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Title:[Letter] 1835 May 18, Kingston, Roane C[oun]ty, E[ast] Tenn[essee] [to] Charles F Welcker / Henry J Welcker: a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Welcker, Henry J.

This work is the property of the McClung Historical Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Manager of the McClung Historical Collection, 500 West Church Avenue, Knoxville, TN, 37902-2505. (865) 215-8801.

Date: May 18, 1834
Extent: 4 p
Summary:The following document is a letter dated May 18, 1835, written to Charles F. Welcker from his brother Henry J. Welcker in Kingston, TN. Henry updates his brother on the affairs of the family, including the current status of their father's property and their brothers' whereabouts and circumstances.
Collection:Welcker Papers

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Kingston Roane Cty E Tenn [County East Tennessee] May 18th 1834
Dear Brother

The present opportunity of addressing you a few lines affords me great pleasure— I understand fr [from] J. W. Wester that you were in good health, and also that you were still well pleased with that County— Father took a trip to the W District about the first of March he went Judge Mitchell's and found them all in good health he stayed only one day and and continued his journy [journey] when he arrived at Denmark he found the timber on [added: his land] very much abused— There is a railroad in contemplation which will pass from Jackson to the Tennessee River , there have been three routs [routes] surveyed one passing 7 miles from Denmark one 5 and one passing over one corner of Father's land,— it is thought that it is most probable to pass over Fathers land. But let it pass where it may it will certainly enhance the value of land in that section of Country Father says Denmark is still improving tolerably fast

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Father on his return from Denmark Stayed at Judge Mitchell's Several days he says that Malindas Children are in good health and that they are fine Children he says Margaret Elizabeth reads better and with more [unclear: su? ] than any Child of her age that he ever saw

We have still received letters from brother Lewis he has enjoyed very good health—. at the last January Examination he was 27th in French 3rd in drawing and 4th in Mathematics, and infact [in fact] 2nd in Mathematics as there were 2 above him each of whom were eaq[added: u]al to head

I am still staying with Jas [James] H. Fain and expect to stay untill [until] Geo [George] S Gillespie returns and opens his goods, I am staying merely to get a little knowledge of the business and I do not know at this time whether or not I will continue at this business this summer or not

Father says that if I like the business he will sit me up with a capital of $2,000 at Denmark [unclear: next ] Spring. If it Should so happen I shall endeavor to get a partner. But I would certainly be very Cautious in chosing [choosing] one, for in a case of that kind, a persons welfare depends very much on their partner There is but little news of a general character in this Country The Neighbours [Neighbors] have generally been well

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I was taken with the mumps about 2 weeks ago and was very unwell for about 8 or 9 days the balance of the family have enjoyed very good health this winter and Spring—

Brother Frederick left home about 2 weeks Since he went to Knoxville and there borrowed a horse from Col [Colonel] Francis and went Jefferson Cty [County] and from there to Wm [William] [unclear: R ] Love's Father from there he wrote me a letter he would return to Knoxville for the purpose of returning the horse and that expected a letter from S Inman of Dandridge letting him know whether or not he wished him to attend to business for him he said that if Inman did not want him he could get into a tolerable business in Knoxville I wrote him a letter and advised him if he could not get into business at Inmans to go to where you are I have not heard from him since and cannot tell what he will do— After I hear from him I will write you a letter and would in the meantime be very glad to receive one from you informing me what you are doing and what you expect to hereafter

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Brother Lewis wrote a letter a short time since and requested permission to either to return home or to take short excurtion [excursion] through the northern States but father thinks it would be better for him to remain at the Academy untill [until] his time expires I expect to send this letter to you by Mr Wm [William] Mason who can inform you more about the news of this Country than I Could write you in a letter

I remain your most affectionate brother
Henry J Welcker
To Chas. [Charles] F Welcker
[added: P.S. [Post Script] There was judgements got on your note and Fathers against Jones & [unclear: Jenkin ] at last court and the money has been collected on the first you held against them about 3 months and [unclear: Chelders ] cannot get the money out of the Sheriff he wrote him the a letter a few days since and informed him he would take a judgement against him if he did not send the money immediately]
Henry J Welcker

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