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Title:[Letter] 1836 Nov. 5, Nashville [Tennessee] [to] Finis Ewing, Lexington, M[issouri] / Ja[me]s Smith : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Smith, James

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: March 5, 1836
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter dated March 5, 1836. It is to Rev. Finis Ewing from Rev. James Smith. Smith writes that the Presbyterian camp meetings in Tennessee are going well. He mentions some conversions. Smith explains that he has not written to Ewing in a while because he has been very busy with work. Smith asks Ewing to contact Rev. Lowry for him. He has not heard from him in a while and is worried. Smith writes that Ewing's letters are highly prized by Smith and his congregation. He publishes them in the Revivalist, a periodical of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
Collection:Finis Ewing Papers

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Nashville at Midnight5 Nov [November] 1836
Uncle Fines

I do hereby in the most solemn manner enter my protest against those hard feelings you have been harbouring [harboring] because I did not sooner reply to your Morning Epistle of ___ for from the time of its arrival to the present I have been dogged almost to death every week on the wing and when at home hurried out of my wits by some dozen or fifteen printers and a [unclear: leff ] of book binders. In plain English the camp meetings and my business together have almost run me off my feet and this is the very first letter from that time to the present I have attempted to write which was not purely on business

Uncle Fines if you will take the last letter I wrote you and burn it I will be your very humble servant. yours made me very [unclear: sore ] though I almost hurt myself laughing when reading it. you licked [liked] [added: me] sadly no more on that score.

This has been a glorious season in Tennessee camp meetings generally have been unusually blessed of heaven and many have been added to the church in Lebanon there has been a blessed week first appeared among our people but in its progress the celebrated Moffit came in and he I fear has [unclear: run it into folly and marked excitement ]

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Heaven forgive me if I am uncharitable but I have no confidence in the man.

Your views expressed in a former letter concerning a home missionary society I think are correct , but the question has been with me how can the energies of our people be enlisted to arouse them in behalf of Foreign Missions I believe is practicable but the other I fear will be difficult can you devise a way to effect that object if so you will do essential service to our beloved Zion and what little aid I can afford will be given with great good will to try to do something on this subject The letter addressed to you in the first [unclear: mo ] of the magazine was written by myself. With a special eye to a Methodist __ & a Baptist both of whom joined our church and busily circulate their notions, The first by the Rev [Reverend] Presbytery he was called by the Church of this place proclaimed his methodism on all ocasions [occasions] and [unclear: prostrated ] the church here he has lately got charge of the Beech and I fear will do the same thing then he has some disciples among our young preachers do check his head [unclear: way ] in some prudent way. I advised him to go back to the Methodists but he took what I said in high dudgeon. The Baptist is a member of one thee Alabama Presbyteries.

Have you heard from Lowry lately we sent him a call to this church he replied that if the church would give him an assurance of a support he would come the session through myself offered him their joint bond for $800.00 I pledged myself to raise it to a thousand

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or pay the $200 out of my own pocket and we can hear nothing new from him. I am very anxious he should come here as he can do more good than any one else, I cant do business with bro [brother] Lowry, but I love him as a brother and as a preacher I rever [revere] him, will you be so kind as to write to him on the subject we can and will support him.

You complain we did not publish a letter you sent us. we did publish every letter that reached your communications are too highly prised [prized] by us here to be thrown aside

[unclear: Let appears ] I am made up because I have a Leckhman in the office as aid my [unclear: breath ] there is no Leckh blood [unclear: Maes ] vains [veins] he has only the name, Anderson is the man for me though [unclear: mae ] is a good fellow but he has no pith in his person & writing & preaching he too strongly resembles the valley of dry bones. There are many bones and they are very dry. respects to Lester Ewing

your unworthy brother in Christ
Jas [James] Smith
[added: P. S. [Post Script] your account after deducting commision [commission] balances the wrong way for me on my books. What think you of the Magazine. The other copies are not yet priced 1450 copies of the portrait were last between [unclear: benemalls ] & this I am still looking for them JS [James Smith] This is written with an old steel pen as the cocks are crowing for morning ]

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Revd [Reverend] Finis Ewing Lexington MO [Missouri]
post mark, Nashville T [Tennessee] Nov [November] 8

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