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Title:[Letter] 1838 Jan. 2, Decatur, Alabama [to] James F. Smith, Newark, New Jersey / J.J.G. Smith : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author: Smith, J.J.G.

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Date: January 2, 1838
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter dated January 2, 1838, from J.J.G. Smith to his brother James Smith regarding a trip he plans to take up North. Smith also mentions that he hopes to see his brother and family while he is up North.
Collection:J. J.G. Smith Document

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Decatur Al Jany [Alabama January] 2 1838
Dear Brother

Before answering your letter of the 11th November I must appologise [apologize] for my answer not being made at an earlier date than this

In the first place it did not get to Knoxville until after I had left and in the 2d place It was brought down from Knoxville and handed to me on the 12th of December and a few minutes before the boat left for Ross Landing from which place I did not return until the 20th ult [ultimo] & the same evening I got here I left again for Tuscumbia & Waterloo Al_ and did not return until this morning

I now embrace a few leasure [leisure] moments to write to you_

It afforded me a great deal of pleasure to learn that you were all well I was also much pleased with the name you gave your little boy I would like verry [very] much to see Ellen & the children & yourself I expect ther [there] is a grat [great] change in the apperance [appearance] of you all. With myself the change is verry [very] perceptible I am at least 30 pounds heavier than when I say you and feel better in health than I ever did before I have entirly [entirely] recovered from the affect of my sickness and I hope that next Spring or Summer I may have the pleasure of seeing all of you There is a probability of my going to the North early in the Spring. If I do go it will be

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soon and by way of St Louis . I would have gone to St. Louis next week but I learned that the Mississippi River was Frozen up so that Boats could not go so high as St. Louis The business that will take me to St L [St. Louis]- is to deliver to the US Qr [United States Quarter] Master US Army One hundred and Fifty tons of Commissary & Ordinance Stores for which I made a contract frth[added: with] the Qr Master at Cherokee agency in the name of [unclear: NB French & Co ] at the same time I made a contract [added: for them] with the Qr Master to transport the 4th Regiment of Us Infantry from the Cherokee agency to Tuscumbia Ala [Alabama] . They will clear on the 2 contracts about six Thousand dollars. Both these contracts I could have made in my own name but I was just by NBF &Co to make it for them and was in honour bound to do so

You ask me how, and in what business I am now engaged. In one of my former communications to you I asked your advice as to whether it would be best to still continue on the Holston or to take a situation at a lower salery [salary] in the owners House in Knoxville You have not said anything in your letters on the subject a short time since I spoke to them on the Subject they offerd [offered] me the command of the Holston or a situation in their house in Knoxville the former I declined and the latter I excepted But promised to take command of the boat for [unclear: Mrs arthur ]

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until she gets family underway. I will leave her and go to Knoxville in a few days to which place you in future will please direct your letters to me I received a letter from Rebecca Jane a few days since She says but little She speaks of Fathers death and of the good attention that was paid him during his illness She also says that his Johnstown business was all settled But that his Pittsburgh debts were not paid. She says she has about 275$ of money She says that [unclear: albru ] & childs have not been paid for their debts I [gap] responsible and I intend to pay them they [gap] like Gentlemen with him & I will endevour [endeavor] to follow their example I would go to the North this [unclear: minute ] but I do not want to go until I have money enough to pay their claims

I am very much pleased with both the country and the people and I am doing business for the best house in Knoxville

How do you get along. You never speak[added: write] of your business to me are you doing well

Rebecca is in a good place and Samuel I think is well provided for. give my Love to Ellen Eliza and a kiss to Mary Jane & Samuel Crawford and for yourself Except my warmest wishes for your welfare

Affectionatly [Affectionately]
J J G Smith

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[added: the news paper you sent me are all to hand]

Mr James F. Smith cival [civil] engineer Newark N [New] Jersey
[added: Jany [January] 1838 J. J. G. Smith Letter]

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