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Title:[Resolution] In the House of Delegates, 1800 Jan. 10: a machine-readable transcription of an image

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Date: January 10, 1800
Extent: 3p
Summary:This document is a resolution passed by the House of Delegates on January 10, 1800. The document summarizes preceding congressional acts regarding the cessation of the Southwest Territory from North Carolina in 1790, the establishment of "Walker's line" as the boundary of North Carolina in 1791, and the creation of the state of Tennessee in 1796. It was then resolved that three commissioners be appointed to meet with Tennessee commissioners regarding issues concerning the boundary line between the two states.
Collection:Virginia. General Assembly. House of Delegates
Folder: MS-792

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In the House of Delegates Friday, January 10th 1800

Whereas it is represented to the present General Assembly, that people living between what are called Walker's and Henderson's lines, so far as the same run between the state of Tennessee and this state, do not consider themselves under either the jurisdiction of that or this state, and therefore refuse the payment of any taxes to either of the said States, or to the collectors of either for the General Government, because the state of North Carolina , on the twenty fifth [twenty-fifth] day of February 1790, ceded the said State of Tennessee, then called the Southwestern Territory , to the Government of the United States ; and therefore the act entitled "an act concerning the southern boundary of this state," passed on the seventh of December 1791 , in this legislature to establish the line commonly called Walker's line, as the boundary between North Carolina and this state, could [added: only]

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only bind the state of North Carolina as far as her territorial limits extended on the line of this state, and could not bind the said southwestern Territory, which had been previously conveyed as aforesaid: And whereas since the said Cession the General Government hath erected the said Southwestern Territory into an independant [independent] state, by their act of June the first 1796, whereby it has become the duty of the said State of Tennessee and of this state to settle all differences between them with respect to the said boundary line.

Resolved therefore, that the Executive be authorized and requested to appoint three Commissioners, whose duty it shall be to meet Commissioners to be appointed by the State of Tennessee to settle and adjust all differences concerning the said boundary line, and to establish the one or the other [added: of]

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of the said lines, as the case may be, or to run any other line which may be agreed on for settling the same; and that the Executive be also requested to transmit a copy of this resolution to the Executive Authority of the State of Tennessee.

January 13th 1800 — Agreed to by the Senate

[added: a copy ]
Attest Wm. [William] Wirt
Keeper of the Rolls.

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