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Title:[Letter] 1797 Mar. 28, Knoxville, [Tennessee, to] the warriors & chiefs of the Cherokee Nation / John Sevier: a machine-readable transcription of an image
Author:Sevier, John

This work is the property of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching, and personal use as long as this statement of availability is included in the text.

Date: March 28, 1797
Extent: 4p
Summary:This document is a letter addressed to the warriors and chiefs of the Cherokee Nation, written by Tennessee Governor John Sevier (1796-1801, 1803-1809 ) on March 28, 1797. Sevier reported that he had been requested by the Governor of Kentucky to have the two Tennessee citizens who murdered Red Bird and another Cherokee apprehended and sent to Kentucky to be tried for their crime. Sevier stated that he had sent forth orders in compliance with this request, and he was now urging the Cherokee leaders to capture those from amongst their people who were responsible for the murders of several white citizens. Sevier warned the Cherokees of the dangers of bringing about a war, which could be the consequence of further acts of aggression between the citizens of the United States and those of the Cherokee Nation.
Collection: Governor John Sevier Papers

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Knoxville 28 March 1797

I have recd. [received] an express from the Governor of Kentucky which informs me that two men Citizens of the State of Tennessee , [added: has] murdered two men of your nation (one of the name of Red Bird .) This murder was committed within the bounds and State of Kentucky , and the Governor thereof has demanded of me to send them into that State to be tryed [tried] for the murder agreably [agreeably] to the laws of the that State — I have sent forth orders to have the Murderors [Murderers] taken, and when taken to be immeadiately [immediately] sent to Kentucky in order that they may receive their [added: be] tryed [tried], and receive their [added: the] punishment [added: due their crime] if found Guilty — now my brothers you have had time enough to find out the persons that have killed the [added: several] people belonging to the state of tennessee [Tennessee] , one has been Killed and another wounded on the Kentucky

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road Since I wrote you before; I therefore request and demand of you, that you have those Murderors [Murderers] apprehended and punished Agreably [Agreeably] to the treaty entered into between your nation And the United States . I am determined to have the white transgressors taken and punished if it Can be done, And I shall expect [added: You will apprehend themurderors [murderers] on your part & have them punished] it will be the Case with your nation — let us convince Such disorderly people, that they Shall not be the Cause of Sheding [Shedding] the blood of innocent people And bringing about a War, which never fails to produce very fatal and disagreable [disagreeable] event

I have frequently Wrote you the disadvantages a war would

I have frequently informed you how disagreable [disagreeable] A War would be to the white people [added: of this State] And the United States in General, and also the dangerous consequences, that in all probability might and would attend your nation Should Such a thing take went take place —

I hope your nation will consider well the dangerous consequences, and put a [added: final] Stop to the further effusion of blood, otherways [otherwise] I am a fraid [afraid] it will

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tend to bring about Very disagreable [disagreeable] events, which it is the wish of this government to prevent

Your friend
John Sevier
The Warriors & Cheifs [Chiefs] of the Cherokee Nation

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[added: Letter to the
28 March 1797
No [Number] 10

miscellaneous doodling
] I will thank the Secy. [Secretary] to make out the copy early this morng. [morning] having an opportunity to Send it to the Nation —

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