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Title:[Letter] 1834 Aug. 2, Columbus, McMinn C[oun[ty], E[ast] Tenn[esseee] [to] Charles F. Welcker, Talladega Court house, Ala[bama] / Fred[erick] A. Welcker: a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Welcker, Frederick A.

This work is the property of the McClung Historical Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Manager of the McClung Historical Collection, 500 West Church Avenue, Knoxville, TN, 37902-2505. (865) 215-8801.

Date: August 2, 1834
Extent: 4p
Summary:The following document is a letter dated August 2, 1834, written to Charles F. Welcker by his brother Frederick A. Welcker in McMinn County, TN. In the letter, Frederick writes of his departure from home in April and his journeys since across East Tennessee in search of employment.
Collection:Welcker Papers

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Columbus Mcminn Cty. E. Tenn. [County East Tennessee] August 2nd 1834.—
Dear Brother;

I take my pen to give you a short narration of the most important particulars respecting myself since I left home (which was april 16th) together with a brief statement of the circumstances under which I left there —

During my stay at home last winter father would not let me know certainly whether or not I could return to College; and thereby kept me in suspense until the 15th April, at which time he commenced a quarrel with an individual, upon whom he is accustomed to lay violent hands on every whimsical occasion; and would have injured her had it not been for my interference he being sober.— Shortly after on returning to the house, he expressed a desire of my departure and absence from home, going away at the same time with a view to its effectuation, and saying the would continue absent two days; whereupon I made the necessary preparations for parting, and went by stage the ensueing [ensuing] day to Knoxville . — After learning through the private inquiry of some of my friends, that no

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suitable employment could be had in that place, I went to S. Inmans , Dandridge , where I learned that he was in Baltimore ; and that it was probable he would employ some person on his return. — Now with the view to ascertain this I endeavoured [endeavored] to settle the Jefferson affair, and succeeded in geting [getting] uncles John & Jeremiah to execute to father their note payable, Janary [January] next, which I left with Heinds , and in getting them to promise to pay your 1.00 [unclear: at ] the following county Court, to [added: be] given over to Heinds agreeably to my instructions; then I return to Knoxville with the view of going to where you are, provided S. Inmans did not inform me by letter that he would give me employment. — While in Knoxville I was informed that Wm [William] Dickson of Greenville wished to employ 2 Clerks; upon receipt of this I procured an introductory letter from [unclear: Etheldrec ] Williams to him; not getting any other as Mr. D [Dickson] is a very enthusiastic anti— Jackson man. — on arrival there he said he could not employ any person before three months, in consequence of his having thrown down a part of his house with the view of making an addition to it. — On my way I saw Inman but could make no reasonable arrangements with him. — In Greenville I [unclear: learned ] from Joseph S. Chunn whose residence is at the mouth of [unclear: Chucky ] that his father in Asheville

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Col. [Colonel] Chunn of Asheville N. [North] Carolina , certainly wanted a Clerk, either to Continue in Asheville or to go to the Creek Country; then directing my course towards Asheville on a horse furnished by J. S. Chunn I received employment upon the following conditions (viz) [unclear: " ] To continue together for 2 years probably, longer if it suited, and shorten at the options of either party; for which $75. is to be given for the first year 175 for the second and perhaps, though at the option of Chunn 100 for the first and 200 for second. — Then one of Col. [Colonel] Chunn's sons and myself went to Augustia [Augusta] to receive about 8,000 worth of goods, convoyed up the Savanah [Savannah] from the [unclear: East ], understanding that I was to see them safely delivered at Jackson Ala. [Alabama] — I went on horse back to Jacksonville, , and then turned back to meet the waggons [wagons] to direct them on to Cassville Geo. [Georgia] , which is about 100 miles So [South] of Athens Ten [Tennessee]; when after Samuel L. Chunn , who was in partnership with Wm. [William] Gillespie of Rhea cty [county] & Dr. Patton , who is a son in law of Col. [Colonel] Chunns, and myself had put up the goods, I came on with Dr. Patton here to his residence with the view of attending to his country store. — Whether I shall attend here at Asheville N. [North] Carolina or at Cassville Geo. [Georgia] I cannot tell untill [until] sept [september] , at which time Col. [Colonel] Chunn will be here. — All of this family are very wealthy and respectable, and appear to be agreeable. — We did not enter into writing, but will settle yearly.

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A few days since I received a letter from brother [added: Henry ] , inform me that, one from you and, also, another from brother [added: Lewis ] had first come to, stating, that you both were well and in which he stated that father had supposed untill [until] I wrote from Asheville, that I was at College whereupon he requested Henry to solicit my return to College, and he is still [unclear: willing ] provided it be my desire, saying I could be prepared to commence studying law when Lewis does. —

[added: [added:

Columbus1834Aug [August] 6, 1834
Mr. Charles F. Welcker Talladega Court House Ala [Alabama] [added: Mail]

But I declined returning, thinking it best to get a Knowledge of this business first at any rate. — You will write me immediately to this place, giving a full statement of your situation &c [et cetera]

Fred [Frederick] A. Welcker
To Charles F. Welcker}

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