favored, My children all grow and promise fair, my little Ewing is my thrivinest child, and promises to have the strongest Mind, and stoutest Body of any of my family.

Give my love to Sister Ewing, and all your Children also to all my old Breathren, Particularly Robert Steel and Wife, tell them I received their acceptable letter, and will answer it the first private opportunity I have, tell them I love them pray for, them, and would rejoice to see or hear of their doing well for time, and Eternity.

My Family all join in love to you all--

I am dear Brother yours in gospel Bonds
Wm. [William] Barnett

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Do be so good as to answer this my poor scroll soon I saw your son Lee, and Thompson in last month I tried to preach to them, they both felt, and gave every evidence that their [unclear: ears ] were open to [unclear: hear me ] When I was done preaching, I approached them, talked to, and prayed for them.

I felt like trying to do like the Balmest, do good to them because they were of the House of Saul [added:
Rev Finis Ewing Cooper County Missouri [unclear: Boonville ]

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