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Title:[Letter] 1835 July 9, Red Clay, C[herokee] Nation, [to] Col[onel] W[illia]m Y. Hansell and S[amuel] Rockwell, Milledgeville, Georgia / Jno. [i.e., John] Ross: a machine-readable transcription
Author:Cherokee Nation. Principal Chief (1828-1866 : Ross)

This work is the property of The Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.

Date: July 9, 1835
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter from John Ross, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, to Colonel William Y. Hansell and Colonel Samuel Rockwell, lawyers for the Cherokee Nation, dated July 9, 1835. Ross complains to the two attorneys regarding the controversy of the payment of the Cherokee annuity. A vote is to be held under the direction of Major Benjamin F. Currey to determine to which Cherokee faction, the Ridge party or the Ross party, the annuity is to be paid. Ross complains about slanderous depictions of him in local newspapers and also mentions the arrival of Reverend John F. Schermerhorn to submit treaty proposals to the Cherokees.
Repository:The Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN
Collection:State Library Cherokee Collection
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Red Clay C [Cherokee] Nation
July 9th. 1835.Gentlemen

The Govt. Agents in this Nation has been maneuvering, so as to get a pretext to shuffle our annuity for this year into the hands of Ridge 's party.— and will not pay it over until the votes of the Cherokees are taken at the time and place designated by Major Currey in the vicinity of the Head of Coosa ; Consequently I have been induced to notify the Cherokees of the Several Districts to attend in order that the disorganizers might be voted down in the presence of the United States Commissioners who are expected to be there merely to see and judge of matters and things for themselves— The meeting will take place on the 20th inst. [instant] when I wrote you a few days since, I did not know that we should have been

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reduced to the necessity of attending there— and should it meet with your convenience to come there, I shall be happy to meet with you, It is the only opportunity which will present itself for some time to come thereafter to enable me to meet you any where else than, at this place— The Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Schermarhorn has arrived and is now in the Country— It is not Known as yet, when himself and colleagues will call the expected Council for the Submission of the treaty propositions before the Cherokee people for their acceptance or rejection— I do hope that it may suit your Convenience to meet me in the vicinity of Rome on the 20th inst. [instant]— I am secluded here in the forests of Red Clay and cut off from all regular communications of the mail for the want of a Convenient Post Office— And my papers are recd. [received] after the news of the day becomes Stale— consequently I Know little of

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passing events, until they are almost forgotten at the place where they transpire. I take no Georgia papers at all— a friend of mine called a day or two since and handed me one called "The Standard of Union"
dated the 27th Ulto. [Ultimo] containing an article headed "Cherokees" copied from the "Georgia Telegraph"
a paper I never before heard of and do not know where it is published— If the Editors of those papers truly consult their "conscience" love God and fear the judgements of Heaven and have resided any length of time in Georgia and do not Know my general character better than the writer of the article has represented it. I pity their ignorance and credulity and despise the slanderous falsehoods & epithets which have been wantonly fabricated and published against me for the edification of their gentle readers

Very respectfully yours truly
Jno [John] Ross

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Cols. Wm Y. Hansell & S. Rockwell attos. [attorneys] at Law Milledgeville Georgia

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