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Title:[Letter] 1840 May 2, Marion College, [MO] [to] Mr. Woods : a machine readable transcription of an image

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. For all other use contact the Tennessee State Library and Archives, 403 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37243-0312. (615) 741-2764.

Date: May 2, 1840
Extent: 4p
Summary:This is a letter to Mr. Woods (probably James Woods) dated May 2, 1840 from an unknown author at Marion College in Missouri. The author talks of his declining health and the debts he owes to Woods and others, mostly due to failed business endeavors. He writes that he wants to visit Nashville. Included is a partial recipe for ointment.
Collection:Woods family

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Marion College May 2nd 1840
Mr. Woods
Dear Sir

I wrote you some time in March in answer to yours of Jany [January] last, which did not come to hand till near three months after date.

Our college vacation of six weeks has terminated, I wished very much to have visited Nashville during the vacation, but a variety of hindrances prevented me. My health had declined very much, and the College could not advance, or rather pay what would be necessary for my expenses. I found I could not bring on my child if I was otherwise able, as it is not yet weaned , although it is old enough. All these things were against my contemplated visit. I should be extremely happy to have my child under the maternal care of Mrs. Woods , especially if I could live in Nashville myself, where I could frequently see it. There is no prospect of employ in Nashville at present, and I shall therefore have to remain where I am for the present. Perhaps in the fall vacation I may have it in my power to visit Nashville, and I shall endeavor [added: to] effect it.

My main and principal source of anxiety and regret is that I have not been able to liquidate the debt I owe you. In addition to the loss of all that I possessed in the Southern railroad Company, which was

a total wreck, I had to sustain a number of minor losses, one after another, here in Missouri . The Marion City Company are yet indebted to me upwards of $500, which I intend to sue for. It can be recovered from the members of that company as individuals, each under obligations to pay. To give you one instance how much I suffered by my connexion [connection] with that company, I was twice attacked with the billious [bilious] fever while engaged in the surveys of the Company, brought on by exposure. The physicians bills amounted alone to nearly $150.

All these trials and losses however would be nothing if I had my health as in former years, but I believe my constitution is quite broken.

I could easily pay off all my debts (and yours is the only one of importance that I owe) if I could collect what is due me here. Notwithstanding I trust I shall be able to get clear of all debts in the course of a year at least. My salary is $1000 per an. [annual] and my expenses at present are light. I deem it due to you thus to state my circumstances for various reasons which I need hardly mention.

Little Lucretia is growing finely, she has excellent health and spirits. She is just beginning to walk. I believe I mentioned in my last that her nurse is living in my house, and I board in her family. This is an arrangement that I am much pleased with, as I have my child under my own eye.

I would be glad to hear from you and [added: your] family

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whenever you can [gap] not heard from [gap] My respects to [gap]

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Savin Ointment

1. Box
Tanned Sheep Skin to make Blister plaster [added: ]

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