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Title:[Letter] 1797 Feb. 10, Knoxville, [Tennessee, to] The Warriors and Chiefs of the Cherokee Nation / John Sevier, Governor of the state of Tennessee: a machine-readable transcription of an image
Author:Sevier, John

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.

Date: February 10, 1797
Extent: 2p
Summary:This document is a letter dated February 10, 1797, addressed to the warriors and chiefs of the Cherokee Nation by Governor John Sevier of Tennessee (1796-1801). Sevier sent his apologies for the recent violence that had been committed against several of the Cherokees. He also criticized the chiefs for not making any complaints about these actions, for it impeded the process of apprehending the perpetrators. Sevier stated that although the murders of two Cherokees were committed in Kentucky, the murderers were from Tennessee. Sevier, however, changed his tone when he began to speak of crimes committed against White people by Cherokees. He warned them that if such actions did not cease, it would bring about a war, which would have disastrous consequences for the Cherokee Nation.
Collection:Governor John Sevier Papers

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Knoxville February 10th 1797

I am Sorry to hear of so much blood being spilt on both sides, it was what [added: is a thing] I never expected would again ever happen again between the Cherokees and White people — when I first heard that two of your people was killed I did not believe it, and My reason was that none of your people sent me any information, neither did the agent, or any person make any complaint, which ought to have been done and had it been the Case [added: then] I would have endeavored to have the men taken, that killed your people, Altho [Although] it was done in I am informed in the State of Kentucky , tho [though] I believe the men that did it lives in this state that committed the murder — they are bad men and have done [added: committed] a cowardly and black action, and I am very Sorry to hear of it, but it is done, and if the person can be taken they must suffer agreably [agreeably] to our laws and the treaty existing between your nation and the United States .

It is very wrong in your people to take long Satisfaction until you had made a complaint And let us had an opportunity to have taken the

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Murderers, and let them that did the mischeife [mischief] suffer. your own good sense must tell you that it is a Very Wrong and dark action [added: thing] for to make the innocent suffer for the guilty, it is contrary to [added: our] reason, and [added: to] the laws of the Great being who made all things — your [added: people] has lately taken Several lives and those who Are intirely [entirely] innocent, and had [added: not] done your people any harm [added: injury]; this my brothers is contrary to our treaty, and your own interest; for if you dont [don't] put a stop to such conduct, your nation will bring On a war, and wh then the consequence must be very bad On your side, your are [added: you are] but a handful of people, and you would have to leave your country, which will cause your woman And Children to suffer very much — our people dont [don't] want to go to War against you, tho [though] they are not a feard [afraid] of war, and You know they are not; therefore I expect you will consider Your own interest and keep your foolish young fellows [added: people] from doing any more mischeife [mischief], otherways [otherwise] the consequence will be bad

Your friend and brother
The Warriors & Cheifs [Chiefs] of the
Cherokee nation — }

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