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Title:[Letter] 1837 Jun. 5, Terre Haute, Indiana [to] Henry I. Welcker, Talladega, Alabama / Geo[rge] L. Welcker : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Welcker, George L.

This work is the property of the McClung Historical Collection, Knox County Public Library, Knoxville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Manager of the McClung Historical Collection, 500 West Church Avenue, Knoxville, TN, 37902-2505. (865) 215-8801.

Date: June 5, 1837
Extent: 4 p
Summary:This document is a letter dated June 4, 1837 from George Lewis Welcker to his brother Henry Inman Welcker in Talladega, Alabama. George writes of his recent relocation to Terre Haute, Indiana and describes his pleasant trip and all the old friends he met on the way. He briefly discusses his military duties in Terre Haute, inquires about the family, and discourages his brother from venturing into a business partnership in Talladega.
Collection:Welcker Papers
Box:MS-12, b2

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Terre Haute, Indiana June 5th 1837
Dear Brother,

I receivd [received] yours of the 14th of May by the last mail. I certainly thought, when I left Alabama, that I would have written to you long before this time; but by some means or other, I adopted a species of procrastination which, it would seem, had well nigh prevent me from writing at all.

After leaving Gunters Landing , I passed through Winchester , Murfreesborough [Murfreesboro] , Nashville __ Crossed the Ohio at Evansville , & proceeded up the Habash valley to this place.

In Winchester, I saw Furney; two of the Miller France's sons, (viz), Woodson & Hugh_ I also saw little James C. F. Mitchell , he did not appear to be in very good health_ he thought he would spend April, his vacation month, in Talladega; but as you say nothing about it, I suppose he changed his plans___ I advised him to go to Knoxville ; but I do not know whether or not he will conclude to do so

In Murfreesborough, I saw Rev. [Reverend] Mr. Eagleton _ he recollected brother William perfectly well_ he knew him only as a little school boy, but heard of him as he grew up__ he spoke very [unclear: feelingly ] on the subject of his early death &c [et cetera]

I spent a day with my old friend Yoakum_ We were, of course, glad to see each other_ We sat up late at night talking over old matters & old times _ hundreds of questions and answers passed to & fro. &c &c

In Nashville, I saw Meigs , Miller Frances, Judge Reese , two of the young Scotts from Knoxville, Luke & John Lea, Dr Lindsey Presdt [President] of the Nashville university, Majr. [Major] Rutledge , F. B. Fogg Esqr. [Esquire] &c, &c, _ I spent three or four days there very pleasantly _ indeed my whole return trip was a pleasant one, having in general good weather, good roads &c,

Edmund & his colt spent a considerable portion of their time in dashing through the woods by the way_ They made a real

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John Gilpen's race of it; frequently losing saddle-bags, hot & large portions of the wig_ Once the colt turned him a beautiful somerset [somersault] into the middle of the road; then dashed through the woods until he lost every thing but the bridle, and came gently back, as if to see what harm he had done._ When Edmund arrived at this place, he was rather a scabby looking subject; for between the brush, briars, & a few [unclear: fisty cuffs ] with the bays on the road, he had lost nearly all the skin from his neck & face.

After I arrived at this place I kept the colt in town for five of six weeks, & no person rode him except myself; but he became worse & worse every day; until finally I had to turn him out in pasture where he is at present_ He is in fine plight_ and so wild that no person can touch him except myself.

In Winchester, Murfreesborough, & Nashville I heard a romour [rumor] that Catharine was married; but as I was then so recently from home, I was disposed to doubt its correctness nor did I know that it was certainly so, until within the last five or six days I receivd a letter from sister Catharine, at New Echota, Geoa. [Georgia] , Confirming the fact._ she is married to Albert S. (and not Albert B. Lenoir)

I saw an account of the Exhibition, in the "Knoxville Register"; but I have not a word from any of the family (at home) since I left there.

Your letter gave me the first information of the death of my little niece.

What will be done with those two boys in Mississippi will not Judge Mitchell give them up to Charles or Father? In so difficult a time as the present, I should think that the Judge would have enough to do, to take care of his own family _ especially in Mississippi _ Besides it is so unhealthy there, that it is very doubtful whether either of them could be raised to maturity__ Has Charles written to the Judge on the subject? __ They ought to leave Mississippi before fall; otherwise they will be sick

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When I saw you last, I thought I could give you a situation here worth 60 or 90 dollars per month_ but we have reduced the number of clerks from 6 down to 2__ The reason of this reduction is, we have adopted the plan of putting the work out, in jobs, to contractors; and consequently have accounts with a few contractors only, whereas, we formerly had accounts with all individual labourers [laborers].

I hope you have abandoned all idea of entering into a partnership business in Talladega_ They go upon the credit system there, & half the debts will [unclear: never ] be collected._ The prices of goods will soon be far below their present rates_ And the individual who is in debt will find it difficult to make payments._ (I regret to learn that Charles is in debt, and holds the mortgaged property in his own hands)_ he ought to have let the mill plan go for something._ Charles says he expects to work all his life; but it is certainly imprudent in him to work when exposure is almost certain death.

I think it quite probably that there will not be a general resumption of specie payments, [unclear: sooner ] than from 3 to 5 years- perhaps it will be even longer; and if so there will be a vast difference between Bank notes & specie.

I arrived here on the 26th of March; 11 days over my appointed time; it was not however of much consequence Since my arrival, I have been here alone_ Capt [Captain] Ogden went to the eastern part of this state to let out contracts &c,_ I have remained in charge of every thing in this quarter__ Ogden will not probably return to this place for two months.__ I have some slight hopes that I may be able to go to Tenn. [Tennessee] next winter

Remember me to Charles, Caroline, and Margaret Elizabeth; and for yourself accept this hasty assurance of the love & esteem of

your brother
Geo. [George] L. Welcker

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[added: If an opportunity should offer, in which I can procure your situation, I will let you know of it immediately.]

[added: 25][added: single] Henry I. Welcker Esqr. Talladega Alabama
[added: Mail]

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