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Title:[Letter] 1833 Dec. 23, Williamson County, Tn. [to] John Claybrooke / John S. Claybrooke : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Claybrooke, John S.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: December 23, 1833
Extent: 3p
Summary:This is a letter dated December 23, 1833 to John Claybrooke of Virginia from his son John S. Claybrooke in Tennessee. John S. writes about various business deals that he and his brother Thomas are involved in and announces his engagement to Mary A. Perkins.
Collection:Orr Collection, IV-J-2

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Williamson Cty. Tenn. [County Tennessee]
Decb. [December] 23d 1833My Dear Father,

It is with no small degree of pleasure that I take my pen to write you this epistle. It will contain many important facts, some of which are connected with my future happiness, prosperity &c [and et cetera] in this life, but one of which counties I have some land business to do, but it will not take me long to accomplish it. I shall remain with Thomas three days and will get him to accompany me for a few days, having some business in Haywood , that will detain me that length of time. I shall get back to Nashville by the 29th of January and start on the 29th for Va. [Virginia] I shall not ride my present riding horse to Va. but will ride a young bay horse, which I own and would like to exchange him with you for a good riding horse, when I get there. My horse is a very good horse, but he will be much fatigued going through the mud, therefore I would like to exchange him with you or brother for a fine horse. Please keep it in mind, for I shall not have time to rest my horse while there.

I must inform you concerning a matter which I gave you a hint of last spring, and I believe asked your advice, but never received it, or any [added: en] couragement whatever, however I suppose, you reposed much confidence in me, and thought I ought to judge for myself concerning a matter, upon which so much of my prosperity and happiness in life depended, and from your silence, such was your opinion, at least taken by me for granted, that I am engaged to be married to Miss Mary A Perkins , who is not beautiful, but very genteel in her appearance, very modest &

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reserved in her manner, (which is not a very usual characteristick [characteristic] of a Tenneseean [Tennessean]) & of a very highly respectable family. Her father was originally, I think, from Buckingham County in Virginia. It is needless for me to say anything in relation to his wealth, suffice it for the present, to say, that he is in very easy and independent circumstances, for I [unclear: hope ] by industry and [unclear: economy ] and with a little aid from yourself, such as a loan or otherwise, [unclear: we ] shall be enabled to get along comfortably and agreeably through life.

I would get married previous to my coming to Va and bring Mary with me, (as she says, she would take great pleasure in going with me to see you all) but we have thought it most [gap] or at least I have, to defer our marriage until my return [gap] would be a very serious undertaking for a lady in [gap] disagreeable weather in winter to go cross the mountains [gap] this State to Va. I even myself, in fine health [gap] the vigour [vigor] of youth, dread the cold breaking winds, that blow about the tops of the Alleghany [Allegheny] in the month of February and March , how much more then ought I to dread it if I had Mary along, and I am compelled to be back here by the 20th of March.

We have been engaged about six weeks and I have never summed up fortitude enough, to ask [gap] permission, and though I am said to possess much firmness and stability and very fluent [gap] most subjects, yet this task is far more difficult than I anticipated, previous to my having [added: it] assigned to me to perform, however I think I will talk with him about it in a few days.

Owing to the condition of my property here, it being real estate. I wish to make an arrangement with you, so as to advance the interest of my brother's & sisters[added: as well as myself] I will suggest the plan when I come to

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Va. and if you think it practicable, you can adopt it. Thomas is well and is doing very well & very industrious and saving. O, that I could be as economical I could [added: get] well off in a few years. My health is good I weigh 153lbs, fatter than I ever was in my life. My love to them all. Kiss Sally O. & Jim

Your affectionate Son
John S. Claybrooke
Mr. John Claybrooke

Dear Brother, I wish you to have the money out of Bank in readiness for me at Brookville , by the 10th of February and do not wait until I arrive, for I expect or it is very probable I shall lay it out here before I leave Tennessee in add advantageous manner to us, therefore I say have it in readiness, unless you have already laid it out. I could make out without, but not easy as I never go in debt. JSC [John S. Claybrooke]

via Washington City John Claybrooke Esqr. [Esquire] Pottiesville Louisa County Virginia

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