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Title:[Letter] 1835 Apr. 8, Walnut Grove, Rutherford C[oun]ty, Tennessee [to] Cha[rle]s F. Welcker, Taladega [i.e., Talladega], Alabama / J M Mitchell : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Mitchell, J. M.

This work is the property of the McClung Historical Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Manager of the McClung Historical Collection, 500 West Church Avenue, Knoxville, TN, 37902-2505. (865) 215-8801.

Date: April 8, 1835
Extent: 4 p
Summary:The following document is a letter dated April 8, 1835, from J. M. Mitchell in Walnut Grove, Tennessee, to Charles F. Welcker in Talladega, Alabama. Mitchell writes the letter to discuss Welcker's horse breeding business. Mitchell advises Welcker that it is in the interest of his business to come to Walnut Grove, and he also informs Welcker of his plans of starting a cotton business in Mississippi.
Collection:Welcker Papers

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Walnut Grove Rutherford Cty [County] Tennessee April 8th 1835
Dear Charles

Here upon this torn Sheet of fools cop I attempt to offer you a few suggestions for your immediate Consideration & action in relation to your partnership Stock of horses as I Should like you to come here immediately and attend to them, I mean it is my opinion that you to do the best for yourself Should come here and take one or more of the Colts as the oldest colt is now of the proper age to be put into market and is in fine order to sell and Father wishes you as you are already interested to have a better bargain and a chance of making more proffit [profit] off of the Stock than any one [anyone] else.

We must sell off all our Stock of every kind except Such as we can employ Constantly and proffitably [profitably], for we have bought a large track of land in Maddison [Madison] Cty [County] Mi. [Mississippi] for the purpose of rasing [raising] Cotton largely and have already Commenced operations there having Sent all the hands we had on this place to that and we design living there for 8 months in each year. We are to go down in Septr [September] next. We plant there this year 400 acres of cotton. We will in all probability Sell this plantation Shortly as purchasers; as rather, a quantum sufficit of bidders for it hold their purses in rediness [readiness] to make the purchase. So you see the reason [added: in part] why I urge you to come up here. Again I need hardly advertize [advertise] you that blooded Stock cannot be properly & raised and located

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in the State of Mississippi when each Smaller concern is forced to give place to the more important one of Cotton making.

Were you here to see this havock filly Atalanta I then should not find it necessary to Say a word to induse [induce] you to do that which I am convinced is your high interest, I mean to take Atalanta paying us half the Value of her and keep for breeding or other purposes or perhaps also the whole stock as we are obliged by circumstances to sell out our entire interest in Hood horses and as blooded Stock at this time in this country is abundant and untried will not bring its full value.

I must attempt to give you an idea of this filly and that without the gloss of fanciful words and well turned periods, then to say the least her colour [color] is certainly a beautiful & rich dappled Chestnut Sorrell [Sorrel] her hair is short Soft and fine her nostril is wide — her eyes are clear glancing and animated, full, large, and far between — her ear long, thin, tapered, and pointed — her neck gently arched and raising beautifuly [beautifully] from her horizontal Shoulders and deep, full, breast — her back and loin are fine the bone unusually strong — her ribs are rounding — her quarters well turned — her hip bones lay in Close and point to the Shoulder — her limbs are all of the kind proper for beauty strength and action placed well under her and the whole as perfect as [gap] you ever saw or ever will see.

Now Charles after all this I tell you she would untrained as She is not sell at any rate for more than 350. or 400. perhaps not so much whereas if trained and tried She would bring you from 600. to 1000 or 1300.$ this is a difference worth attending to and if you choose, you know you can come here and live with us when your living

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will Cost you nothing and you Can have her trained with or without a partner at a small expense.

If you take her now instantly in the time whether you train or sell her again — if any one [anyone] buys her it will be to train — now is the time to begin the preparatory lessons of breaking exercise and galloping — Colts will not be in demand [added: again] or an opportunity of [unclear: remaining ] them till next fall a year [unclear: h?ner ] — Therefore what you do, do instanter, do decisively, and let me know without fail by the return mail as this is now Friday and next Monday week County Crt [Court] sits in [unclear: Nbo? ] and if an opportunity offers we will sell, (without further advice from you), at that time.

Calypso has a colt of this spring by Havock a horse colt sorrell [sorrel] red marked in the face Similar to the Dame — is about a month old — is a fine colt but I perhaps ought not to [added: say] a Superior colt the mare is in good condition and not put to the horse yet So much for horses—

The family all are well at this time and would be glad to see you — your little neice [niece] and nephews would shout at your arrival if they recognized you.

I should have written you sooner but that I just returned the day before yesterday from Mi. [Mississippi] and thereby have given you more leisure in coming; but come any how.

That which is equivalent to saying your friend I shall subscribe myself

as usual
J M Mitchell
Chas [Charles] F Welcker

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[added: 18 3/4][added:

postal stamp May 11
Chas. [Charles] F. Welcker Taladega [Talladega] Alabama
[added: haste]

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