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Title:[Letter] 1813 Oct. 11 [to] M.H. Watts, New York, New York / Charles Watts, Nashville, Tennessee : a machine readable transcription of an image
Author: Watts, Charles

This work is the property of the Special Collections Library, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Special Collections Librarian, Hoskins Library, University of Tennessee, 1401 Cumberland Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37996. (865) 974-4480.

Date: October 11, 1813
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a personal letter of correspondence from Charles Watts, writing from Nashville, Tennessee, to his sister M.H. Watts in New York City. In the letter, Watts recounts his travels in the south in vivid and eloquent detail. Specifically, he offers his impression and a first-hand account of sermons delivered in Nashville by minister Lorenzo Dow.
Collection:Charles Watts Letter
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My Dear Sister

I wrote you from Lexington and before I left that place received your letter of the 14th Septr [September] I am much pleased at the cheerfulness of its style and the amusing nature of its contents__ I have indeed felt the want of some of my home comforts and would prize them more than ever if I again had them in possession__ The day I left Lexington 2nd Decr [December] I travelled for two hours by moonlight__ the night was damp and raw which joined to extreme fatigue gave me during the night a shake of the [unclear: ague ] and after it a fever__ I pursued my journey next day and at night with the assistance of warm toddy and half a dozen blankets brought on a sweat about the time the ague might be expected to return__ I have been since free from it, but have had a slight cold since, which is now leaving me__ I could not so well relish their course corn bread and fat bacon, wheat and tree sugar or execrable coffee and fasted till I arrived here where everything is of the best and I have recovered my appetite__ I crossed the Barreus above and now freed my own thoughts my best company__ I visited a large salt petre cave, explored it for a mile under ground__ It has been travelled 5 miles__ I made my entrance in the Ladies Drawing room passed on to the arm chair where there is a fountain of my Lady Eve's Tea of which I sipped a little__ The Drawing room is elegantly decorated with [unclear: petrefactious ] of many fanciful forms and in a greater variety than you will find on a chinese Tea chest__ Ladies might here find [unclear: innumerable ] patterns to work in muslin, petrified bats and owls, skeletons of Lizards, mice and frogs with many shapes and forms to which no nomenclature gives an appellation__ I entered the sick room of which the patients are bats stuck to the ceiling by cold weather__ The magnitude of these apartments exceeds more of any [unclear: potestate ] and it is a pity they are so deserted__ Two ladies have been found completely dried up and withered__ they were in a sitting attitude and had probably retired

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to gossip some piece of scandal and were left behind__ The slaves making salt petre brought to my recollection Miltons description of the Devils making combustibles to war against Heaven__

This town is pleasantly situated on a solid rock on the Bank of the Cumberland river__ there is a large proportion of good houses for so small a place__ Yesterday we were sermonized by the celebrated Lorenzo Dow __ he is a wretched mangler of words and deafener of ears__ a compound of sense and [unclear: nonsense ] __ folly and enthusiasm__ his discourse a rhapsody without meaning, end or connection__ his knowledge gathered from books read and not digested, from observation not assisted by reflection and superficial acquaintance with mankind__ His long, [unclear: lank ] hair, stooping attitude and methodistical phiz draw attention__

It gives me pleasure to hear that miss Winter is so well disposed of__ I wish all the ladies of my acquaintance were provided for to their satisfaction and wish__ I could [added: trust] two or three other miss W's were struck from the list of spinsters__ As to your remarks on a lady of that name living in Dey street, I have ceased to be desirous of hearing particular accounts of her or forming conclusions from them since my contribution, published to you from Lexington __ As I would not however drop my civility you will express the honor I feel in the message of her respects and reciprocate them with my high esteem__ I have been foolish in that matter but I do not believe that it is of any consequence at present I do not wish you to make [unclear: it ] by any want of your best discretion__

I am obliged to Mrs [Misses] Erahaun for wishing to see me at the parties but as I was never a very important person there I can well [added: be] spared Give my respects to her and Mr [Mister] G__ and tell her that I hope my little name sake and her other little pets are tormenting her by their activity and mischief__ remember me to our neighbours and all my female friends and your gentleman visitors__ You have not

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lately made mention of Mr Paul__ has he yet returned to Charleston ? I set out tomorrow for Knoxville and shall call on Mr. Denton's friend and look at his Estate__ I shall fare better there than Mr. D. promised, as Mr. Fisk represented to be a confirmed old bachelor, is lately gone to nurse__

My mothers affection is my pride and I look forward with pleasure to the time when I shall again be the instrument of supplying her pleasures__ where she here, she might smoke tobacco out of the field where it grows like so many cabages__ I pray heaven her health is good and that you are well prepared to stand the pinching colds of your climate__ It is now very cold here and every one is lounging round the fire and calls for his great coat when he goes out__ I have evidence that I am approaching the place of nativity, by seeing several grave Gentlemen of the family of Turkeys, surnamed Buzzard feasting at a funeral__ they seemed to know me, allowing me to come as near them as I pleased__

Your neat letters may be directed to Columbia S [South] Carolina where I expect to be in three weeks from this time__

You and my mother will accept of the assurance of my utmost love and affection while I am__
Ch. [Charles] Watts
[added: Nashville Monday 11th Oct [October] 1813]

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M.H. Watts Beach Str [Street] New York
[added: received 26th Oct 1813
answered 28 Oct 1813]

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