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Title:[Letter] 1846 Jul. 24, Nashville, Tennessee [to] A.R. Longren / Aaron Brown : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author:Brown, Aaron

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: July 24, 1846
Extent: 3p
Summary:This is a letter dated July 24, 1846 from the eleventh Governor of Tennessee, Aaron V. Brown, to A.R. Longren. The subject of the letter concerns military matters, including the expressed adulation and high regard for the performance of, and high number of troop volunteers from East Tennessee.
Collection:Governor Aaron V. Brown Papers

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July 24th 1846 Dear Sir

You must not complain of my not answering several of your letters lately rcd [received]. I have had no time to do so unless they had been on business urgent express. For several weeks since the troops have been gone I have been every day engaged in attending to the certification & settlement of the accounts from all parts of the state incident to the movement In relation to Capt [Captain] Peaks case from Miegs I have [unclear: examined ] my files & find no letter reporting his case to me. I have sent for the adjutant genl [general]. & he has promised to examine his office & he says if a report was made to him he is sure that he sent it to genl. Brazilton as an abstract of it in company with cases. When he had made his search & settled down as to the facts, either he or I will write you again.

In the selection of companies the maj [major] generals had to encounter difficulties on account of the shortness of the time, giving them but little opportunity to obtain the precise history of each company, so as to know what class to put them down in__ I made that time as short as [unclear: I did in ] East Tennessee because there was so much dissatisfaction hereabouts, because I had called on East Tennessee at all__ I wishd [wished] the result to show, that E [East]. Tennessee could be called on & present her quota on time for rendezvous at memphis . and [she]

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she did present it gallantly & in such good time that those who condemned he here [her] for it, now admit that I was right in calling on it. now under all these circumstance so honorable to the courage & patriotism of your end of the state for generally I do think that in cases where individuals think their claims have hardly been sufficiently considerd [considered]. they ought to express as much as possible their individual dissatisfaction in the general honor of the whole__

at the close of his business when he had written to me to that effect, I did thank genl B. for the prompness [promptness] with which he repaired [prepared] to Knoxville & the zeal & industry with which he had discharged the duties I had assigned to him: & expects the sentiment that they had [unclear: been ] discharged to my satisfaction__ or to the alone effect. In this approval I had referenced in the doings of genl Brazilum reported to me on which had come under my observation but of course did not embrace any special case of injustice which had been done in the selection of companies & of which I had no knowledge or suspicion. If such has been the case I sincerely regret it & would not believe it was intentionally done unless it were clearly proven I should be very happy if you could succeed in prevaling [prevailing] on any individuals not to stir up further controversy on the subject, but to let it go by under

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the full conviction that East Tennessee & her noble & gallant people, have coverd [covered] themselves with eternal honor by offering more volunteers than would have filled the whole registration from the state & that those who were selected, whether very regularly or not, have done honor to themselves preparing so quickly to [unclear: the ] place or rendezvous. & this is not all, whenever I hear from, [added: them] whether in barracks at memphis , or at new orleans , they are spoken of in terms of highest praise for their fine appearance & orderly & gentlemanly deportment

Sincerely & in haste Your H [Honorable]
Aaron V Brown
[added: a.R Longren Esqr [Esquire].]

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