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Title:[Letter] 1835 Dec. 13, Washington [to] Mrs. Hugh Lawson White / Hugh Lawson White : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author: White, Hugh Lawson

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Date: December 13, 1835
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter written in 1835 by Hugh Lawson White to his wife. White writes about social events and political goings on in Washington.
Collection:Hugh Lawson White Letter
Box:New Accessions
Document: sc247

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WashingtonSunday Evening Decr [December] 13th 1835
My best of Wives,

This is the only place I ever saw where a man can be always busy and yet do nothing. I have been striving to write you a letter ever since you left me and have never been able to get time to do so. As soon as I sit down to write some on [one] calls and I am interrupted. Do not suppose that I have an increase of company this winter. The [unclear: reserve ] is the [unclear: fact ] ; Forsyth and Dickerson have called, none of the other dignitaries altho we have Mrs Woodberrys invitation for the Evening of the 17th

Our Miss is composed of Mr & Mrs Peyton Mr Wine of Va Mr Lawler of Alabama , Mr Maury Mr Lea , Mr Bunch and Mr. Standifer.

I understand my old friend [unclear: tylor ] forth largely about me to some of his visitants. He cannot well compare me, in his freaks to any one except his old friend Mr. Burn .

These things disturb me not. Several of the Anti Masons from Harrisburg have been corresponding with me about Masonry; I imagine my answer will be unsatisfactory__ I tell them I am not and never was a Mason_ That I must decline giving an opinion about the principles and obligations of Masons because I have not sufficient in formation to enable me to form one satisfactory to myself

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I am told the Boats to Philadelphia are locked up in the ice. If Colo [Colonel] Bell has gone up and cannot return it will be a misfortune as his friends wish him [unclear: here ]

Karnes death will [unclear: provide a stir ] in Illinois , the legislature is now in session and if it [unclear: suited ] him I should like to see Governor Duncan succeed him; but of that I suppose there is but little prospect

I feel satisfied Lynch is the Governor of Miss [Mississippi] and that a large majority of the Legislature are [unclear: Anti Van ]__ My name sake Dunlap whom you saw is [unclear: elected ]

Did anyone suppose I was afraid to go and wait on the Presed [President] unless I had a guard, or Did they suppose I came here to quarrel with him personally or politically My course has been as usual thus far, and I intend it shall be so, unless a departure by others from my principles separates them from me.

I want your society very much; yet think you ought to make a comfortable visit as to duration &c My wife and children are my only sources of comfort. Others are all very well in their place; but you know I have no relish for society. How far I ought to confide in strangers or my family connection those only tell who know how I have been and am treated by those for whom I have done most; but I complain not While I have the warm and devoted attachment of my wife and

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children the world may take the rest, if it is profitable to do so.

Bell has been Polked out of the speakers chair because he would not sell out___ There may be more sacrifices for the public [unclear: We al ] before next June. We'll see what the public good requires, and so far as depends on me, it shall be done faithfully and fearlessly.

I will send for the card tomorrow__ Tell Sam P he must be a good boy, please his father and Mother by doing whatever they wish and we'll see to the Poney by and bye.

Make yourself comfortable, and your husband can make out some how; if he freezes you will never be censured, except by the President and other friends who may sometimes miss the automaton's vote

My love to all and believe me
As usual and Ever Yours
HL White
Mrs Hugh Lawson White
[added: Did you ever know me write so long a letter with nothing in it.]

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[added: My Husband
Dec 13th 1835]

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