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Title:[Letter] 1836 Dec. 21, Mouth of Poplar Creek [to] Charles F. Welcker / Catharine F. Welcker : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Welcker, Catharine F.

This work is the property of the McClung Historical Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Manager of the McClung Historical Collection, 500 West Church Avenue, Knoxville, TN, 37902-2505. (865) 215-8801.

Date: December 21, 1836
Extent: 3p
Summary:The following document is a correspondence amongst the Welcker family, a prominent landholding family of Roane County. The letter, dated December 21, 1836, is from Catherine F. Welcker to her brother Charles F. Welcker. Catherine gives her brother news of the mill he owns, which was situated on the mouth of Poplar Creek. She also relays business advice and proposals from their father, Henry Welcker, and talks of their brother Monroe going to school in Knoxville, most likely to East Tennessee College.
Collection:Welcker Papers

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Mouth of Poplar Creek Dec. [December] 21 1836
Dear Brother

As I expect you are desirous of hearing about the mil [mill] I will relate a few particulars about it. Father was up there a few weeks since and he says if you do not sell it soon there will be nothing to sell as it looks like a few more high waters would carry it away. Cook does not saw any for people he did not even saw the stocks that Nail delivered ther [there]. he said that they were not worth sawing and so they laid there until the high water Came and carried the most of them away

Cook has got the rent corn halled [hauled] he thinks that there is 300 bushels but Father says that there is not more than half so much if that. I suppose Henry told you that Major Burris and Monroe were buying hogs. Father will have about 3000 weight of bacon to sell and he says if you can give him 10 cents per pound that he will send it to you by some of the [unclear: botsmen [boatsmen] ] the meet [meat] is small

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the hogs weighing from 100 to 150 each if you take the bacon you must write immediately and let Father know where it is to be delivered at and he is obliged to have the money early next fall so that he can make another trip to kentucky as Monroe made a very bad bargin [bargain] this fall Mr Burris will take all of his bacon down the river early next Febuary [February] and Father says that he would advise you to come immediately and try to sell the mill and if you can not sell it to put it in better hands for Cook dos [does] nothing but live on the [unclear: tole ] and if you are here when Burris starts you can probably have a better chance than at an other time of carrying the bacon down and indeed I know of no other way to do as Father is harly [hardly] able to manage his own business and he has no help for Monroe is at school in Knoxville he started last Month and it is likely he will go [unclear: 3 ] sessions we received a letter from Frederick a few days since he was well and at that time in Asheville N.C. [North Carolina] we also got one from Lewis last evening- he was in good health he says that he has

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written to you and received no answer he wants you to write to him and let him know where to direct his letter so that you can get then [them] for he said that he expected that you had not got them or you shurely [surely] would have written to him. we have not heard from Henry since he wrote to us while in Taladego .

we intended to have sent this by Mr Nail but he has just sold his boat to Mr Blain a son in law to Col. [Colonel] Gillespie he gave $2 per foot and has just left here to go to the mill to get it Father again insists that you should come immediately.

the family are all well and send there [their] love to you and please receive a large portion from your sister

Catharine F Welcker
to Charles F Welcker

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