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Title:[Letter] 1836 Aug. 8 [to] Sarah B. Hamilton, Russellville, KY / James M. Hamilton : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Hamilton, James M

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: August 8, 1836
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter dated Aug. 8, 1836 to Sarah B. Hamilton from James Hamilton. He sends many greetings to friends. He writes about the local, and personal news. He also mentions that President Jackson plans a visit to Nashville soon.
Transcriber's note:There is a second letter from an unnamed sibling of James Hamilton's added onto to the first letter. In it the author announces that he/she has sent money to an uncle, and mentions how enjoyable a recent camp meeting was.
Collection:Orr Collection IV-J-2

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My Dear Mother

as it has been Some Time since I have written to you or received a letter from you and as I have no apogy [added: apology] to make I hope you will excuse my long scilence [silence] I have no news of importance to relate to you only Brother and mySelf are well an [and] enjoying good health we expect the president of the U. S [United States] to visit Nashville in a day or too [two] as he resides at his private residence —

Give my best respects to my Dear sister and tel [tell] her I have received but one letter from her I herd [heard] that you all had your Election in kentucky and it was evident that Mr [unclear: Hice ] would stay at home that gratified me very much tel Mr S N Dawson for the Jacksonites have not posolited [added: prosolited [proselyted]] me nether [neither] has the camelites —

Present My best respects to J & P Gilbert and tel them to write to me soon tel me how they are pleased with their business [unclear: its ] for my parte [part] I think it [unclear: is ] a very profitable business

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but had I employed my time as I should have dun [done] I should have been much better qualified for the business than I am —

Give my best respects to all inquireing [inquiring] friends who may in

Yours [unclear: in haste ]
James M Hamilton

Give my love to her and tell her that I Shall expect a long letter from her Shortly I do not expect that Mrs. Saffasans will visit you this Summer as She expect to Start to her new home Shortly miss nancy calculates going with her they are all at the farm now

Give my Best respects to my friend Mr Chapman [and and] tell him not to think wrong of me for not answering his letter as I am very anxious to do so but he must take the will for the deed until I get an oppertunity [opportunity] give my love to uncle Jos s family and tell me in your next how cousin mary and her Beau [unclear: come on courting ] tell will to write to me present my respects to all of the neighbours [neighbors] and also to aunt Marah and Charles Step is well

give my love to Brother Jo and tell him to learn fast and be a good Boy your affectionate Son MORTIMER [MONSIEUR] HAMILTON


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Monday knight [night] Aug [August] 8 1836
Dear Mother

I told Requested [added: Told] Brother James when he [unclear: wrote ] a Letter home if he did not fill up the Sheet I would [gap]in it he has Brought this up to knight for me to fill up you will perceive that he [added: has] written it in a very hasty manner he has not dated it and the orthography is bad wee [we] are all well at present I Suppose you have received my letter before this time and I am anxiously expecting one from you I Sent the money I Spoke of in my letter to you To Uncle [gap] By Russell Moore if he has not received it before this reaches you please [unclear: inform ] him that Mr Moore has it the musquetoes [mosquitoes] trouble me So that I must def [gap] [unclear: writing ] until morning

Tuesday Morning
I went out on white [added: Creek] Last Sunday to a camp meeting and I heard two excellent Sermons from the Rev Mcpherin and Green wee have had a great deal of rain here in a few days past I Should like very much to visit you Shortly but I will not be able to do so probably until next Spring I wish very much you would come over Shortly all of your friends are anxious to See you If you do not come Send Sister as Soon as you can and tel her go to School the Balance of this years — why does She not write to me? tell her I think She cannot conceive what a pleasure it is to me to receive a letter from her or She would have written before now

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Mrs Sarah B Hamilton Russelville Logan cty [county] Ky [Kentucky]

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