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Title:[Letter] 1838 Nov. 5, Batchelors [Bachelors] Hall, Tennessee [to] D[octo]r James L. Alexander / N. B. Hamilton : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Hamilton, N. B.

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: November 5, 1838
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written by N. B. Hamilton to Doctor James L. Alexander on November 5, 1838. In the letter, Hamilton discusses several social events that have occurred in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, including a Ladies' Fair and participating in the activities at a local singing school. Hamilton also mentions that a volunteer company has gone to the Cherokee Nation, but he does not know why they have gone there. He concludes the letter by stating that the corn crop will be good in his area that year, but little fruit will be available for sale.
Collection:Alexander Papers Correspondence

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Batchelors [Bachelors]-Hall — Tennessee May 11th 1834
My Dear Friend

I have once more concluded to brake [break] silence, I hope you will not think heard [hard] of me for not writing to you sooner, as I will try and a make up the loss time in my letter, I shall give you the news in general — The Ladies fair took place in Murfreesboro on the first day of this month, I did not attend as the times are heard [hard] and mony [money] scarce, I thought it best for me to keep out of all such scrapes, if I wished to save my — credit. — I have been toled [told] since, thay [they] figured largely — Thare [There] were upwards of three hundred persons thare [there], lots and gobbs [gobs] of girls. some very prety [pretty] ones as you may well guess, And some as ugly as the devil, Admitance [Admittance] 25 [added: cts [cents]] to the fair, to the supper $1.00, which you know when put to gether [together] make $ one twenty five. I am told thay [they] sold six hundred dollars worth that day & night, — the most extravegant [extravagant] prices you ever heard of —

We had a volenteer [volunteer] company to leave our town last weeak [week] for the Cheerakee [Cherokee] nation, what for I cant immagin [imagine], for thay [they] will have nothing to do, and its very probable thay [they] will be discharged in a few days after thay [they] get thare [there], the Indeans [Indians] say that the whites have them in there [their] power, and thay [they] dont intend to raise a tomahawk against them but, thay [they] will loose the lass [last] drop of blood

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before thay [they] will leave their native country whare [where] thay [they] were borne, cradled, and grew up to man hood. the facked [fact] of the business [added: is] thay [they] have been treated like ace a [unclear: parsel of avesias ] poor souls its a pity but thay [they] were all dead. for thay [they] will be butchered, cut to peaces [pieces], and harassed to death as long as there is a drop of Indian blood in existance [existence], you will excuse me for dweling [dwelling] on this subject so long.

There is a singing school in this neighbourhood [neighborhood] — I expect to attend frequently. I dont expect to as much at singing my self, I shall mearly [merely] go as a looker on, to take a peap [peak] at the Girls every now and then, there is one young Lady who will attend that would carry me thare [there], if there were no more to go, to tell the fack [fact] about the business she is the only girl in this neighbourhood [neighborhood] that is fit to keep fashionable sosiety [society]. and she is nothing to bray of, if she fool, with me much, I, a-court her a little just to see how she will take it, our teacher is a Mr Johson [Johnson] formely [formally] of [unclear: sumner ], its very probable you may know something about the man, he acknowledges acquaintance with me, but I no [know] nothing about the fellow I recieved [received] a letter from Jon to day, he informed me that Bill Lock , would be married on the next day to his dearly beloved Miss Rickman , he will cut a dash with a wife dont you think so Doctor —

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Jon named in his letter that Mother& Aunt Polly would not go down to Franklin untill [until] the last of the summer, and thay [they] did not want myself and Ben to go down untill [until] thay [they] went tell her that we will not go down utill [until] she will go — myself & the Maj [Major] will pay you a visit about the last of this month or the first of next if nothing should happen — Jon wished to know whether I had received a letter from the Judge, tell him I have not as yet. —

Crops are generally good [unclear: over corn ] come up well [that, that] was planted late, those who planted early had to plough up and replant over, [gap] look, badly, it came up well, but it has [gap] had several frosts on it, and the could [unclear: deas ] [gap] it look very yellow — there will be but little fruit over hear [here] this year. — I will now bring my letter to a close, Give my love to Mother — Pat & Jon. — to the Dr [Doctor] — & Cousin Mary — my repects [respects] to R. Blithe . Bob Anderson , and except [accept] the love and best wishes of a sincere friend —

Yours truly —
N B. Hamilton
To J [James] L Alexander
[added: P. S. [Post Script] you will write to me when you recieve [receive] this and give me all the newse [news] in the country
N. B. Ham. [Hamilton]]

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post mark for May 16
Dr. [Doctor] James L. Alexander Hartsvill [Hartsville] { Tennessee
[added: Mail]

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