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Title:[Lottery proposal] 1810 Jan. 03, Knoxville / Trustees Appointed by Act of Assembly: a machine-readable transcription of an image

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Date: January 03, 1810
Extent: 1p
Summary:This document is a lottery proposal written on January 3, 1810 to benefit East Tennessee College. The proposal specifies how much and in what manner the money will be given out to the winners and what percentage would be retained by the college. The funds gained through the lottery for the College will benefit the Seminary of Education. The document concludes by giving incentives to the public as to why they should participate in the lottery, such as the fact that it will benefit and education the students of the present, as well as the future.
Collection:Hugh Lawson White
Folder: MS-45

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5,000 Dollars!



1 Prize of 5,000 Dollars, 5,000
2 2,500 5,000
5 1,000 5,000
10 500 5,000
12 300 3,600
25 100 2,500
100 50 5,000
200 20 4,000
400 10 4,000
2650 6 15,900
3,405 Prizes. 55,000
7,595 Blanks.
11,000 Tickets, at Five Dollars each.

Part of the above Prizes determinable as follows, to wit:

1st drawn Blank on the 5th day's drawing, Dolls. [Dollars] 100
1st ditto, 7th ditto, 100
1st ditto, 9th ditto, 300
1st ditto, 13th ditto, 300
1st ditto, 15th ditto, 500
1st ditto, 17th ditto, 500
1st ditto, 19th ditto, 1,000
1st drawn Ticket on the 22d, and last day's drawing, 2,500

500 Tickets to be drawn each day.

Prizes payable thirty days after the completion of the drawing, subject to a deduction of fifteen per cent [percent]. And those prizes not demanded within twelve months, shall be considered as relinquished for the benefit of the College.

The Lottery, of which the above is the Scheme, has the sanction of an Act of the last Legislature. That act, requires the subscribers to give bond, that the Prizes shall be paid, or the money refunded, if the Lottery should not be drawn: This requisition has been complied with. We flatter ourselves, that the Scheme will be satisfactory to all who wish to become adventurers, with a view to better their circumstances. Little more than two blanks to a prize. No prize that will not yield some profit to the fortunate drawer. The prizes to be paid, not in this, or in that species of property, but in CASH, which will command property of every description. No doubts are entertained but a sufficient number of Tickets will be sold to enable the drawing to be commenced in a short time.

When the object to be attained by this Lottery is considered, it is believed, every individual will be anxious to become an adventurer. It is not designed to retrieve a shattered fortune, nor to convert into cash, at an extravagant price, property which is of no use ; but it is intended to aid the funds of a Seminary of Education, where youth of the present and succeeding generations, may have their minds prepared, in such a manner, as to make them ornaments to their families, and useful to their country — as will enable them to understand their rights as citizens, and their duties as servants of the people.

If we are attached to the government under which we live — If we wish to have it transmitted to our posterity, let us unite in the support of Seminaries of learning; without them, our children must be ignorant; while ignorant, they will be ever liable to be misled by the designing, and finally, to be governed by some enterprizing [enterprising] despot. With Seminaries of Education, well endowed, those of every rank and description will become informed; they will understand their government, the powers and rights which it confers and secures;— when these are understood, they will never be yielded but with their lives. We therefore respectfully solicit, and hope to receive the public patronage.

Trustees appointed by Act of Assembly.
Knoxville, January 3, 1810.

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