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Title:[Article of agreement], 1794 Oct. 12, Knoxville, [Tennessee] / David E. Moore and William Blount, Governor of the State of Tennessee: a machine-readable transcription of an image
Author:Moore, David E.
Author:Blount, William

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.

Date: October 12, 1794
Extent: 4p
Summary: This document is an article of agreement made between William Blount, Governor of territories south of the Ohio River and superintendent of Indian Affairs for the southern district, and David Moore of Knoxville, Tenn. Dated October 12, 1794, the article was written in reference to a large flat bottomed boat, travelling down the Tennessee River, that was carrying goods belonging to the Chickasaw and Choctaw. Moore agreed to take charge of the boat and administer its journey down the Tennessee River to the mouth of Bear Creek, as so directed by Chickasaw chief Opoia Mingo. Moore would also be responsible for protecting the boat against attacks by the Creek and Cherokee, as well as protecting Opoia Mingo and his tribe. Furthermore, the article outlined how Moore and his crew would be paid for their services.
Collection: William Blount Papers

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Articles of agreement made and entered into between William Blount Governor in and over the territory of the United States of America south of the river Ohio , and superintendent of indian [Indian] affairs for the southern district on the part of the United States on the one part and David Moore of Knoxville on the other part, respecting the working a large flat bottomed boat from this place down the tennessee [Tennessee] with a quantity of goods belonging to the Chickasaw and Chactaw [Choctaw] nations of indians [Indians] being the same goods that were given by the United States to the said nations and in July last delivered at philadelphia [Philadelphia] to Opoia Mingo and others of his nation than at Philadelphia Witness, that the said David Moore engages to hold himself in readiness to take charge of the said boat now laying in the holston river [Holston River] near the camp of the said Opoia Mingo about four hundred yards below this place on saturday [Saturday] the 18th instant, by which time it is supposed the whole of the said goods will have arrived at that place and be put on board the said boat in the character of commander thereof and to provide six good oarsmen by the aforesaid day to work the said boat down the tennessee [Tennessee] to the mouth of Bear Creek , or to such other place above as Opoia Mingo shall

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direct the said goods to be landed, and he the said David Moore further engages and agrees with the said William Blount that in the character of commander of the said flat bottomed boat he will use the utmost of his skill and abilities in commanding conducting and defending her with her lading down the tennessee [Tennessee] against all attacks that may be made upon the said boat by any hostile party or parties of Creeks or Cherokees and that he will take special care of Opoia Mingo and his party of Chickasaws who are to pass down the tennessee [Tennessee] in the said boat with the goods as before described belonging to the Chickasaws and Chactaws [Choctaws] _ and the said William Blount engages on the part of the United States [unclear: that the said David Moore shall be paid for his own skill trouble and--this line is very faded ] service in commanding and conducting the said boat to the mouth of Bear Creek or to such other place above as Opoia Mingo shall order their goods to be landed two hundred dollars and that each of the six oarsmen shall be paid one dollar per day for their services counting from the time they appear at the boat ready to go on board provided such appearance be not before the 18th instant to the day they return to this place provided more than twenty [added: four] days shall not be allowed to return to this place from the place where the goods shall be landed. _ and it is further agreed that provisions shall be put on board the said boat at this place at the cost of

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the United States in such quantity as shall be judged sufficient for the said David Moore and the six oarsmen for the voyage down the river and for their support on their return, but in case of deficiency no allowance shall be claimed on their return for such deficiency. _

Knoxville October 12th 1794

Wm [William] Blount
David E Moore
[added: Witness
James King
Willie Blount ]

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Articles of agreement Governor Blount with David Moore October 12th 94

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